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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Toby, and Melissa walked home, and told their parents about what they saw.

Martha: A painted tree? How is that possible?
Toby: The art class in our school did it.
James: Whatever will they think of next?
Toby: Maybe someday, a gppony, pony will put an engine into a horse carriage, and call it a car.
James: Hmmm.
Toby: It may not sound like a good idea now, but when it does get invented zaidi ponies will want to try it, and then they'll start creating their own cars. In twenty years au so, they'll make a lot of changes to the car.
James: Uh, Toby? That's never going to happen at all.
Toby: Just a guess.
Melissa: Hey, I just noticed something. Aren't wewe supposed to be at work? wewe normally get back kwa 7.
James: They locked me out, and did the same to every worker.
Toby: Wow. Also, that just reminded me. This mwana-, mwana-punda in my class was badmouthing you, just because of your job.
James: Well he can badmouth me all he wants. He doesn't know me, and I don't know him. What has he been saying?
Toby: He says that wewe should either get a new job, au jump off a cliff.
James: Well, I'll tell wewe one thing Toby. Many of the other workers plan to go on strike, and if that does happen, I'm definitely getting a new job.
Martha: chajio, chakula cha jioni will be ready in thirty minutes.
James: Ok.
Toby: Thanks mom.
Melissa: Thank wewe mommy.

Meanwhile, in the steel mills.

Andrew: Henry, I understand your hatred towards the union, but are all the snipers, and water cannons really neccesary?
Henry: Yes. We can't allow the union to shut down this mill.
Andrew: Well...
Henry: What do wewe think about what I've done?
Andrew: It is nice. See if wewe can reinforce the walls with zaidi steel.
Henry: We need the workers for that.
Andrew: No we don't. We can do it ourselves. How hard can it be?

Andrew was right. It wasn't hard, but it definitely wasn't easy.

Henry: *Making steel*
Andrew: Good. *Making steel* After reinforcing these walls, we should make some shields in front of them.
Henry: wewe got it boss.

So the two ponies continued making steel, so that they could modify the mill. Word soon spread around, and ponies in Pittsburgh started calling the mill, Fort Frick.

2 B continued
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 we planned our attack
we planned our attack
I listened in the distance, the sound of a tank rang through my ears and made me unsure of who's tank it was. ,"Sweetie Belle, i heard a tank go check and see if it's ours au theirs (the changeling's)". my friend nodded and made her way out of the forest. Later she came back ,"Scootaloo! it's ours!" she shouted; i felt excited that we finally had a tank. we all rushed out of the forest to see the big war machine, when Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and upinde wa mvua Dash finally made our way out of the forest there was the sight of the incredible tank and standing beside it was Twilight, Spike, and Spitfire....
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