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 upendo and they got it
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hujambo hujambo lol who is read to be a Freak I am lol

still in my room
roc-pulls his fingers out n starts eating me out*
me-*throws head back n moans loud*uhhh roccccc
roc-*tounge fucks me*(god to many wattpad stories lol)
me-uhhhhhhhhhh roccccc I'm about 2 cum(lol ewes)
roc-*goes faster*
roc-*comes up n goes in*
me-ahhh Roc it hurts
roc-shhhhh ill do it into it does not hurt
me-i swear I'm going to ki-(GCO)ahhhh Roc
roc-*goes faster*
me-*starts to moan*uhh uhh Rocc
roc- yea baby dats wat I like to hear*goes deeper n harder*
me-uhhhhhhhj Roc*throws head back n grab da sheets*
roc-*flips us over*ride me...
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