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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It's hard to do what wewe can for the fandom of bronies. It really is, but once wewe get started, it's like there's no turning back. That's how I feel sometimes.

Chapter 1
Before the bronies

Three years ago, I created my account for fanpop. At that time MLP: FIM wasn't around, for at least a few zaidi months. The mwaka was 2010, and I was 13 years old, having been born in December of 1996.

During 2010, I came on here for one reason only. Sonic The Hedgehog. Back then, I was a huge shabiki of something way past cool. I liked it so much, I even made my own shabiki character. My account name is the same as his. Though there was one character I didn't like. That was Blaze the cat. A couple of wewe might know her, and let me just say I hate her. It was because of several video I saw where something would happen, and she would cry for no reason. I considered her to be a crybaby, because she is!

There were some people on this website that created a club for Blaze, and I would do anything I could to trash it, au get people to stop liking Blaze. Sometimes that worked, but it ended when they reported me. I wasn't allowed on for two days.

I quit my "war" against Blaze, and went on to other klabu related to Sonic The Hedgehog. During that, I didn't write any makala back then, I was zaidi interested in making pictures. I wasn't a good drawer, but the people that saw my pics thought it was good. Well most of my pics were good anyway.

Some of my Marafiki made their own clubs, that others enjoyed. I made a few of my own, but no one joined. Heck, wewe think a club for a transcontinental railroad would interest people. Hell no, I even made a club for myself. No one joined it! I was so mad that I didn't go on fanpop for a year. Instead, I had facebook, which has half, of what this website has. I pretty much forgot about this place.

2 B continued
 Enjoy these pics that I made.
Enjoy these pics that I made.
 Enjoy these pics that I made.
Enjoy these pics that I made.
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posted by Canada24
Our story begins near the end of Ask JappleAck. Were Prime Twilight and prime AppleJack finally helped her find a portal back to HER world.

Jappleack kindly thanked her prime self, for the amounts of kindless, apparently unknown in her world, before traveling into HER ponyville.


SwagDash woke up in a hospital bed, greeted kwa Twilight Sparkle, Flutters Shydale, Pinkie Pie, Spike Dragonowitiz and Rarity.

"Rainbow Dash! wewe were absolutely wonderbar out there!" Twilight cried happily.

"You were positively fabulous darling, and I'm not just being generous" Rarity cried happily.

"Hey, hey.. You...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
 Necro gppony, pony :P
Necro Pony :P
Normal In Ponyville...
Twilight - Dan sorry but wewe must get out from libary
Dan - yea yea I going sleep on mitaani, mtaa see wewe soon
Dan get out from Libary and songesha to park
Dan - ahh green everywhere...
Vinyl - Hi Dan... why wewe lie on grass
Dan - 4 worlds : I, Dont, Have, Home...
Vinyl - hujambo why wewe dont tell me wewe can sleep in my and Octavia hose
Octavia - ... ok ....
Dan -Thanks...
Dan, Octavia and Vinyl come to hose
Vinyl - we have only 2 beds well... wewe going sleep with me
Dan -
Dan - WHAT THE!!!
Everyone come down and see Pinkie and somethink like monster
Dan - What...
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posted by DisneyFan333
Ok. I know a lot of people who upendo Derpy. She was kwa far my inayopendelewa background/main character and was very adorable. I just read Quillabex's ukuta post and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without doing and makala about this. I express my feelings in words so this helps me fall asleep. Anyways when I found out about Derpy being taken off of MLP I started to cry.

At first I just thought she was an ordinary background character but then her cuteness/adorableness came to me and I saw what other people had already seen. Now that Hasbro (Not the Animators!) Have decited to get rid of her? Ug.......
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