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 prodigy gets twerked on (pic #2)
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even zaidi mad when i saw dis crap
Mindless Behavior
posted by MzmindlessTlat
Sorry I haven't been busy sowwy upendo y'all do ima do a couple of things
D:*walks in* omg ray are wewe ok
Ray:*head in hands shaking head*
D:awww *hugs him* look I have to tell yhu something
Ray:* looks up at her* what is it?
D:um ok cam is not another guy....it's her daughter
Ray:why da hell she didn't jus tell me that it makes me feel even worse that she thought she couldn't trust me to kno like tf
D:I kno but yhu are so cute when yhu cry I'm sorry jus sayin
Ray:tf *laughs a little*
D:really doh hm*finds his camera* picha shoot time
D:pwease *puppy dog face*
Ray:ughh why do I always fall for that...
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Mindless Behavior
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