Miles, A.K.A., "Tails," was pouting in his bedroom. His parents took away all his inventions and tools. He was bored to death. Literally. All the poor fox, mbweha did was keep quiet. Tails tossed a rubber ball back and forth, trying to keep himself entertained. His parents weren't mad at him. They just wanted him to stop inventing and chat with friends. "Have a life." As they said. Besides, the only friend the poor guy had was Sonic. But he even thought Tails should chat with other people besides him. So, Tails thought for a moment. "Wait a second... Why don't I post a video of myself talking about being a kitsune? Maybe then I'll get my stuff back!" Tails took his swivel chair to the edge of the room, where his laptop was. "Okay... Logging into YouTube.... And there!" Tails was setting up his dawati to make it presentable for a video about himself. "Alright Tails," he alisema to himself," this is just like a documentary about yourself. Think of it as schoolwork." Tails pressed the recording button and began.

"Hello web people! I'm Miles Prower! Some of wewe know me as Tails, my nickname. I'm going to talk about my life being a kitsune, au a 2-tailed fox. People consider me as a brainiac, a wiz, and sometimes a little Albert Einstein. I, for one, tell people that it's fun being smart! I found I had this ability when I was 3 years old..."

Baby Tails was crawling around in his crib, sucking on his bottle. He giggled, burped, and cried, like any other baby. His mother came towards him and picked him up. "There's my little Miles! Mommy loves you." She cooed, gently shaking him up and down. "Mommy... Are wewe taking me to school?" Asked Tails innocently. "No sweetie," the beige fox, mbweha alisema with a sincere smile," wewe have to be 6 months older. Until then, you'll keep on doing ABC panya, kipanya online. But guess what? Daddy bought wewe a mini car!" Tails' round blue eyes widened. A car? He wasn't old enough to go to school, but old enough to drive a real, live car? Tails scratched his petite machungwa, chungwa head in confusion," Mommy, I'm too young to drive!" His mother's tinkling laugh filled the room. "You're so cute honey!" She sat her son down and his father entered the room. "Where's my big boy?" He alisema proudly. Tails smiled as he hugged his father affectionately. "Here's the car!" The dark brown fox, mbweha set the toy down, which Tails stared at. He took the car apart piece kwa piece and reassembled it. "Honey!" Shrieked Tails' father. "Our son's a genius! A genius!"

"So that's how my parents figured out that I was special." alisema Tails. But he was stumped. What else did he have to talk about? A miniature light bulb sprinted up his brain. His tough troubles in school. With Kevin. "I was made fun of in school too. This kid named Kevin Walsh was annoying. He beat me up a couple of times too! Let me tell wewe about that!" alisema Tails.

"Mommy! Do I really have to wear a tie?" alisema Baby Tails. His mother was fixing his outfit to wear for the first siku of school. "Miles Prower! wewe are going to look good. Besides, mommy wants wewe to look nice all the time." alisema Tails' mom. His father was prepping up the car to make sure it worked right. It was the family Mustang, passed down from Prower to Prower. It had a sleek look about it, complete with a classic sea blue color. "Will the other kids make fun about me? Are they going to laugh at me? Mommy, I'm scared!" Mrs. Prower smiled at her son warmly and stroked his well-combed hair. "Honey, just be yourself. I want wewe to be happy when wewe go to school, not sad." Tails stared at his mother's face and hugged her tightly. "Thank wewe mommy." The beige fox, mbweha pulled her son close to her and kissed him one the forehead." Anytime sweetie." Tails arrived at his school, greeted kwa a big squirrel boy. His name was Kevin Walsh. "Hey, looks like someone dropped a misfit on the school sidewalk!" Mocked Kevin as he laughed at his own joke. Children were laughing hysterically. Tails felt little tears well up in his eyes. "Stop it!" He screamed, causing the other kids to quite down." No one tells me to stop fox." Kevin said, his temper obviously rising. That's when Tails blacked out from the whir of a ngumi, punch Kevin gave him.

"Kevin Walsh hated me after that! We were rivals in everything! Gym, science, social studies, math, language arts, a lot of things. But that all changed after I graduated to kindergarten. Now, being in 5th grade isn't half bad! No zaidi bullies, that's for sure! I've been on many adventures and all, but that's for another time. Tails here, signing out!" He gave the camera a peace sign and shut his laptop off. Tails felt pretty good after doing a documentary about his life. Then he heard a knock at the door. "Come in!" He yelled. His parents opened the door with smiles on their faces. "Son, we saw and heard that video about you. We've decided that wewe can have your inventions and tools back." Tails thought for a dakika and alisema with a grin on his face,"No thanks Mom and Dad. I like socializing better. I'll still work on inventions though, so don't wewe worry!" His parents left.
"Being a Kitsune has it's ups and downs... But definitely zaidi upsides than downsides." alisema Tails before falling asleep in his office chair.