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Michael finished another siku of dressing up as Spider-Man, at kids' birthday parties. Although he enjoyed dressing up as his inayopendelewa Marvel hero, he was starting to get tired of it. He sighed, while getting into his car and heading home.

Michael drove home. After tossing his costume into his room, he ran to the fridge and started checking out what chakula was in there. There was barely any chakula in there, so he angrily sighed and started driving to Grant's house, so he could take some of Grant's food. Michael and Grant had a strong friendship, so Grant had aliyopewa Michael a key to his house. Michael...
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The cast of MTCN Review Team

Michael: The protagonist of the show, DC Animated antics, Catch Up, and Editorials.

Grant: Michael's main co-star. He appears less often in hivi karibuni episodes.

Sarah: The main female reviewer in the first few seasons of the show.

Wes: A recurring reviewer in the first few seasons of the show. The deuteragonist of DC Animated Antics.

Mahan: Introduced in 2014, he eventually became a recurring reviewer.

Howard: Michael's roommate, who's a regular cast member in hivi karibuni seasons.

Matthew: Introduced in 2015, he eventually became a prominent cast member.

Karina: Introduced in 2015, she became a recurring reviewer.

Amarissa: Introduced in 2015, she became a recurring reviewer.

Ron: Introduced in 2015, he became a recurring reviewer.

Patrick: A recurring cast member, from 2013-2015.

Raj: A recurring cast member in 2013
Michael and Laura were hanging out at a fast chakula place. After accidentally breaking the soda kisima, chemchemi Michael alisema "I finally figured out which presidents are on Mount Rushmore."

Laura replied "Then prove it to me."

Michael alisema "Um George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lelouch Lamperouge."

Laura replied "Well wewe got three out of four right. One of those people isn't a president."

Michael alisema "I suspected that Theodore Roosevelt was a anime character." Laura rolled her eyes. Michael asked "Do wewe think there are any important people that should be added to Mount Rushmore?"...
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Michael was so excited about the new car that he bought that he decided to tell Ron about it a few hours after midnight. Michael texted Ron. Ron was sleeping so he didn't read the text. Michael waited 15 dakika for Ron to text back.

Michael drove to Ron's house and started knocking on the door. Ron woke up and opened the door. Michael alisema "Hi Ron. Your cell phone might be broken, because I texted wewe 15 dakika zamani and wewe didn't answer."

Ron struggled to stay awake while saying "I was sleeping. It's nighttime, not Michael time."

Michael replied "Come on dude. I have something really cool to...
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Note: Merry krisimasi to Michael and all of his friends. I hope that wewe all have a wonderful Christmas.

Michael was excited about Christmas. Michael alisema "I'm going to get so many great presents from so many okay friends."

Grant asked "Did wewe get presents for your friends?"

Michael angrily alisema "I forgot to do that. I better hurry up and get some dumb presents for my very smart friends."

Michael went to a store and quickly bought a bunch of presents. However Michael accidentally left the presents in the store's parking lot. Mahan looked around the parking lot and alisema "Free presents."

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Michael and Grant were hanging out. Michael alisema "I'm bored. Lets go to Amarissa's house."

Grant alisema "Okay. Are we invited there?"

Michael alisema "Of course we are ... maybe." Michael and Grant drove to Amarissa's home. Michael tried to open the door, but it was locked. Michael alisema "Unlike me Amarissa locks her house door."

Grant alisema "Then we should probably leave."

Michael alisema "Don't worry. 1 of the windows is open. Lets climb inside the house."

Grant alisema "I can't do that. That would be illegal."

Michael alisema "No. Amarissa loves it when I visit her house. Stay outside and warn me if Amarissa...
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Michael was having another siku where he saw a film he didn't want to. After the film was over Michael was going to do a review of the film. Suddenly Michael saw Wes. Michael alisema "I think I know who wewe are."

Wes alisema "I'm Wes."

Michael alisema "I'm a big shabiki of your films. I like how wewe always have Bill Murray in them."

Wes alisema "I'm not Wes Anderson. I'm Wes from your film review show."

Michael alisema "I know that. I was trying to be funny."

Wes alisema "Did wewe see another bad film?"

Michael alisema "Yes."

Wes alisema "Me too. We probably saw the same bad film."

Michael alisema "Cool. Lets go review it together."...
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Michael and Grant were hanging out in Grant's living room. Michael alisema "I'm hungry."

Grant alisema "Then get something out of the fridge."

Michael alisema "I'll try to find the junk, taka food." Michael grabbed 5 bags of chips and 5 boxes of cookies.

Grant alisema "Please try to not spill anything."

Michael alisema "You can trust me. I'm Michael, the Trustworthy Comic Nerd." Michael accidentally spilled lots of chips and kuki, vidakuzi on the carpet.

Grant alisema "Now I have to clean up all of that stuff."

Michael alisema "Have fun doing that. I'm going to watch some shows."

Grant alisema "Can wewe at least hand me the broom?"

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Michael and Grant were talking about upcoming films. Michael alisema "Any animated films coming out soon?"

Grant alisema "There is the My Little gppony, pony film."

Michael alisema "Oh no. I have to watch zaidi of that stuff."

Grant alisema "It might not be too bad."

Michael alisema "Grant saying a film could possibly be not completely terrible is a pretty small compliment."

Grant alisema "I'm sorry."

Michael went home. Michael alisema "I gotta watch that silly gppony, pony film soon."

Howard alisema "The film could be kind of okay."

Michael alisema "My Marafiki suck at making films sound good."

Howard alisema "By the way there is a Netflix Adam...
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Michael walked up to Grant and alisema "I think that I need to stop the super hero called Super Ron."

Grant alisema "But Super Ron is a hero."

Michael alisema "No he isn't. His powers are too dangerous. He can fly. He could destroy everybody."

Grant alisema "But Super Ron wouldn't do that."

Michael alisema "Well I'm getting bad vibes from him so I must get rid of him."

Grant alisema "Oh no."

Michael got on his super hero costume to become Bat Michael. Bat Michael threw bat bombs at bila mpangilio criminals while saying "Super Ron should be a morally good super hero like I am."

Super Ron alisema "No zaidi destroying criminals."...
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Michael and Ron decided to go grocery shopping. Michael alisema "I haven't gone grocery shopping in 2 months."

Ron alisema "Wow. What have wewe been eating?"

Michael alisema "Fast food."

Ron alisema "Did wewe eat anything else?"

Michael alisema "I ate all the chakula at my house."

Ron alisema "Did wewe eat Howard's chakula too?"

Michael alisema "Yeah. He is kind of mad. I have been slacking off grocery shopping so I better actually duka this time."

Ron alisema "Remember to be mature Michael. Don't do any foolish antics."

Michael alisema "I promise to be polite." Michael accidentally knocked dozens of bottles of soda on the floor. There...
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posted by Mrbiskit
Michael is the star, host, and protagonist of the film review show, MTCN Review Team.

Michael may hate lots of films, but he is a very nice person. He has a new onyesha called MTCN Catch Up. That onyesha allows people to ask Michael to review modern films. Even if 1 only person asks him to review a film he reviews it which shows that he cares about his fans.

Thank wewe Michael the Comic Nerd for being a good person, friend, and film reviewer. And of course thank wewe for the good comedy in your film reviews.

I'm sorry for Yoga Hosers.
Michael was dressed up as Spider-Man for his job at kids' birthday parties. Michael walked to the house and knocked on the door. The door was unlocked so Michael went inside.

Michael alisema "I'm hungry. I hope that this silly house has some snacks for me." Michael opened the fridge and found a big cake. Michael alisema "Alright. Sweet snack. I'm sure that they have plenty of cakes." Michael ate the whole cake.

The kid's dad alisema "Hello."

Michael alisema "You are a old kid."

The kid's dad alisema "I'm the dad."

Michael alisema "Oh."

The kid's mom alisema "I think this party will be great."

Michael alisema "Whatever."

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This makala is about some of my inayopendelewa nukuu from the film review onyesha MTCN Review Team.

From The Way, Way Back Review

Michael: "I hate all protagonists. All hail the villains!"

From the Delivery Man Review

Patrick: "I loved the heck out of it. It's easily 1 of the best films that I have seen all year."
Michael: "I'm done."

Patrick: "Titanic could of been a rejected sitcom idea."
Michael: "How do wewe make a sitcom out of the Titanic?"

From The Single Moms Club Review

Michael: "I have a feeling that wewe like this film."
Patrick: "Actually I didn't. I thought it was really bad."
Michael: "Really?"
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Michael had a work meeting that day. Michael was sleeping. Howard knocked on Michael's door to wake him up. Michael alisema "What do wewe want?"

Howard alisema "It's time to get up."

Michael alisema "Why should I get up? I'm tired of getting up."

Howard alisema "You have a work meeting today."

Michael alisema "Oh crap. I do. I better get ready." Michael got ready for work. Michael alisema "Today I have to onyesha my boss the ripoti I wrote."

Howard alisema "Cool."

Michael proudly alisema "Yes I am." Michael drove to work.

1 of Michael's co-workers alisema "Are wewe ready to onyesha the boss your report?"

Michael alisema "I sure am."

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Michael was sleeping on the floor in the living room of his house. Michael alisema "Ah. This is so comfortable."

Michael's roommate, Howard alisema "Michael we need to talk."

Michael alisema "Fine. Hang on." Michael got off the living room floor and sat on Howard's samaki tank. The samaki tank broke.

Howard alisema "Michael wewe got my samaki in danger."

Michael alisema "Well now I know that samaki tanks aren't good chairs."

Howard put his samaki in 1 of his spare samaki tanks.

Michael alisema "So what do wewe want to talk about?"

Howard alisema "Michael wewe need to stop being so messy. I want our house to be clean."

Michael alisema "Lighten...
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Note: Game of Thrones is owned kwa HBO. Credit for the characters and locations goes to the creators and owners of the vitabu and show.

Michael alisema "Amarissa did Ron tell wewe about my fanfiction?"

Amarissa alisema "He showed me your Frozen shabiki story."

Michael alisema "Sneaky Ron. What did wewe think of the story?"

Amarissa alisema "I cringed. It was pretty lame."

Michael alisema "I think I see a shabiki story on your computer. Seems like I'm not the only mwandishi around here."

Amarissa alisema "Read it if wewe must. It's better than your bad writing."

here's the story:

Sansa Stark walked outside the kingdom. It was...
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Notes: This shabiki story was inspired kwa the scene in the Power Rangers review where Michael jokingly hinted he had silly stuff on his cell phone. The Frozen franchise is owned kwa Disney.

Michael alisema "I think I got rid of all of the bad stuff on my phone. Here."

Ron alisema "Interesting stuff wewe got on your phone. Is this a Frozen fanfiction made kwa you?"

Michael alisema "Oh crap."

Ron alisema "Well I should read this." Ron read the story to himself.

here's the story:

The Duke of Weselton saw Anna and Elsa. The Duke alisema "My 2 rivals are here. I'm going to prank them." The Duke noticed a beehive. The...
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Michael and Ron were watching Power Rangers. Michael alisema "It's decent, but not 1 of the best."

Ron alisema "Power Rangers is a classic."

Michael alisema "Is it better than Ghostbusters?"

Ron alisema "No."

Suddenly Karina showed up.

Ron alisema "Are wewe here to watch Power Rangers?"

Karina alisema "No. I've got important news. There's a My Little gppony, pony film coming to theaters in October."

Ron alisema "I'm not watching that."

Michael alisema "I don't want to see it."

Karina alisema "But it'll be wonderful."

Michael alisema "I don't like My Little Pony."

Ron alisema "Really? I thought that wewe and Grant were uandishi My Little...
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Michael, Ron, Karina, and Amarissa went to a film theater to watch a new film together.

Michael alisema "The film better be good."

Ron alisema "I heard that Patrick liked it."

Michael alisema "If Patrick thinks the film's good that mns that I'm doomed." Amarissa laughed. Michael alisema "What's funny?"

Amarissa alisema "You being doomed is amusing."

Karina alisema "I agree."

Michael and the others went to the theater.

Michael needed to go to the bathroom, but he didn't feel like walking at far. He accidentally pooped on the film screen.

Karina alisema "We can't see the film, because Michael's poop is on it." Michael...
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