Miley is the best. She was the first Disney girl out of the two of them. She has had zaidi albums, sinema and press. She works harder than most people and is nicer to her fans.
Miley does a lot zaidi for charity and tries to make people happy. I don't see Selena Gomez going around helping people in Haiti . Im sure Selena does do charity work, but Miley seems to do more.
I think Miley is a better singer and actress. zaidi of her songs have been played and Hannah Montana is played zaidi often on the Disney Channel.
I believe Miley is the better of the two of them. Plus for all the Lovatics out there, who visited Demi when she was in rehab? Thats right it was Miley. Selena didn't visit her at all.
I'm a Smiler, I will always think Miley is the best.