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This Monster High picha might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Chapter 1- The Freaky Has Just Begun

Frankie Stein was sitting in Mad Science ,she silently tapped her pencil against her shiny electric green knew after she got out of class she would have to face the horrors of Frightday the 13th again. That was what made poor Frankie's face slump. Suddenly something vibrated in her purse. She silently and quickly pulled out her iCoffin. She looked at it and saw she had a message from Clawdeen. hujambo It read Mr.. Hacks Class is so boring right, well anyway I think I have a plan this time to help us throughout the siku meet me in the Ghoul's Bathroom after class...
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Monster High: Freaky Fusion
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