tails yummy pie
tails:well umm do wewe want to go on a date
me:date wat daaa naw im too busy
tails:you dont look like it your in an arcade
me:cause well umm well tails the truth is i dont like you
me:dont take it seorously but im still your friend man,rats.
tails: (runs)
me:im going nyumbani what a drag
me:man up tails!!!!

when tails gOt home
tails mom lays a big pie on the meza, jedwali for tails to eat
tails mom opens the door
mrs prower: tails its a girl at the door for you
tails:oh my gawd
tails fixes his self up he runs to the door
tails:oh its just wewe ,fabulous
me:nice do wewe want to meet a girl
tails:well i thought i was
me:hey are wewe trying to say im ugly and a boy
tails:no no i just thought wewe were another girl
me:whatever anyway i set up a tarehe for wewe with......................
tails:with who, who!
me:..............CREAM she alisema that she really likes you.
tails:when do we meet!!!
me:jeez tomorrow

chapter 2
tails was super excited about the tarehe he even cleaned up hs lab for her.the living rom had a flowerstand that had roses and daisies.he had a giant choclate kisima, chemchemi with a golden brown couch.
cream:Hi Tails
Tails:hey Cream so lets go to the resturant
Cream okay yay lets go!
Beezus and Minnie's Resturant
Tails sighed as he saw the long line
Tails:lets go
me and sophy's(sophy22)hiding space
me:ok so we are gonna spy on them
shadow pops out outta nowhere
screams* shadow what the hell wewe scared us what do wewe want anyway?
Shadow:I really...dont know
me:well your gonna keep your mouth shut au we'll get caught
Shadow:don't wewe know is inpolite to spy people?
Shadow:oh really wewe just admitted it
me*sighs* okay wewe got us we are spying on tails and cream on a date
Sophy:anyway if we where spying someone do wewe really care?
Sonic pops up
Sonic:yea shadz,why do wewe really care
me: i have a great idea if shadow dosent really care why don't wewe help us shadow to spy on tails and cream
Sophy:hey their going in
sonic: we need to catch them hurry
and then they followed them in the resturant
me:wait we need to change in better clothes we cant go in in balck spy suits
Sophy:i feel like a bad girl spying on people but this is normal for wewe right shadow?
shadow:gasp* how did wewe know
Sophy: oh c'mon wewe are the best friend of rouge the bat i mean wewe learned from her right?
me: hujambo guys tails and cream just sat down on the meza, jedwali we need to see what is going to happen
Sophy: wewe are right now everyone shut up and let's spy them, i mean see what are they doing
Sonic:Sophy wewe can be my date
Shadow:let's go
With Cream and Tails