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posted by mariofan14
(Just to let wewe all know, this will be an allusion to the first story in "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True". Let me know if this was great at any expense.)

It was a great siku at Canterlot, where everypony was doing their regular businesses out in the city. But today, at the castle, there would be something else going on that day. There was going to be a royal ball going in the upcoming day. One of Celestia's guards told Celestia herself about it. "I know that," she said. "I also know that I'm going to be gone until that one siku is over. I'm going to take a break from royalty and go as a casual pony. I'm sure Luna will take care of things." Immediately after that, there was a knock on the door, and a voice spake, "Your Highness, are wewe in there? I'm here to speak to wewe about the ball the inayofuata day." Letting the mare, Ms. Highneigh, in with the princess, there would be a major talk about preparations for the ball.

Meanwhile, Queen Luna had come back from a walk in the garden. She had heard some speaking in Celestia's room and decided to see what it meant. As soon as she got to the window of Celestia's room, she began to ask, "What is this about? A ball?" "Yes, my Queen," Highneigh said. "But Celestia had aliyopewa me orders to make this the MOST formal ball in Canterlot. Nothing must go wrong. It simply isn't done." After Celestia finished packing, she left the castle. It was time for Highneigh to make some changes to this ball, and to also teach Luna how to be formal.

First up: catering. Very specific entrees were to be made. "This is going to be the entrees to be served at the ball," Highneigh said. But Luna wasn't sure what to make of it. She asked, "If I may ask, what's in there?" The cooks then revealed what was under the tin containers fit for a ball. There were egg salads, mashed potatoes w/gravy, steamed vegetables, and a lot of other good things. There was also Highneigh's personal favorite: cooked prunes for dessert. "Why prunes for dessert?" Luna asked. "The princess has made clear orders for this to be made," Highneigh explained. "Besides, I like it." Luna was not amused, but had to deal with it. There were to be NO imperfections at all. It simply isn't done.

Next: what Luna would wear. "It is also important to look like a formal character in something that is formal and royal. Nothing must be out of hand at any time.," Highneigh explained to Luna, who was in a frou-frou, glittery outfit. It was a hassle for it to be put on, because Highneigh's assistants, Beauty Mare and Regal Attire, were earth ponies. After the dress was put on, Luna took a look in the mirror. She looked okay, but it looked too much.

Out in the gateway, Highneigh said, "You must only let the most proper po-". Luna wasn't paying attention because she saw a few ponies wanting to see her, including Pipsqueak. "OPEN THE GATE!" Luna called to the gatekeeper. "No, no, no, your Highness!" Highneigh exclaimed, seeing a major error. "You can't do that. Commoners are not to be allowed in the ball. It simply isn't done." Upon hearing that, everyone was disappointed to hear that, even Beauty Mare and Regal Attire. "Does this really have to go that way?" they asked. Highneigh nodded. The crowd of "commoners" left in disappointment.

There was dancing as the last thing to go through. The band, consisting of Beauty Brass, Octavia, and a few others, played a formal waltz. Luna, now worried that this would be the worst ball she would go through, had been going through this very difficult dance everyone would have to go through. For balance, a stack of 5 au 6 vitabu were on juu of her head. She would also be asked maswali that were hard to answer. She got all of them wrong, worrying her even more. It was adding up to something that would all be too chaotic, whatever it was. Luna had too much stress going on, she fell. Everything was dead silent. The poor Queen felt ashamed of all this and left. "This... is a disaster," Highneigh said.

Luna was in her room in a state of grief. She had been crying for the whole afternoon after the mess-up that happened. Later that evening, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," she said. It was Beauty Mare, Regal Attire, and a guard. "To tell wewe the truth," RA began, "I didn't like what Highneigh was planning for this ball. This would simply not be done." "RA's right," BM said. "I think we should go your way. After all, wewe ARE the Queen of Equestria." Luna was touched kwa what they said. She cheered up, got up from her bed, and looked into the mirror. "Look at this," she said. "I don't look as good as Highneigh thought I would be." She magically removed the dress she had on. "And this hair. Yuck!" She had a bad hairdo. She then, magically, got into her regular form. All ready, she said, "I need to stop submitting to something that sucks. We're going to make this ball great MY way!"

The entire night was spent planning on what there would be, whether it be a replacement au an addition. The inayofuata day, the plans went as expected. In catering, some of the entrees were kept. The only exception were the egg salads and prunes, being replaced with matunda and daisy salads and quality chokoleti pudding. Of course, she wasn't alone. Beauty Mare, Regal Attire, and the guard had helped on the chakula to be made for this night. Next, the dancing and music. There would still be a waltz, but Luna wanted it to be zaidi lively. She also invited the country violinist, Fiddlesticks, to play in the band. The dance, well, was zaidi of a combo of steps and light spins. The four enjoyed it. But Highneigh was watching it all. "It simply isn't done! It simply isn't done!" she alisema angrily, storming out.

Then, after that, it was time to pass out the invitations to the ball. They were aliyopewa to many of Canterlot, some of Ponyville, which included the Mane 6, and Trottingham, which included Pipsqueak and his family. Highneigh was following Luna, and when she caught up, she said, "Your Highness! I do hope wewe know what you're doing. It must not turn out to be a disaster!" Luna then replied, "Don't worry. I assure wewe that I know what I'm doing. Everything will be fine." Highneigh somewhat doubted that.

Back at the castle, the red carpet was rolled out. It was almost time for the ball to come on, as it was nearing the evening. "Everything's perfect!" Luna happily exclaimed. But there was something missing: the curtains were still closed. She opened them up for the sunlight to come in. Everyone admired it, but a voice interrupted the admiration of the setting sun, done kwa Celestia, who was coming back. "STOP!" the voice cried out. It was Highneigh, coming with news. "My Queen, Princess Celestia comes tonight! I hope wewe know what wewe have done," she tells Luna. "We'll let my sister be the judge of that, shall we?" Luna said.

It was now time for the ball. Luna, dressed in her ball dress, consisting of a blue medium-sized royal kanzu, gown with nothing special on it, was ready to go out. "Are wewe sure about this? I don't think the princess will be pleased," the guard said. "Everything will be under control," Luna said. As she walks out, she is greeted kwa the many guests, mostly "commoners", who were all dancing. She welcomes them all. Pipsqueak then came up to her with a short red rose, trimmed of its thorns. She loved it, and leaned over to kiss him. She then dances with him.

Everyone was happily enjoying themselves, until horns blared a fanfare. It signaled the arrival of Princess Celestia. When she came in, Highneigh ran up to her, saying, "I regret to inform wewe that your sister, the Queen, has failed to comply with the ball instruction. wewe may very well see for yourself." Celestia looked at all the ponies there. "Normal citizens? In the ball?" she asked. As she went to the chakula table, she was also surprised when the prunes were not there. It was going to be the main kitindamlo item, but it wasn't there. Instead, there was the pudding. Celestia had seen all that was aliyopewa improvements on. And guess what? She liked it! "This is great!" she exclaimed. "Luna, you've outdone yourself! Everyone, dance!" Highneigh and Luna thought Celestia wouldn't be pleased with what was there, but she really was. "Your Highness, are wewe sure wewe want this? All these 'improvements'?" Highneigh asked, instantly aliyopewa a nod of approval. She had to accept the fact that Luna will be her own pony. Nobody could change that. Smiling, she decided to jiunge in the fun. Everyone had a good time together at this ball, Luna's way.

The end.
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Source: Equestria Daily
added by karinabrony
Source: Equestria Daily
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tom: Our final part of the video to commemorate all of the good times we had. Enjoy.

Annie started to clean, while Sunny went back to playing GTA 5.

Sunny: *Flying an airplane*
Annie: *Sees televisheni set, and starts to clean the screen while Sunny plays the game*
Audience: *Laughing*
Sunny: Can wewe clean that later? I have to drop off weapons to some ponies.
Annie: Can't wewe pause the game?
Audience: *Laughing*
Sunny: Ugh! *Pauses game. She grabs a Nintendo 3DS, and starts playing Pokemon*
Annie: *Finishes cleaning television, but starts to clean the 3DS*
Audience: *Laughing*
Sunny: What are...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tom: Now this section of the video focuses on parts of our onyesha where the Mane 6 made special guest appearances, au played as characters in skits. For instance, upinde wa mvua Dash played as Marisa Sayers in The punda punda Inn skit.

We're starting off with that female alicorn with the voice of Ice Cube, Twilight Sparkle

Audience: *Cheering*


Twilight: Whad up niggas?
Audience: *Clapping*
Twilight: Let's start off our first siku of school with some arithmetic. What is one plus one?

Link to how Pinkie Pie is talking:

Pinkie Pie: Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein!!...
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Source: Jade_23 for the OC, me for the drawing
posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was a beautiful siku in Equestria. upinde wa mvua Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were sitting at a restaurant having lunch.

Applejack: Well, thanks wewe two for helping out at my farm.
Rainbow Dash: No problem.
Rarity: There was no problem for me either, except for...
Applejack: Yes?
Rarity: Dirt.
Rainbow Dash: That's nothing to worry about. Besides, if wewe get it on you, wewe can just wash it off.
Applejack: I'm surprised wewe didn't wear that farming outfit wewe made when Trenderhoof was visiting.
Rarity: Oh yeah, about that...

Yesterday at Carousel Botique

Sweetie Belle: *Wearing Rarity's farming outfit*...
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Source: EQD, joyreactor
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Dan : but... but... but... JADE!
Jade : hell yea...
Shadow : wait a second... but... wewe was in Africa
Jade : I heard that guys kicking your punda soo...
Shadow : oh well...
Dan : but... how... where... WHAAAT!
Jade : no time to lose lets GO!
Yes its her, best double agent in the world, If she wants to kick our corp. asses... she gonna DO IT... but she with us now...
Dan : wewe right!
Everypony start running to the small hallway and they jump into truck
Jade : GO GO GO!
Driver : *move truck*
The truck goes to the city then to the black alley
Dan : Jade... where w-
Jade : *put gun to Dan Head* shut up! now...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Dan : i dont gonna let him win... I DONT!!!!

"when somethink fucked up... noopony cant stop feel we lost... my Marafiki are dead.... My team lost... I gonna feel they soul everywhere... THAT BASTARDS KILLED THEME!!! Cherry... Mirage... whyyy... I cant... I just cant help theme. .. we ran to elevator... and leave theme"

Shadow : ...
Dan : What! w-what... uhhh I became monster...
Shadow : ...
*elevator stop*
Shadow : ...
Dan : wewe DONT GONNA SAY SHIT!!!!... FUCK...
Natalia : mtulivu, clam donw Dan
Dan : SHUT UP! SHUT UUUUUUUUUP!!!! DEMN IT... d-demn it... *ters comes* I tryed to...
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posted by mariofan14
It was a great siku in the quiet small town of Ponyville, and everyone was liking their day. They also had their own errands and jobs to do, whether it be shopping au building things. But this story will focus on our inayopendelewa party gppony, pony and the town's lively resident: Pinkie Pie!

As Pinkie was working in the sweet shop, Sugar Cube Corner, she had some thoughts about how many non-pony Marafiki she had. The answer was clear: she had little to no non-pony friends, including Cranky the donkey. She even thought that she had too many friends. After her shift, she didn't bother to sleep in the apartment...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
GoldenHorn - yes... is end of Dan
Dan - realy? *destroy rope and kick GoldenHorn
Tulip - *enter room* ICK *doge floating chair*
and a moto fight come
Tulip - sorry... but there... zaidi of us
Dan - WHAT!
Tulip - There Natalia too... and Cherry...
Dan - CRAP
Cherry - AHHHH
Naatalia - WACH IT
Dan - here we go *jump and start shooting to russian soldiers* HELL YEA *hide behaind NightFire* HOW wewe HANGING
Dan - OK *destroy rope* LETS GO!
NightFire - IM IN *grab gun from dead russian soldier body*
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
On Battlefield (ok zaidi on west from battlefield I can say on battlefield camp)
Dan : Ok Anyone dont have they tent?
NightFire - I dont
FireDash - I dont
TearDrop - I dont
Cherry - I dont
Tulip - I dont
Shadow - I dont
Dan - *facehoof* uhhh my bad Ok well Shadow Me NightFire FireDash and TearDrop in this tent *points at big tent* cherry and Tulip... congratulations wewe have your own tent that last *points at small tent*
In Boys (and TearDrop) Tent
Shadow - *drink beer*
NightFire - *talk with TearDrop*
FireDash - *to Dan* soo is only taining yes?
Dan - yes... OK Fuck it I lied Is War What wewe gonna do
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
5 days later in caferia...
Dimitri - *enter caferia... *sits in empety table*
Dan - *teleport on chair and speed sit* *smile* suprised...
Dimitri - rly... wewe live...
Dan - yup...
Dimitri - what wewe want... I left GEA halfyer ago
Dan - I know... *show picture of Tulip* know that mare...
Dimitri - no...
Dan - oh she famous in Russia...
Dimitri - *grab gun*
Dan - ...
Dimitri - *pick gun to Dan head* fuck you...
Dan- ... bad chose *teleport*
Dimitri - *shoot*
Dan - *teleport behaind Dimitri and grab him*... wewe suck in fighting like always...
Dimitri - SHUT UP!
Stalion - I DO THIS
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
where we done ah gppony, pony mech

Dan - well we fucked
Dimitri - ... WTF...
Dan - WHAT
Jade - *grab Dan head and point on Black Alicorn* that
Dan - wow one zaidi alicorn.... FUCK!
Mech - *shoot black alicorn*
Alicorn - *fly away from bullets* ha! *shoot from bazooka to mech*
Dan - hmmmm... OMGF *point on black pegasus*
Pegasus - its time for fireworks! *shoot from bazooka into mech core*
Dan - mech destroyed *come to Alicorn* ...
Alicorn - ...
Dan - ...
Alicorn - ...
Dan - ... WHO THE FUCK wewe ARE!!!!! ...
Alicorn - oh yes soo Im FireDash *point at pegasus* and this is Night Fire
Filly - come from building* its everythink...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
time : 00:00
Dan - hmmm
location : Dan planing room
Jade - maybay...
Dan - nah...
Nikolai - every way come to GoldenHorn...
Dan - wewe right...
Nikolai - from raport I get it say he arive to Zebras Hotel tooday on 02:00
Dan - What he up too...
Nikolai - I dont know but we can kill him now...
Dan - ok... be redy Jade
Jade - ok...
time : 01:55
Nikolai and Dan wainting on roof of another hotel to GoldenHorn arrive
Nikolai - cars going....
Dan - Jade wewe in
Jade - yup
Nikolai - get redy 5 dakika and he get in to room
5 mintues later
Jade - were is he
*from radio*GoldenHorn - I suspect wewe Jade... burn in hell
Dan -...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
 Jade - SeanTheHedgehog OC
Jade - SeanTheHedgehog OC
about 5 hours under RedApple House
Dimitri - wewe a chicken Yuri? wewe scare 18 girl
Yuri - no...ok yes because she have GUN!
Dan - Marafiki she going
Dimitri - good...
Yuri - ahh I remember all those days in GEA
Dan - here she is
From car come green mare
Dimitri - Jade...
Jade - Dimitri
Yuri - Jade
Jade - Yuri
Dan - sup...
Jade - hi... soo wee need to get 18 yers old girl
Dan - yup now be quiet
Stalion - here wewe go RedApple
Mare - Thank wewe dad
Mare - mmmm its smell Like my mom dinner
Dan - ok two civilians soo watch your fire
Jade - Benching doors
Dan - 3...2...1... GO GO GO
Dan - HANDS...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
where we done... oh RPG

Dan - *shoot* *missed* demn it
Vinyl - Wach Out!!
2 Helicopters come from clounds
Russian Pilot - Its me Dimitri Dan... Shadow call me
Dan - THX Shadow
Shadow - No problem. EVERYPONY TO HOPTER
Evrypony go to helicopter
Dimitri - Long Time dont see friends
Dan - yup... its about 10 yers?
Shadow - 11 yers... and 5 hours
Dan - hahahahahahahaha yea
Dimitri - everypony ok
Fluttershy - Im hurt in leg
Twilight - let me see it
Dan - Where Yuri ?
Yuri - In another helicopter
Dan - oh ok
From sky come missle and hit Yuri helicopter
Yuri - IM HIT... FUCK...
Yuri helicopter falling into Canterlot
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Normal siku In Canterlot ( Uhh another normal siku RLY! ) Twilight siting on kiti cha enzi and reading
Spike - hujambo Twi I Have Messege ! From Shadow And From Dan
Twilight - First From Shadow... *reading* "Im Shadow and groom invites 6 Marafiki on wedding of Dan and Vinyl"
Spike - WOA!!!
Twilight - Wow they do this soo fast... hmm oh yes!! Dan need Princess to help in Dark Empire... Spike inayofuata messege OH and get girls here
5 dakika later......
Twilight - ok I kusoma *read* "I want to - PinkiPie make party, AppleJack make somethink to eat, Fluttershy make music, Twilight Relax in Castle, Rarity Make Dress....
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
So No Normal siku In Ponyville. RainbowDash Crash Into Vinyl Home
Dan - Hi...
Dan - yea... *read*
RainbowDash - Vinyl know too
Vinyl come from kitchen
Vinyl - yes
Dan - ekhem... who going to repair window...
RainbowDash - sorry...
Dan - I gonna make sandwiches... Vinyl?
Vinyl - Yes
Dan - Dash?
RainbowDash - ok
Dan - 3 sandwiches going
10 Minuts later
Dan, Vinyl and RainbowDash go to Canterlot
Dan - Hi... Princess hihihi
Twilight - haha... good one
Guard 1 - who is this
Guard 3 - Its Dan... Friend
Guard 2 - yea...
Dan - guys... I need to...
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