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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Hello. I wrote this makala for people on this club that like uandishi fanfictions, but have the feeling that they don't do good. This makala should help wewe out, and it might also encourage others to start uandishi fanfictions, if they haven't done so.

Again, this is for people on this club that feel like they want to do better, au just don't like reading/writing fanfictions in general. If wewe think you're good at writing, au do like reading/writing in general, give me some feedback.

There are many important things to have in a fanfiction.

1. A setting.

This is very important. If wewe don't have a setting in your story, the audience will be confused, and wonder where it takes place. wewe must include where the story takes place, and/or when it takes place.

Often, when I write a fanfiction that takes place today, I don't add when it takes place, but I always write down when it takes place, if it's in the past, such as my Ponies On The Rails articles. wewe can see the month, day, and mwaka that each episode takes place in.

As I alisema earlier, it's important to write down where your story takes place. Since this is a My Little gppony, pony club, wewe can have it take place in any of the towns for this show, such as Ponyville, Canterlot, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, au Vanhoover. wewe can also create your own towns like I have. Here's a orodha of towns I created for my fanfictions

St. Foalis - St. Louis
San Francisco - San Franciscolt
Norfoal - Norfolk
Chicagoat - Chicago

Other times, I use real city names for my fanfictions, like Cheyenne, Denver, Portland, and the town that I currently live in, Frenchtown.

2. Characters

wewe can't have a story without characters. Well... wewe could, but it would be boring. If wewe can't think of a creative gppony, pony name for your OC, try and use real names. That's what I've done with most of my OC's. Also, it's important to have a picture of your OC in the fanfiction so that the readers can understand what he/she looks like.

3. The type of story

There are many ways wewe can write a fanfiction. wewe can make a..

Creepy pasta, tambi
Clop fic

Comedy is the best type of fanfiction to write if wewe know a lot of good jokes. Keep your readers laughing as they enjoy all of the good humor in what you've written.

Drama is not a good type of fanfiction. From what I've heard, Drama is when wewe have a ordinary activity, filled with anger, shouting, and sometimes, punching someone in the face. au in this case, punching somepony in the face.

Action fanfictions can be very good, as long as wewe don't make it too violent. Entertain everyone kusoma your fanfiction kwa adding...

Car chases
Huge explosions behind a gppony, pony walking away with sunglasses
A fistfight on juu of a moving train
A fistfight on juu of a moving plane

This isn't all wewe need to fill your fanfiction with loads of action, but once wewe get started, you'll find zaidi ways to add action into your fanfictions.

Adventure fanfictions can be about many things, such as treasure hunts, searches for Lost artifacts, au huge ripoffs of the Daring Do vitabu that upinde wa mvua Dash loves to read. I haven't written an adventure fanfiction yet, but I plan to start, kwa creating an OC who turns out to be Daring Do's son.

Creepypasta is for bronies/pegasisters that like uandishi things about ponies being turned into cupcakes, au about Big Macintosh raping the CMC while killing them at the same time. If you're going to write a fanfiction like that, don't do it on this website. That's the last thing we need!

Clopfics are loathed kwa most people on this website. Basically, clop fics are about porn/rule 34. It may be perfect for Rarity, but not for us!

Crossover fanfictions are where wewe make a crossover of My Little Pony, with anything your moyo desires. Most of my fanfictions are crossovers, mostly of sinema I like to watch.

4. The way to write a fanfiction

There are two ways of uandishi a fanfiction. The correct way, au the wrong way.

The wrong way is this.

"Hello." alisema Vinyl Scratch

This is like watching a movie in black & white. wewe get your readers bored, just before they finish the first paragraph.

The correct way is this.

Pinkie Pie soon saw Maud.

Pinkie Pie: Guten tag!
Maud: *Looks at Pinkie* Oh... Hey.

It's quicker to write like this, and it's zaidi popular. However, wewe can't write like this in real life, unless it's for a play. However, this is the internet. Feel free to write like this, no one will stop you.

5. A plot

wewe must think about what's going to happen in your story. What's the goal? What's the conflict? How does it end? Here's an example from one of my fanfictions I wrote last year

Hedgehog In Ponyville Episode 8

On my deviantart, it's caleed Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Nazis Strike Back

The plot: Twilight Sparkle turns evil, and helps a scientist named Doctor Robotnik capture Princess Celestia. What they don't know is that somepony is disguised as Celestia. Spike, and Luna tell Sean, and Shredder about this, and have them try to rescue Celestia, while destroying the ngome she is being held in.

Conflicts: Diamond Tiara, and Silverspoon jiunge them, but are double agents, working for Nazi Forces. upinde wa mvua Dash joins Sean, and Shredder, but loses to Twilight in a sword fight.
Diamond Tiara, and Silverspoon knock out Shredder, and attempt to escape from Sean. He needs to fight the two fillies on juu of a cable car.

Ending: A very close friend of Twilight is on the plane that Sean, Shredder, and their team gets on board. He attempts to kill Sean, but realizes that his plan fails, then jumps out of the plane without a parachute.

Now that wewe have seen the example, it shoudn't be difficult to make the plot, conflicts, and ending of your fanfiction.

That's all there is to it when it comes to uandishi a fanfiction. I wish wewe the best of luck on your future fanfictions. Everyone has their own talent, but anyone can write.

The end.
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