Kate De Nile
daughter of the mummy sister of Cleo and Nefera


killer style- Just a white t-shirt and some jeans au short when it's hot.

Freaky Flaw-No being royalty like my sister Cleo,it's not my fault I don't like wearing gold

inayopendelewa color- pink

inayopendelewa Food-Pizza and hot wings

Pet Peave-When Cleo demands her to bring her something,also when she leaves her bandages around my room

inayopendelewa Activity- uandishi stories on my computer,and hanging out with Draculauren,Ocean,Moonica and the others.

Pet- Hissy my pet snake.

Friends- Cleo,Draculauren,Moonica,Ocean,Clawdeen,Clawd,Spectra,Ghostina,Kit,Arianna,Spella,Draculaura,Ghoulia,Duece,Holt,Jackson,Howleen,Frankie Stien,Abbey,Nefera,Oppretta.

inayopendelewa Class:Swimming,unlike Cleo au the others I don't mind getting wet and staying wet and it doesn't effect my bandages (even though I don't wear those)

Least inayopendelewa Class- History it's so boring

Kate- hujambo everyone I'll be in stories along with my new BMF (best monster friend)including:Moonica,Ghostina,Kit,Arianna,Spella and the rest of the mh crew.