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kwa the time me & upinde wa mvua Dash got back in Equestria we saw that all of it was frozen.

Sean: Oh jeez.
upinde wa mvua Dash: How did this happen?
Sean: I'm not sure, but I have a plan. Chaos Control!

Eight hours earlier

King Sombra: I only need a few zaidi things to get my time machine working again.
Sean: *pulls out gun*
upinde wa mvua Dash: He's still working on it.
Sean: He's screwed. *kills King Sombra* Chaos control

Eight hours later

upinde wa mvua Dash: What?! It's still frozen!
Sean: But how? I killed King Sombra before he could time travel to get all those pricks, and it's still frozen.
Robotnik: That's because wewe don't think!
upinde wa mvua Dash: drive!
Sean: *drives away*
Shadow: *drives after*
Nazis: We spotted them sir!
KS: Excellent. We kill them, and Equestria is ours.
Robotnik: He tried to kill wewe kwa time traveling into where wewe were builing your time machine.
KS: And wewe saved me.
Robotnik: Ja.
KS: Nice work doctor.

Back to the car chase

Shadow: *shoots kombora, yamuua flipping my car over*
Sean: *opens roof*
Shadow: *shoots another missile*
Sean: *activates ejector seat* Back on my wheels.
upinde wa mvua Dash: He's passing us
Sean: *shoots Shadow's car*
Shadow: *launches grenades*
Sean: *shoots grenades*
Blaze: Get the death egg down for him.
Shadow: He almost killed me, hurry up!
upinde wa mvua Dash: *flies out*
Sean: Where the fuck are wewe going?
upinde wa mvua Dash: *blows Shadow's car up*
Sean: *drives onto death egg*
upinde wa mvua Dash: Glad wewe made it.
Sean: Same to you. What now?
upinde wa mvua Dash: We have to kill everyone here, and unfreeze Equestria.
Sean: Sounds good.
Catie: I see moto over there.
Discord: That looks like Shadow's car
Gilda: They must be on here then. Look everywhere.

This was it. Just me, and upinde wa mvua Dash against-

1 Discord
1 Robotnik
1 Gilda
1 Catie
1 Brian Goldner
1 Blaze
1 King Sombra
597 Nazis
600 Communists

Total enemies 1,204 Good luck!
"So I defeated Princess Celestia, am holding Twilight and her Marafiki captive, and let my changelings go all over Equestria to take control the minds of everypony. Who says a girl can't have it all?" Queen Chrysalis laughed evilly.

"You won't get away with this", alisema Princess Celestia, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the kiti cha enzi room encased in green goo.

"Don't wewe see, Celestia? I already have." Queen Chrysalis flew up to Princess Celestia and looked into her eyes. "And there's nothing wewe can do about it." She flew back on the ground and sat in Celestia's throne. "Much better." She laughed evilly again.

-Meanwhile in the caves beneath Canterlot.
You and your team are trapped in the crystal caves beneath Canterlot. wewe have to figure out a way to get out of the caves(and no using magic, unicorns and alicorns), free Twilight and her friends, and defeat Queen Chrysalis! The fate of Equestria is in wewe and your team's hooves!
posted by mariofan14
After a lot of work for-a the forgiveness party, Pinkie Pie had everything prepared for-a the occasion. She-a then began inviting everypony to-a the occasion, including Gilda, but she-a had to-a apologize to the Ponyville citizens for-a the trouble she-a caused to them. They-a then forgave her and trust her. What's there to-a not forgive, huh?

Anyways, the party needed one zaidi guest: upinde wa mvua Dash. "Are we gonna have a good time au what?" Gilda asked. Of course we are, Gilda!" alisema Pinkie Pie. "Dashie would never want to miss any party being thrown kwa me au anypony else!" Everypony was eager...
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posted by mariofan14
As-a we catch up on-a the griffon, we-a also see upinde wa mvua Dash chasing her, but also being as silent as-a can be. The griffon then makes a stop, but where? An apple cart, the exact one she-a aliiba from, but-a why? She had to-a pay for-a what she-a took. Slowly, but surely, Rainbow's suspicion grew.

Along came Pinkie Pie, who-a was trotting along down
the bustling town streets, until she-a bumped into Gilda. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" She-a ran away, but-a Gilda went after her, and-a the upinde wa mvua pegasus flies after the griffon, still being silent.

Gilda soon got a hold of-a Pinkie Pie. "What do wewe want from...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
All of my life, I've wanted to be a professional DJ. One to create original music, the one that will persuade ponies to come and listen as they strut their stuff on the dancefloor.
    But sadly that goal won't be made. I only expose my DJ-ing and remixes to myself. I live in Ponyville. A small town lying in Equestria ruled kwa Princess Celestia and Luna who run the successful monarchy.
    This is the type of town that everypony knows everypony. But, it seems that nopony knows me in particular. I tend to...
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posted by Grimms-Dragon
This is my first attempt so please kubeba with me. Please read, review, and enjoy.


I watched wewe walk away
Hopeless, with nothing left to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see wewe again

-My Curse kwa Killswitch Engage


Spike gnawed at the gemstone that he had been sent as an anonymous present. He had been suspicious of the present when he received it but he was overjoyed to see a stone inside. With his sharp little teeth at work now, trying to break piece off. It taste extremely sweet but it was extremely hard. He had of course wondered...
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 Luna's got her eyes on a certain stallion...
Luna's got her eyes on a certain stallion...
I'm doing this favor of Valentine's Day, because I never made a story about whether au not my OC finds love. Let's get this story started!

Morning has just arrived, and the main six hustled to stand around Blazin's kitanda as he was sleeping. After hearing he has NEVER heard of Hearts and Hooves Day, they decide to surprise him-in a somewhat unexpected way.

Pinkie: He's gonna jump out of his fur, manyoya when we holler at the same time!

Fluttershy: Please don't yell too loud-he might hurt himself.

Rainbow: He's never heard of Hearts and Hooves Day, and wewe say we should go easy on him? Not today....Ready?

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posted by BlackPetals
Boo. I've come back from the grave to write zaidi bila mpangilio things. Seriously, this time. I believe I've improved as a writer, after several stories a few dozen poems and about ten uandishi classes. So, let's see how this goes.

A slender but sturdy machungwa, chungwa mare bucked her hind legs, her hooves thumping into a tree. Apples fell like rain, overflowing the buckets and coaxing a smile. A few feet away, a canary-coated mare flinched, letting out a squeak. "It- it's very l-loud..." She mumbled, cheeks pink. The machungwa, chungwa mate laughed. "Of course it is, Fluttershy. All hard work produces noise." The mare's...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: February 4, 1957
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 2:33 PM
Railway: Union Pacific

Pete was told about what happened on the Southern Pacific, and decided to give Renee another chance.

Renee: *Enters Pete's office*
Pete: I've got a freight train that needs to go north into Laramie. Do wewe think wewe have what it takes to drive it?
Renee: Yeah.
Pete: Okay. Your engines were destroyed in that explosion back at Ogden, so you're gonna use engine 844. Nemo, and Metal Gloss will help wewe find it.
Renee: Thank you.

Renee entered the servicing facility where she saw Metal Gloss, and Nemo.

Renee: Pete...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: February 4, 1957
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 12:33 PM
Railway: Union Pacific

Pete was in his office signing papers, when Hawkeye arrived.

Pete: I guess knocking is a thing of the past.
Hawkeye: I wanna talk to wewe about Renee.
Pete: How is she doing?
Hawkeye: Bad! These things keep happening to us, and she's saying that it's because she's jinxed. We need to get rid of her!
Pete: I don't think that'll be necessary, but I'll tell wewe what. We'll have her go work on the Southern Pacific for a few days, and see how she does.
Hawkeye: As long as she's not here, that's fine with me. *Walks...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike, Nemo and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Also starring the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, Anthony, Ryan, and Donut from Seanthehedgehog

And special guest star, Fluttershy as Renee

Previously in Ponies On The Rails

Pete: What do wewe mean jinxed?
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: February 4, 1957
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 7:31 AM
Railway: Union Pacific

After being shouted at kwa Pete, Hawkeye, Stylo, and Renee went back to the freight train they tried driving earlier. The caboose was back on the rails, and the train was waiting.

Renee: *Gets in her engines* I'll see wewe two later, I guess.
Hawkeye: Sure wewe will. wewe work here now.
Renee: I guess so. *Drives train*
Stylo: *Watching Stylo's train*
Snowflake: Pierce, and Stylo, I got a new assignment for wewe from Pete.
Hawkeye: What is it Snowy?
Snowflake: *Not amused* I told wewe not to call me that. Forty...
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