This story is about Tails before he met Sonic.
WARNING:this story is quite sad so dont read it if wewe dont want to feel sad.
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" Aww man! I hope someone at least put something uneaten in the trash can today. I'm starving." Complained the two tailed fox, mbweha as he walked toward the park on Westside Island. He has been wondering this island for two years after he was thrown out of the orphanage. He was confused why the house keeper lady didn't like the fact that he had intruded on her. Miles saw the lady half-naked on juu of some guy. He didn't know what they were doing but right now he didn't care. He needed some food. It's been three days since he actually had something to eat.

"Huh what's this?" The 4-year-old fox, mbweha stared at the questionable sign that was put up in front of the park entrance. He knew he'd probably get yelled at like always for not kusoma a sign before doing something so he began reading.

'No trespassers. An adult must accompany every child that enters the park.' And written badly in marker underneath it alisema 'That means wewe Homeless Two Tail!' Miles examined the horrible handwriting and tried to put the words together inside his head. Once they were pieced together he immediately recognized that style of handwriting.

"Hang Nail!" Miles nearly shouted. Hang Nail was the nick name of the purple bully that kept beating him up almost everyday. Miles was not angry to see this written on the sign, he was zaidi depressed than angry. Miles looked down on the ground and stared at it sadly. Unknowing to him red flicking eyes were starring at him from behind.

" In sight of a lone Westside island specimen. Preparing to extract data." alisema the dark metal voice. His hand reached out of the bushes toward Miles when the fox, mbweha was suddenly was picked up kwa someone. The metal figure drew back his hand and hid, knowing if zaidi than one person him saw him before the invasion the plan would be screwed.

"Hey homeless two tail!" Shouted the big purple jaguar. He basically looked like a punk punda jungle man. He had a brown sash around his waist, a pair of brown sandals on his feet and two red ribbons on his wrists. Miles looked at him with obvious fear in his eyes.

"H-hey h-hang nail." Miles studdered. He tried not calling him kwa his real name again. The last time he did that he ended up with 5 pinecones in his mouth.

"What's wrong? wewe scared!" Hang Nail asked as he clutched Miles' chest as he held him in the air.

"N-no…I j-just wanted to…go into the park." Miles tried not to offend him in anyway. Just then HangNail slammed Miles' face against the sign.

"Can't wewe read the sign? It says no freaks allowed!" Hang Nail shouted. Miles knew it didn't say that for he read it already. HangNail knew Miles was smart so he would often call him geek au nerd. Other times he'd treat him as if he were a regular 4-year-old. This included him thinking Miles couldn't read a simple sign. Miles couldn't read now though. His face was smushed against the wording. He felt a slight pain as the purple Jaguar kept pushing down on Miles' head to make his face increase the impact on the sign. HangNail all of a sudden dropped him on the ground.

'Why? Why does this kid always pick on me.' Miles questioned in his mind as he saw two other bullies walk over. One was a red monkey (Male) and the other was a white panther (Female).

"Hey HangNail, are wewe beaten on the kid without us?" asked the monkey.

"No, I'm just teaching him how to read Slips." Hang Nail answered to the monkey whose name was apparently Slips.

"Well I want to teach him how to count next." The whit panther known as Silt alisema while picking up the confused Miles kwa his chest hairs. Miles raised an eyebrow wondering what she meant kwa that. Suddenly the girl drew back a fist punched him square in the nose. Miles flew back into the sign with a huge thud. "There, count how many stars wewe see. There will be a test tomorrow." She and the other bullies laughed as they walked into the park.

Miles sat on the ground trying to get his vision to focus and the stars he was seeing to disappear. He shook his head and watched the three walk into the chakula and game filled park. Those bullies had let him off easy today. Usually their plans would involve a huge beating au public humiliation. Miles remembered the last time they publicly humiliated him.

Miles was tied to the branch of a mti kwa his tails. He was over a trashcan filled with the most disgusting things ever. HangNail had tied the tails a little lose so he could carry out his plan correctly. Hang Nail grabbed a mega-phone and shouted into it to all the other kids on the beach, pwani (Their were no adults present).

"Ladies and gentlemen, who wants to play the great game of two tail trash dump!" he shouted into it. All the kids came running over and immediately started laughing at the sight of Miles hanging over a trash can. "This game is real simple folks. All wewe have to do is give us five bucks then hit the fox, mbweha with a brown stick as much as wewe wish until he falls into the pile of unknown garbage." Hang Nail explained.

"WHAT!" Miles shouted in disbelief. He had to break free. Miles started to struggle but he couldn't move. If he did the tails would untie and he would fall in the trashcan. He soon stopped struggling and decided to except his fate. One kid gave Slips the monkey five bucks and grabbed a stick. Miles stared down at him extremely scared. Without warning he began striking Miles with the stick over and over again. When he finished his fifth hit the five bucks was up and the inayofuata kid was up. After a couple of dakika of torture Miles was feeling woozy. His Miles were really lose and it looked like one zaidi hit would cause him to fall. A girl came with the stick and gave it a forceful blow at Miles' stomach. Miles wheezed out a lot of air before his tails came undone and he fell in the trash.

" Well wasn't that fun folks. Hahahahahahahahaha!" Hang Nail laughed. All the other kids started laughing too. Silt slammed the lid on Miles' exposed feet picked the can up. Everyone followed Silt to the juu of the hill, still chuckling. Silt put Miles down on the edge of the kilima and pushed the can over. Miles rolled fast down the kilima until a mti got in its way and it slammed into the tree. The lid flew off and Miles rolled out of the mess. He lied on his stomach and began throwing up. All the kids laughed and walked away.

End flashback

Miles got up and looked in the park. All those kids happily playing with their moms and dads. He overlooked a kid tugging his mom's shirt.

"Mommy, mommy can I please have some candy?" The kid asked.

"No. It will ruin your teeth." The mother alisema to the child.

"But I want some." He wined.

"Sorry but wewe can't have any."


Miles sighed as he watched the kid complain about a messily piece of Candy when he had a home, a family, and chakula at his disposal.

"He doesn't know how good he's got it." Miles mumbled.

"Tell wewe what, we'll get wewe a hotdog instead." Suggested the mother.

"Okay!" Agreed the kid snapping out of his tantrum. They walked off together to get the hotdogs. Miles then saw a one tailed fox, mbweha running up to his mom who was sitting on a park bench.

"Mommy, mommy! I cut my finger." Panicked the young fox.

"Now, now, it's okay. Here." She alisema pulled out a bandage from her bag. She tore the paper off and took the plastic off the bandage. Then she gently placed it over the fox's ungloved finger. A couple of tears had left the fox's eyes while she was doing this. The mother quickly noticed this and whipped the tears off his eyes. "There There, is that better?" She asked. The kid sniffed then nodded. "From now on wewe wear your gloves when outside okay." She said.

"Okay mommy." The fox, mbweha took the gloves out of his mother's bag and put them on. The mother kissed him on the cheek, which made him smile. They both got up and walked off together.

Miles was on the verge of tears. He walked into the park completely forgetting what the sign alisema and started to look for chakula while he thought about his questionable life. He had always wondered what it would be like to have a mom who would bandage his cuts. He had always wondered what it would be like to have a dad to protect him from danger. Miles usually had to rap his cuts around leaves and he tried multiple times to protect himself against those bullies but always ended up face first in the dirt. He knew he was barely getting kwa and he had to do something. If he didn't he'd be dead soon. Miles was depressed about his life everyday. He was beginning to think he might become suicidal.

He was pondering this idea when he bumped into a trashcan. He looked inside the can and saw a half-eaten cheeseburger.

"Wow! It must be my lucky day!" Miles alisema grabbing the burger. He didn't even think to wipe it off before taking a bite out of it. He suddenly was tapped on the shoulder kwa something he turned around and saw two park rangers.

"Hey boy what are wewe doing in here?" The first one asked.

"I was just getting some food." Miles held out the half-eaten cheeseburger. The other park ranger smacked the burger out of his hand and it fell on the ground. Miles bent down to pick it u but was kicked in the stomach kwa one the park rangers. He grabbed on to his stomach and vomited up the piece of the burger he ate on the ranger's shoes.

"Ugh! Look what wewe did wewe freak!" shouted the angry ranger.

"We both know wewe have no parents au guardian so why don't wewe just beat it!" shouted the other ranger.

"Please sir, I haven't eaten in three days! I'm really hungry." Miles pleaded.

"Go eat the sand off the beach!" The ranger with the messed up shoes alisema before stomping on the cheeseburger and smashing it in the dirt. Miles almost freaked out as he saw the once delectable looking burger smashed in the dirt. "Now get out of here before we have to make wewe leave." They both alisema walking off.

Miles looked down sadly at the flattened burger. His stomach started to growl the loudest it had ever growled in his life. He was so hungry he didn't care if he ate a pile of crap right now. He picked up the flat burger that was covered in dirt and vomit and shoved it in his mouth. It tasted horrible. He chewed the bad tasting chakula and cried while he did it. Soon he swallowed it and continued crying on the ground.

"Hey songesha wewe freak!" Some man yelled down at Miles. Miles got up and walked off. He walked out of the park and headed toward the secret patch of nyasi only he knew about. He lied on the nyasi on his stomach and began crying louder. This just wasn't fair. Everyone on Westside Island was kind to one another but when it came to Miles they would all treat him like dirt. This place had always been a community filled with people who want to be perfect in everyway. Their bodies were to have nothing wrong with them. If something like the birth defect Miles got happened they family would disown the baby. The baby was either thrown out in the street, aliyopewa to the orphanage filled with people that treats wewe like dirt and barely feed you, au they could kill wewe on the spot. It was allowed kwa the law of Westside Island to kill any imperfect babies. His parents must've loved him enough not to throw him in the mitaani, mtaa au kill him. Miles continued to cry.

"Mom! Dad! I wish wewe were here!" Miles shouted and continued crying.