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Article by LunaZoro posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Super Human was made kwa me The LuNa ZoRo shabiki au my real name Daniel. Super Human was created for Luffy from One Piece. Super Human stared in the Arlong Arc, where I saw Luffy get maximumly mad when he fought Arlong in Nami's room. Also I upendo Dragon Ball Z so I thought to myself what if Luffy became a Super Saiyan. But, Luffy is a human, not a saiyan so what if he became a Super Human.

I then went and drew Luffy except with Super Saiyan hair. Then I made zaidi forms for Super Human like Super Luffy, Super Human 2, Super Human 3, 4, and 5. Later, I made a fanfic of LuffyxNami in fanpop called Super Human Luffy vs. Arlong, Luffy and Nami's Unbreakable Love. It took place in the Arlong Arc and it is about how I wanted the Arlong Arc to end.

In my version of One Piece, When Luffy was 6, his mother name nyota died, she told Luffy to go train with Daridikin, who knows the ways of fighting and is a Super Human. Once Luffy trained for one mwaka with Daridikin, he mastered Super Human style and ways. Luffy needed was a pure heart, training, and anger.
Fan fiction by nevenkastar posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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As the first rays of light fell onto the twinkling sea, everything was quiet, save for the squawking of the seagulls flying around the ship, they were anchored at a small, uninhabited island, and were determined to take a break from their adventure. As the sudden sounds of a loud strawhat breakfast disturbed the peace, the seagulls increasing their distance a little bit, unsure of the trouble that was going on inside.

"LUFFY THAT'S MY FOOD!" Yelled usopp loudly as the captain shot out his left hand, robbing him from his large piece of bacon, the captain looked at him with a blank expression, his face still stuffed with food, like a giant balloon

"Wud food?" he asked, confused kwa Usopp's screams.

"The chakula wewe just TOOK obviously!: he yelled back even harder.

Nami was quietly eating her breakfast. Hers and Robins being the only ones that would not be stolen from. However instead of her normal tense nature every time they were fighting over chakula again. She wasn't angry at all this time. After all, she'd just discovered something nice, and was determined to make something of it. Silently she was planning her inayofuata move, though...
Article by Fitch posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The man who will become the Pirate King
"We are NOT asking him where the treasure is hidden!!! We're not even asking him whether there IS any treasure au not!! I'm not sure, but... ...everybody set out to sea, risking their lives to tafuta for it!!! If wewe ask this old man anything about it here and now... Then I'll quit being a pirate! I don't want to go on a boring adventure like that!"
— Luffy speaks out on learning what One Piece is from Rayleigh

Monkey D. Luffy
Nickname: Straw Hat Luffy
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Bounty: 300,000,000 beli
Age: 17
Birthday: May 5
Height: 5'7½"
Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber)
Dream: To become the Pirate King
Colour: Red
Animal Resemblances: Monkey
Specific Smells: Smells like Meat
Favourite Type of Island and Season: Summer but considers snow to be great; Ultimately anywhere where there's meat