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This Michael Jackson picha might contain mitaani, mji eneo la tukio, mijini mazingira, jiji eneo, mijini kuweka, and bandsman.

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posted by KikiKool1983
 Fancy in her wedding kanzu, gown
Fancy in her wedding gown
At the Wedding kanzu, gown Shop....

I was looking around the store. Tiaras, Gowns, Everything.
To tell the truth, there was nothing that alisema "me". LaToya then came up with a dress.

" How about this one?" she asked. It was so beautiful. It was long, lacy and a creamy white color. I put my hands on my hips.

" Alright, I'll try it on." I alisema quickly. LaToya handed me the dress and sat down, admiring her work.

Three dakika later, I came out with the dress on. When I looked in the mirror, the dress showed my woman curves and my broad shoulders. When I came out, Janet and LaToya were sitting there, looking...
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posted by mjfanforever22
a walk through michael's shoes isnt a easy thing to do some people think that it would be a happy walk some think that it would be a good idea to do au an exiciting thing to do for one siku to take a walk though michael's shoes to see what he saw and to see the things that he did for children not just children for people journalist think that michael is a nornal person some think that it is easy being michael jackson just because they saw his nyumbani life hanging out with his children at nyumbani and having some fun playing some bored games such as monopoly and a puzzle game au too some thought that...
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Mj and Evan have just come back from their walk, mike goes up to his room and take a well rested nap. Evan decides to go to the maktaba to read. There he runs into his father Mr. Zimmerman.

" hujambo son." mr. Zimmerman alisema flatly. "hey dad." evan replied as he walked over to one of the bookselves to grab him a book. "hey son may I have a word with wewe before wewe begin reading?", " sure dad what's up?" Evan asked. " Son what I'm about to tell wewe is only between wewe and me.... Keep mj and your mother out of this."Mr.Zimmerman replied. "Okay." Evan alisema unsure where his dad was going with this....
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posted by mjjennine
The sun comes up. Its a brand new day.
But I can't get kwa without my MJ
Strong cup of coffee,warm buttered toast
But I know the thing that I need most
Finished my breakfast, I should be on my way
But I can't get kwa without my MJ
Wondering what to wear I look at the sky above
Dressing quickly I think of the man I so love
Driving to work to earn my pay
I can't get kwa without my MJ
Work is so boring and time goes so slow
But when I think of my upendo I feel a warm glow
Lunchtime finally,out in the sun I lay
I just can't get kwa without my MJ
Got to go back to work in a while
I daydream of my loves beautiful smile
Lunchtime over as I slowly make my way
I can't get kwa without my MJ
The afternoon drags and I'm now in despair
So I picture his gorgeous jet black hair
Come on clock songesha faster I pray
I can't get kwa without my MJ
On my feet all day,I have sore hips
But the pain subsides as I think of kissing his lips
Finally hometime. I'm on my way
 I upendo wewe BABY
"What the hell are wewe doing?!",Thriller asked him grabbing his collar.Dangerous and History separated them whyle Albert and Invincible told Madeline to stay back.Bad released himself and wanted to hit Thriller,but he couldn't,something was not letting him to do it."What are wewe thinking of?!Don't wewe remember what we discussed?!This is not right,for God's sake!I told wewe that I already made my mistake,don't wewe make one too!Do wewe have any idea how she felt?!We are the same person,but stil 5 diffrent!If she kissed wewe after she kissed me it's like cheating,but it's not!And we are going home...
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