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posted by applejackrocks1
Back to the story.....

Brawny: Applejack, wewe stay here. I'll go get some money out of the bank. *swims off*
Applejack: *looks around* My, My...
*Suddenly, 3 other merponies swam to AJ, surrounding her*

MP1: I see that your a new loser here *laughs*
Applejack: Loser?!? Have ya looked into a mirror?!
All: Oooooo
MP2: Wait a sekunde girls! She's not one of us! She's an earth Pony!
Applejack: *sneezes*
MP3: *laughs* I see that your sick...It's better to let wewe go with the flow, shall we?
Applejack: What? *coughs*
MP1: We don't want wewe to die with pain, Sugarlame.
Applejack: *is weak* Please...Just leave me alone, I ain't that sick...
MP2: Bye! See wewe at heaven...but your probably going to hell.
MP3: *pops bubble that was giving air to applejack*
Applejack: *coughs* *coughs* *chokes* *turns purple*
MP1: *smirks* It's better for all of us.
Applejack: *closes eyes* *drowns to floor*
All: *laughs*
MP2: hujambo siku Light!
MP1: What?
MP2: Go distract Brawny, NOW!
MP1: *salutes* (swims off)

Applejack's body started to glow. Suddenly..She grew fins on her back hooves. She had turned into a merpony, but still blacked out.

MP3: WHAT?!?!
MP2: We gotta kill her..before she kills us!
MP3: *nods* (grabs AJ)
MP2: wewe guys didn't see anything! *looks at everypony* au ELSE!
All: *nods fast*

The two merponies swam to a deep cave, along with AJ still knocked out.

To be continued.....
 applejack becomes a Merpony
Applejack becomes a Merpony
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posted by mariofan14
It's been a while since I've done this spinoff of Windwaker430's "What's Your Take" articles. It's time to bring this back up with a big dislike about a new show.

To put it quite frankly, the new onyesha I would like to talk about is a onyesha named Mr. Pickles on [adult swim]. It's about a very evil, and quite Satanic, dog who disguises himself as man's best friend, but the reason the dog is named Mr. Pickles is because he likes pickles. But why am I going to say that it's a bad show? It's not that it's bad, but it's practically evil. Mr. Pickles has a secret Satanic lair under his doghouse, bends...
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upinde wa mvua Rocks. It was one of the most advertised thing in the MLP network.Thousands of commercials as well as short clips, toys, and other such things. And after months of waiting, we finally got the movie to come out on September 27th 2014... So, what is my opinion on this movie. Well, wewe will all be surprised to hear...that I freaking upendo this movie.
Odd, isn't it. I'm sure wewe all expected me to say that this movie is a terrible disaster. No, it was well written, had a great story line, the muziki was catchy, and it was over all amazing. So, the story is that these villains, known as Sirens,...
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Now, I have been told to review a horrible fanfic known as Cupcakes....... Wait, people say that fanfic is bad... I thought it was okay.
Yeah, imagine that. I actually like a fanfic that is hated kwa many. But, why do people hate it so much. Is it because it strays away from the bright colors and the cheerfulness of My Little Pony? Well, that can't be right, because it is a creepypasta after all. It is supposed to be dark and scary. Really though, I enjoyed this fanfic. It made me want to turn off my computer, but wanted me to keep kusoma to find out what happened next. And that is what I think makes a good creepypasta. Rarely do I find a creepypasta that makes me feel both of these things at the same time. I usually only fine them separat.
So there, Cupcakes. Its dark, brutal, and all over gruesome, but I actually enjoyed it. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
The Lost Book
The Lost Book is an animatronic ride. Spike Lost a book of Twilight's and now can't find it.
Applejack's apple Tree
This ride is supposed to be modeled as a apple tree. It goes up, then at the top, up and down. Then straight down.
Pinkie Pie's cupcake Spinners
You know about the spinning teacups. This is that, just with cupcakes.
This is a very soft ride: A circling track with a background of the Mane Six (Derpy is hidden! Can wewe find her?)
Rarity's Equestrian Fashion History
Knowing Rarity, this ride can be soft at times but bumpy also. Audio of Tabitha St. Germain telling about...
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Credit: Spazz DHN (but really the Hub network) ; Sure is different.
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Oh God, and here was one of the episodes that kind of irritated me. This episode would be Look Before wewe Sleep.
Why do I hate this episode? Well, many reasons. applejack and Rarity acted like five mwaka olds, and let me remind you, applejack and Rarity are not five mwaka olds, they are grown mares that own there own properties and have there own jobs. So tell me, why the hell are they uigizaji like little kids. Is it funny, because I wasn't laughing. I was just annoyed.
Another problem is that Twilight is completely oblivious to them arguing. Seriously, it is as plan as siku that applejack and Rarity...
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