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 bright cute fat tails...
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sanaa ya shabiki
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"Even if it's not a Tailsmo club, I do like this song and it has Tails in it. Deal with it. "ShadowTails90 made this video."
tails the fox, mbweha
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are wewe will cry look this?
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a two part shabiki film/animation about how eggman builds the eggman empire and tails is everyone's last hope
fox, mbweha
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One night Tails was with sonic walking through the woods(At this moment tails did not Know about werehogs except for one sonic.)They both saw silver and shadow and like three other hedgehogs
four...then five kwa the time he knew it SIX!!
Something was going on and Tails didnt know about.
Tails:Sonic w-whats going on.
Sonic:Just relax nothing will happen
*Sonic fell to the ground and so did the other hedgehogs*
*sonic then turned into sonic the werehog*
*All the werehogs except for Sonic turned around to look at the savory fox*
Sonic:Tails RUN!!!
Tails:What about...
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what your feelings after see this video?
posted by taismo723
 Tails in a mduara, duara
Tails in a circle
Well I upendo Tails so I decided to write this!

Tails' full name is Miles Jeffery Prower. His mom's name is Rosemary, his dad's name is Amadeus. He can fly with his 2 tails. Tails has the biggest crush on Cosmo a plant like alien he meets in Sonic X. His best bud is Sonic! He devastated when he had to lose Cosmo kwa shooting the Sonic power kanuni, cannon at her. Tails loves to fly the X tornado he built. He is the cutest fox, mbweha you'll ever meet. Rouge the bat is annoyed kwa him and so is Knuckles the echidna. Tails and Cosmo do onyesha feelings for each other in Planet of Misfortune, and Mission Match Up when Vector and team caotic try to push them together. Any 1 who is a tails lover please be my shabiki cuz this girl is mean we are in a competition on who can get the most fans. If wewe are cute20k's shabiki go away!

Thanks for reading!
 Tails and Cosmo
Tails and Cosmo
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posted by mekkall
shadow:your going with me
*tails pops out*
*shadow captures mekkall nyota and tails*
at shadows lair...
mekkall:lightning is that you
lightning:yeah dark is here too
tails:why arnt wewe guys all roped up
dark:were slaves
*dark unties them*
heidi:your not obeying my orders
(heidi is the evil side of mekkall)
mekkall:heidi stop
to be continued...
what will happen next
will mekkall die
will heidi slain
my xbox live gamer tag is pokemon153
find out inayofuata time
bye have a great day