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I decided to make a orodha of muziki that I'd recommend people give a chance. My taste in muziki is eclectic, so there's no specific genre but I'll include a link to a sample for each artist. I've decided to leave off some of the bigger names and stick with lesser known artists that I think deserve a chance.

1. Tom Waits link
2. Natalie Merchant link
3. Poe link
4. Portishead link
5. Morningwood link
6. Chris Isaak link
7. Gillian Welch link
8. the Dresden Dolls link
9. Eilen Jewell link
10. Iron and Wine link
11. cracker, mkate mkavu link
12. Psapp link
13. Mates of State link
14. Michelle Shocked link
15. Bayside link
16. the Posies link
17. Jim Croce link
18. Adele link
19. the Bastard vichimbakazi link
20. the Eels link
21. the Cardigans link
22. Marcy Playground link
23. Soul Coughing link
24. Rodrigo y Gabriela link
25. squirrel Nut Zippers link
26. Calexico link
27. Elvis Costello link
28. Bat for Lashes link
29. Cold War Kids link
30. Lolly Jane Blue link
From Snow Patrol's "Hands Open" album. Not the official muziki video.
open your eyes
snow patrol
hands open
user created muziki video
the rolling stones
wewe can't always get what wewe want
the rolling stones
the last time
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From Nelly Furtado's "Folklore" album. muziki video directed kwa Sophie Muller.
nelly furtado
muziki video
wewe tube
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muziki video
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in flames
take this life
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She rises with the sunset
She wonders, "When will this end?"
The world is full of money, full of money
She goes out unprotected
She doesn't listen to her best friend
It's only for the money, for the money, for the money

She doesn't want to be respected
Reality's her best friend
She needs the extra money, extra money
In the city, the town, and the household
So many things go unreported
So many things her eyes have seen, eyes have seen, eyes have seen

Meet me in the hotel lobby
Everybody's looking lonely
Watch me as I walk in slowly
When your eyes meet mine
It's in the mirrors of the hotel lobby

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dashboard confessional
posted by jamislife
now, kubeba with me because i have never written a here it goes :)

whenever i turn on the radio i hear muziki like Sean Kingston and Fergie blasting from the speakers. Maybe even, (dare i say it) Green siku and Nickleback

Now if wewe like this type of music, i am not trying to bash you. i just want to express my opinion and maybe onyesha wewe some artists wewe may like. there are so many artists out there that are amazing but i have forced myself to narrow it down to five.

1. One of my inayopendelewa bands would be Oasis. this 90's british band has great lyrics and melodies. Some of the juu songs...
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posted by grahamb
 Someone is stumped already!
Someone is stumped already!
I was sent this image kwa a friend who challenged me to name them. however originally it was designed to promote virgin digital. And now i am passing on the callenge to you, my fellow fanpoppers... just how many can wewe name?

To get wewe started i'll give wewe one of the majibu (see, aren't i kind?)... at the back of the image wewe will notice some apes! two of the apes are plastic and one is cg but what kind of apes are they?? they are gorillas! thus this is refering to the band Gorillaz! See its not so hard after all! so happy hunting fanpoppers!

If wewe want to view a larger version of the image then head over to the picha section
If au when wewe want the rest of the majibu then holla at me and i'll send them your way. au wewe could cheat and look them up yourself... but remember cheating is bad!
 How many can wewe find?
How many can you find?
the moody blues
justin hayward
forever autumn
war of the worlds