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This Michael Jackson picha might contain gazeti, karatasi, magazine, tabloid, rag, jarida, tabloidi, limemalizwa, anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

Can I ask wewe why
when I look at you
I hear birds sing
and see alot of angle In sky?
can I ask wewe why
when My moyo is lonely
my upendo for wewe becomes the only
, let it beat with dreams are so lovely
and I see Moon and sun walking togther
through the sky
can I ask wewe why
when I hear your voice
the stars become so near
, I am not fear
no tears to cry
And My soul wants to fly
to touch to the sky?
can I ask wewe why
I feel your hand in my hand
when I have to fight
throught the dark night
then wewe turned the dark to moonlight?
can ask I wewe why
every hurt I feel
wewe come to heal?
I'll reply for
cause I have upendo for you
I never felt it before
but now I feel it more
cause It likes the rainbow
through the rainy day
,a magcial dream
through nightmare
and that upendo is enough for me
posted by Cristina98
Michael and Caroline were walking together in the street.. Caroline started telling the whole story.

Caroline:"My boyfriend gave me a visit.. i asked to have chajio, chakula cha jioni with me.. but he alisema that he was very.. busy.."
She paused for a moment..

Michael:"Do u want to stop? I don't want to make u upset.."

Caroline:"No.. I have to tell u everything.. Then I went at his house.. and his mum alisema he was at a bar.. then I saw him with another girl..They were holding hands.. laughing.."

Michael:"I'm sorry.. very sorry.. i wish to do something to help.."

Caroline:"I need a hug.."

Michael gave a big lovable hug.. she felt safe.. she didn't feel alone.. She was cheering up.. she felt something that she never felt.. she didn't know what it was.. but she felt something.. and she knew that she felt something for Michael..

Part 5 soon :))
Write Tribute Poem/Lyrics for link mother Katherine, and Win a Free Copy of The Katherine Jackson Story Book. The contest has been initiated kwa the website link specifically for the diehard mashabiki of the king of pop Michael Jackson so that they have their chance to get their MJ tribute heard with a personal thank wewe from the woman who knew him best.

The book contains 150 pages of never-before-seen picha of Michael Jackson and Katherine's own anecdotes about Michael. When asked about the book Katherine remarked, “The world knew my son, but then again, they really didn't... this is my chance to share the stories that are near to my moyo for his mashabiki and his children".
TMZ has learned the Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson died is getting a serious boost in security -- so nobody messes with the super-expensive property while it's on the market.

Sources connected to the nyumbani tell us ... now that people know the nyumbani is "vacated and for sale, the property owners have increased security to keep it safe."

As we previously reported, the owners are requiring potential buyers to go through an "extensive pre-qualifying check" before they can even walk in the door ... just to keep out the riffraff.

The nyumbani is currently on the market for a cool $28 mil.
Say Say Say
What wewe want
But don't play games
With my affection
Take take take
What wewe need
But don't leave me
With no direction

All alone
I sit nyumbani kwa the phone
Waiting for you, baby (baby)
Through the years
How can wewe stand to hear
My pleading for you
You know I'm cryin
Oo oo oo oo oo

(Now) Go go go
Where wewe want
But don't leave me
Here forever
You wewe wewe stay away
So long girl, I
see wewe never

What can I do, girl
To get through to you
Cause I upendo you, baby (baby)
Standing here
[ Find zaidi Lyrics on link ]
Baptized in all my tears
Baby through the years
You know I'm cryin'
Oo oo...
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The tamasha will take place in London this summer in honor of the late Michael Jackson, was canceled. Earlier this mwaka the same event was canceled in Vienna which was originally scheduled to take place due to cancellation of several artists participating. Among others, Natalie Cole and Chris Brown were some of the artists who eventually withdrew from the event. The reason for the cancellation of the London course, is different. The company had entered the show, the World Awards Media, «download rolls" a few days ago, leaving xekremasti organizing the concert.
H tamasha was an idea of his brother Michael, Jermaine. The artists participating in the tamasha in London were not announced.
I don't knowwhat's going to happen to you, baby
But I do know that I upendo you
wewe walk around this town with your head all up in the sky
And I do know that I want you

Let's dance, let's shout
Shake your body down to the ground
Shake your body down to the ground

wewe tease me with your loving to play hard to get
'Cause wewe do know that I upendo it
wewe walk around this town with your head all up in the sky
And wewe do know that I want you

Let's dance, let's shout
Shake your body down to the ground
Shake your body down to the ground
Shake your body down to the ground
Shake your body down to the ground

wewe are the spark that lit the moto inside of me
And wewe know that I upendo it
I need to do just something to get closer to your soul
And wewe do know that I want to

Let's dance, let's shout
Let's dance, let's shout
posted by Eternalmike
So it's time for the boys to go to California. Joseph tells the boys to say bye to everyone. Joseph and the boys don't know about Dahlia and Michael. Michael alisema bye to everyone except for Dahlia. He looked for Dahlia everywhere but couldn't find her. Michael is very worried. He can't find his girlfriend anywhere. He stops the trip to look for Dahlia. Joseph and the boys look for Dahlia. Michael looks for her when he finds her diary and then read her uandishi (part 17). He now knows about the secret convo Dahlia and Mia had. Michael joined Joe and the boys downstairs and they alisema they can't...
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The inayofuata day, The Jackson 5 had the tamasha in Ohio. As usual, the screaming girl mashabiki were screaming their heads off.The Jackson 5 did their lively performances that was just awesome.The Jackson 5 concluded with a performance of ' Never Can Say Goodbye' . The Jackson 5 went backstage with some fans.
The Jackson 5 met obsessed girl mashabiki that was trying to kiss them.Their bodyguards were there and protected them from getting hurt kwa their fans.The Jackson 5 autographed every mashabiki vitabu au arms that were backstage. After they were finished, Mariah came. Michael smiled brightly and ran to kiss...
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posted by Eternalmike
Michael went off to meet his brothers but instead found Joseph. "Hey Joseph, I was going to meet my brothers" Michael said."Oh really? Then why I saw wewe with that girl?" Joseph asked." Um because she wanted to ask me questions" Michael lied."About what?" Joseph asked."The band and our music" Michael lied again.Joseph looked Michael in the eye to see if his son was telling the truth. Few moments later, Joseph finally alisema " We gotta rehearse, c'mon!" Joseph walked quickly with Michael following behind.Michael is relieved.
Michael greeted his brothers and production people." Ok so the onyesha is...
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posted by Eternalmike
 Michael <3
Michael <3
2 years later: The boys are really famous. Now the family lives in California and now they have a mansion named Hayvenhurst.It turns out that chicago wasn't the last time Michael actually saw Mariah...
It was a free siku for the boys until tomorrow they start a tour."Wow, this is our last siku until the tour" Jermaine said."Yeah,I'm gonna miss my family" Michael alisema sad that he has to go on tour tomorrow."Aww don't worry, wewe got us" Jackie alisema hoping to lighten Michael's mood."Yeah" Michael agreed feeling better.Michael decided to take a walk outside.
Michael was walking looking at the houses...
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posted by Eternalmike
It was monday after school and Motown rehearsal and Michael was looking for Mariah.Michael finally found her sitting on a bench."Hey Mariah!" Michael said.Mariah looked at him and said"Oh hey". "Whatcha doing?" Michael asked."Oh nothing, was just waiting for you" Mariah alisema kissing Michael on the cheek."Oh, that was sweet of you!" Michael alisema kissing her on the cheek also."I know, I want to ask wewe something" Mariah said."What is it girl?" Michael said."Do you, like I don't know, upendo me?" Mariah asked."Mariah, I definitely upendo you.I want to be able to upendo wewe forever and ever my dear!...
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posted by Eternalmike
Today was school but no rehearsal for the boys au Motown.The boys went to school."Yes, no rehearsal!" Marlon said."Just school" Michael said."No Motown!" Jermaine said."No girlfriend" Michael alisema sad he doesn't get to see Mariah."It'll be alright Mike!" Jackie said."You could see her monday through thursday!" Tito said."Yeah" Michael alisema smiling.They got in their schools.The boys had learned english, history, science, and mathematics.They had muziki and physical education.After school, the boys headed home."Hey, we don't have to worry about getting nyumbani in time for rehearsal!" Jermaine said."Yeah..."...
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Video Youtube/RoundSquareX
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Tomorrow morning the boys got up for school."Ugh, waking up early, again!" Marlon complained."C'mon Marlon, lighten up!" Michael said."You're being positive because of your girlfriend!" Marlon said."And going to school" Michael added."The female teachers?" Jermaine said."Yeah and my friends!"Michael said.They went to the jikoni to eat."So how'd everybody sleep?" Katherine asked."Good!" Everybody alisema but Michael was louder than everyone."Wow Michael, wewe must've had a really good night sleep!" Katherine said."It's because of his girlfriend!" Marlon teased."Hey!" Michael said."Thinking about...
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Michael didn't respond, he looked down feeling embrassed."Answer me, do wewe like this girl?" Joesph demanded.A moment later Michael quietly said"Yes". "Michael, we're going to talk zaidi about this! Come on, let's go!" Joesph alisema grabbing Michael's hand and walking out the park.The four boys looked at Mariah and Mariah looked at them.Mariah heard the answer Michael gave."Michael likes me?" Mariah said."Oh yeah!" The four boys said.The four boys saw her blush."You like our brother back?" The four boys asked."Yeah, he's sweet and adorable! I have a crush on him" Mariah replied shyly."Ok" The...
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