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This is a new story series dedicated to my little sister, Savannah. She loves Minecraft, and I hope wewe like my stories. ✰

Out in the sandy desert in the land of Minecraft, Steve was roaming in tafuta of chakula and water. He looked around him only to see a few trees and a cactus. He continued walking until he started feeling too weak to keep going.
It's hopeless, Steve thought. I'll just die out here, in the middle of nowhere.
Steve lay on his back, thoughts running through his mind, each one a scenario of what could happen next.
Finally, Steve closed his eyes and fainted away.

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I woke up in my dhahabu ngome and decided to take a ride in a boat. I ate my breakfast of raw chicken and then I opened the door and went outside. The air smelled so fresh! I cut down a mti and made a crafting meza, jedwali and then I cut down another mti and made a boat. Then hopped on my new mashua and decided to go to a nearby island to try and find Iron to make a bucket.

Three hours later I had mined a cave and found enough Iron to make a bucket. I got back on my mashua and started rowing. In the distance I saw a bunch of people crowded around my dhahabu castle. I thought it...
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posted by Tailsfan99
Minecraft is a sandbox construction game created kwa Mojang AB founder Markus Persson, and inspired kwa the Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper games. Gameplay involves players interacting with the game world kwa placing and breaking various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. In this environment, players can build creative structures, creations, and artwork on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes.
Minecraft is available to all players for €19.95 (US$26.95, £17.95). When purchased, singleplayer and multiplayer game modes can be played...
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posted by EmilyMJFan910
Hi! Ok, so I have mentioned using an OC before in my (not posted) fanfiction. Her name is Eve and she's around 14 au 15, kinda like me, but not me. She's dating Steve (who my sis often RPs as while I'm Eve) who is also around 14/15 in the stories. I see him here as the type like my sis, could spend hours on the computer watching video and not be affected, while Eve is like me and would probably get kinda emotionless. So, yeah, it becomes less detail and zaidi actions in the end. It also gets fluffy (I think? Depending on your standards for fluff) and I was listening to Hotto kakao (by Kagamine...
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I gasped. Monsters attacking?! That's my worst nightmare! And my dad... Dead? This can't be happening! But I have to stay strong ...it's for my mother.
" This is too much to take in..."my dads friend said.
"Your not helping!" My mom yelled through tears. "How will our tiny town survive? We might as well dive into the Nether!" The man turned red, then slowly pale. He pointed at the door.
"WHAT!?" my mom yelled, obviously annoyed. I turned to the door to see the dreaded green monster. The one! The only! tHe Creeper!
" Creeper." I squeaked. Mother had a solemn look. SHe threw open the door and yelled,
"By Notch! If wewe want my life, take it!" That was when I heard the horrible sizzling sound. I wanted to cry out, but I didn't. I blacked out.
posted by MoonNimbus15612
"Wake up! Wake up! Steve, if wewe do not wake up RIGHT NOW, young apprentice, so help me, I will"-
I yawned and got out of bed. "I'm up, I'm up!" I announced to my yelling mentor, Gladius.
"Oh, finally! Thank the Nether! I thought you'd never wake up! Come on, it's your siku to do Creeper Patrol!" cried my mentor.
"Oh. Geez, sorry!" I'd forgotten all about it, and I’d slept in late. "Ok, I'll have breakfast, and then I'll do it."
"No! What are wewe thinking? What happens if wewe just go out for a stroll and then a Creeper blows up on you? What happens if there are other monsters around?...
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posted by carlie445
The Void is the term aliyopewa to the empty space beyond the bedrock layer in the Overworld, Nether and End(For the End, below the island). The Void appears at the bottom of maps, where layers of bedrock restrict access to it. The Void is technically endless, however if wewe fall zaidi than 32 million blocks down, Minecraft will crash. Falling into the Void and the /kill command are the only possible ways to die in Creative mode.[1]
Blocks cannot be built on the underside of the Bedrock layer, but if Gravel au Sand are placed in the bottom hole nearest the void, they will fall infinitely. Pistons...
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In early 2012 (or perhaps late 2011) I began to follow a youtuber named “Skydoesminecraft”. Sky is a minecraft-playing youtuber (no duh). He often plays bila mpangilio minecraft minigames, and shows off minecraft mod showcases. In at least 90% of his videos, he is accompanied kwa one au zaidi other youtubers. This is often a large draw to the public because it includes varying people with varying styles that build off of each other. This led to a group kwa the name of “TeamCrafted”.

TeamCrafted was composed kwa a number of people but the most well-known on-screen performances were that of
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posted by Creeper1010
Chapter 1
The journey begins

it all started on a regular day. au should i say, night. There was a Enderman and a Creeper. Before my diamond sword came down on the creeper's head, he alisema "stop!!!!! we come from the wither! wewe have been foretold in a prophecy 3000 years ago."
He cleared his throat
" Creeper, Steve and Enderman to save the world,
The ancient temple the tall one withholds
The twilight crystal shall survive all fears,
And unleash hero brine's anger across the world"
I was stunned. some dusty old dude 3000 years zamani alisema a prophecy, and i was in it. The enderman said" well, are wewe coming?" I thought for a moment. "sure. let me get my bow.
posted by Daiz11
daisy (me):hello this is my first time so sorry if it is scruffy,anyways hello this is and swali and Dare section so here is the people who is in this Jesse, female Jessie, Rueben, Olivia, Axel, Lukas, Soren, Elle, Magnus ,Gabriel.before we start maoni down bellow what maswali and dare wewe want me to do and I will answer wewe swali and dare and add your characters name and we will see what we can do
f jesica (girl jesse)
posted by mineriozombies
why do they need peaceful mode if not a difficulty. only easy normal hard. If only was removed from mine craft. In peaceful wewe don't see monsters to fight and get is stuff for your crafting. au if your in the nether you'll also need to get chakula from the zombie pig man if your lost. this is why I want peaceful to removed. au how well wewe go to the end if wewe need ender men for ender pearls. how would the make TNT if wewe need gunpowder from the creepers. this why we don't need peaceful mode. au they should ad a new on called hostel mode. you'll have easy, normal, hard, peaceful and hostel. would that be better. yes no.
SHIT GOT REAL. what if creeper's wont be added
into the damn game!

1000000000% 100000000%
People Hated Creepers Like This For Prank
People Find This

Reason 1:
Why People Hate the F***king Creepers
1.Blows Up!
2. Creeps At You
3. Pissed Off After Exploding
4. Trying to build your mansion back starting with Dirt!
5. your Player Friend Will Get Pissed off and
banned wewe for the sake of BLOWING UP
6. The Annoying Face!
7. Trying to kill it, YOUR HORSE IS DEAD
8. For Noobs, They dont know what the
9. Thats It :I

Reason 2
Why People Find This Useable

1. Able to make...
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Dad stood back smiling, "What do wewe think?"
Dad had spent the siku cycle making a house, "Looks good. Now, can I go in?! The monsters will spawn soon!"
"Ok," Dad frowned, "No need to rush." "Well excuse me if I don't like being killed!" "Good point. Let's get inside then."
The house was built in the face of a mointain with large windows, a double door and four rooms; The entrance room, my room, dad's room and a mine.
I slipped into my room and took my shati off, I glanced out the window, monsters were spawning already! I quickly grabbed some saplings and covered up the window with them. Believe...
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This is my short story series. Click link for the first story.

I'm back! As wewe can see, I've changed my uandishi style a bit, and am soon going to change my logo. Hope wewe enjoy!! ;D ✰

Steve had set off on pig earlier from the sandstone village he'd encountered the siku before, and he was looking for new land. He had been out for five hours already, and the pig was getting tired.


"It's alright," Steve reassured the pig. But he was also starting to get tired. It was nothing but sand ahead that he could see. The distinct chatter from the village was long gone. Steve sighed.

About an hour...
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posted by winxoxoclub
"Run, run!" I told myself. A buibui was attacking me, it's red eyes taking over my vision. I sprinted as fast as my little Steve could run, at only 5 hearts. Finally I got to a tree, far enough away I thought. I took a rest, but didn't get any hearts back. I went to check if my friend, mr.spider was still there, but to my luck, he vanished. I turned my back to mr. buibui and ran the other way. I saw a couple keepers, for I kept running. I am going to die. I am going to die. I repeated in my head. Somehow I now had 3 hearts. It will be okay. I reassured a chicken standing I front of me, balking...
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1. Ice cream.
Materials: 2 ice blocks, one snowball, two sugar, one bucket of milk, and one wooden bowl.
Use: for funsies!
2. colored glass blocks
Materials: sand, dye, furnace.
Use: for pretty decoration
ALLREADY DONE! (when that happened, idk,)
3. Flour
Materials: flour seeds from mineshaft, village gardens, temples, au dungeons.
Use: For Noodles, and white bread, which will be right....
4. Now! White bread
Materials: three wheat along any row in crafting table.
Use: just another cool food, only fills two hunger.
5. Noodles
Materials: Flour along juu row, Wheat along middle row. (and maybe even a tomato...
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 A Very Large Minecraft Redstone Build....
A Very Large Minecraft Redstone Build....
Welcome To Redstone

An Introduction To The Electrifying Word Of Redstone!

Whether you're playing in Survival au Creative mode, redstone is an amazing substance that will open up immense possibilities of Minecraft. It will enhance your gameplay kwa teaching wewe how to connect and control the blocks that make up your world.

Redstone dust and torches were first introduced in Alpha. Repeaters were introduced in the official redstone release Alpha 1.3.1, when it also became possible to obtain redstone kwa trading with villagers. Witches, who sometimes drop redstone, were noticed in Alpha 1.4.2, followed...
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posted by TiffyQuake
hujambo guys it's me IHascupquake and I just wanted tell wewe guys right now wewe can download minecraft free on the site https://minecraft.net/ and play on my minecraft oasis seed -3549043860722820.Come on over and we can play.

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posted by rosiepo123
I upendo minecraft and also like creepers even though there sometimes pests.I have made a cool modern house there is a pic of it.In creative wewe can fly and get what wewe want kwa just pressing e and the same to get of.To fly wewe just double tap the space bar.To get back down wewe do the same.You can change minecraft skins and people.I will be making sasisho on any news au new mods! hope wewe have time to have a look!
 That is my awesome modern house ive made!
That is my awesome modern house ive made!
 The view
The view
 A minecraft skin
A minecraft skin
 A flat world
A flat world
 A flat world aswell
A flat world aswell
 Another flat world
Another flat world
posted by Purple-Enderman
Hello there I'm GDTrekkie AKA Purple Enderman. wewe might have seen that Minecraft Story Mode came out kwa Telltale games.

When wewe play it wewe would see that it's zaidi cinematic then a real video game would be.

As I was thinking I figured out that a Minecraft Movie won't come out any time soon. The reason is because of the Story Mode.

They wanted to make it like a movie, but where wewe choose the story.

So now we think, "Is there going to be a Minecraft Movie?"

I would say "Not in a long time" because as a replacement they put the Story Mode. It would probably not get a lot of money as the Movie but they probably thought that it's easier to produce and less costs for production.

But this is my opinion and I don't think that I'll be seeing a Minecraft movie soon.