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 Miley Cyrus' album - "Bangerz"
Miley Cyrus' album - "Bangerz"
"Someone Else" - kwa Miley (Gorgeous) Cyrus

If you're looking for love
Know that upendo don't live here anymore
He left with my heart
They both walked through that door without me
If you're trying to find pity
Well, wewe need to look somewhere else
'Cause I surely can't help you
I'm hurting myself
I've turned into someone else

I used to believe upendo conquers all
'Cause that's what I've seen in the movies
Come to find out it's not like that at all
You see, real life's much different

I don't wanna see wewe go
I only wanna see wewe smile
Hurt so much just thinking of
Felt like this for a while
I can't stand to see you...
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Miley Cyrus is currently busy growing her hair out! Miley shared the picha below to onyesha off how long her locks have gotten so far!

My hurrrrrr soooooo longggggg

Miley has revealed that while she is growing her hair out she is still. enjoying it being short. We can’t wait to see the hairdo that Miley decides to try out inayofuata while her hair gets longer!
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