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posted by Seanthehedgehog
papillon, kipepeo went to see Andrew. They were both laying down in their beds inayofuata to each other.

Andrew: Did wewe ask Louie about the escape?
Papillon: Yeah, he alisema he'd be joining us.
Andrew: That's great. When do we go?
Papillon: Tonight.
Andre: *Arrives* Did I hear wewe two are planning to escape?
Papillon: Yeah.
Andre: May I jiunge you?
Papillon: The zaidi the merrier.
Andrew: Yeah, you're in.
Andre: Great. I know the perfect time to escape, tomorrow night.
Papillon: Why not tonight?
Andre: A band is coming here tomorrow night. One of the guards told me about it.
Papillon: Good idea.
Andrew: And that way, we'll have time to tell Louie about it. We may not see him again until tomorrow morning, so that'll be an excellent idea.
Andre: Well, thanks.

Later that night

Andre: *Sleeping in his bed*
Prisoner 1: *Slowly walks in with prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Grabs maua, ua from vase*
Papillon: Psst.
Prisoner 1: Hm?
Andre: *Hits Prisoner in the head, then attacks prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Knocked out*
Andre: *Smiles*
Papillon: Nice work.
Prisoner 1: *Looking at Papillon*
Andre: *Punches prisoner* Get out of here.
Prisoner 1: *Leaves with prisoner 2*
Papillon: *Laughs* Nice work.
Andre: *Smiles*

inayofuata morning.

Louis: *Walks into the infirmary*
Papillon: Louie.
Louis: Yes?
Papillon: We're escaping tonight. Me, Andrew, and Andre. Are wewe still interested in joining us?
Louis: wewe know I am.
Papillon: Good.

That night, the tamasha was playing muziki just like Andre alisema they would.

Papillon: *Wraps four wrenches around in blankets* We each get one. We'll give the other one to Louie when we see him.
Louis: *Serving drinks to guards at concert*
Guard 34: *Standing at infirmary entrance*
Andre: *Sneaks over to the guard, and knocks him out*
Papillon: *Grabs extra blankets* Let's go. *Gets out of infirmary*
Andre: *Following Papillon*
Prisoner 93: *Grabs Andrew* Where do wewe think you're going? *Wrestles Andrew*
Andrew: Go, I'll catch up with wewe later.
Papillon: *Crouches behind wall, and goes right*
Andre: *Follow Papillon, and is also crouching*
Andrew: *Gets out of infirmary, and crouches behind Andre*
Papillon: *Sees that none of the guards are looking, and runs to the wall. He climbs over it, and lays on juu of it*
Andre: *Runs to the wall, and starts to climb*
Papillon: *Helps Andre*
Andre: *Gets over the wall*
Andrew: *Sees a guard, and waits kwa the infirmary*
Prisoner 93: You!
Guard 85: *Looks at prisoner 93, and shoots him*
Andrew: *Runs past the guard*
Guard 85: *Knocks out Andrew with rifle*
Louis: *Runs towards the guard*
Guard 85: *Sees Papillon, and aims bunduki at him*
Louis: *Knocks out the guard with the tray*
Papillon: Come on Louie.
Louis: *Runs to wall*
Papillon: *Lowers blanket*
Louis: *Grabs blanket, and tries to climb*
Papillon: *Pulling on blanket* I'll pull wewe up.
Louis: *Gets to juu of wall*
Papillon: *Jumps down*
Louis: *Falls down*
Papillon: Where's Andrew?
Louis: The guard got him. *Feels pain in one of his hooves* I think I may have sprained my leg.
Bribed Guard: *In a boat* Hey, are we going au what?
Papillon: Yeah, let's go.

Papillon, Andre, and Louis got into the boat, and they left the prison.

2 B Continued
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posted by mariofan14
(This story is going to be long as fuck. Forgive me for making it too long. Plus, this will be a story within a story. Enjoy.)

It was a busy siku in the city of Canterlot, and all the ponies in the royal city were at their best in anything, even being fancy. They were pretty busy folk that they might not have any free time until the night arrives. However, at the castle, things were a little zaidi easygoing. Queen Luna was taking a little nap, Princess Celestia had some guests to tour the castle, and Princess Twilight Sparkle was just about to tell a story to a group of colts and fillies.

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The last we saw our heroes, they met three new characters: Tropical Breeze, Toopie the octopus, and Red Rose (fiancee of King Sombra). They had just formulated a plan to overthrow King Cobra, and had packed the necessary belongings for the road before them. Since it was evening, they planned on going in the morning. As they slept, one was still awake, far across Equestria.

King Cobra: (Hissing to himself) I can't wait to get a songesha on and conquer this blasted land already. Hopefully I'll also find that sniveling coward King Sombra, so I can rip his horn right out of his skull!

Anvil, the main...
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posted by Canada24
THE inayofuata MORNING!

AppleJack, Rarity and upinde wa mvua Dash were saying their good byes to the cutie mark Cusiders.

Scootaloo was clinging to her sister figure, who arguably acts as somewhat of a sekunde mother as well, due to Scoot's real one always being away and never getting to see young Scootaloo as much as she use to.

As for the her dad. Well. She never knew him. Her mom raised Scootaloo kwa herself.

But, like all things, Scootaloo has grown somewhat accustomed to this. Espically since upinde wa mvua Dash always being there to comfort her.

This was most likely why Scootaloo was clinging onto her like a small...
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The onyesha has been around for about 3 years since it first aired the episode and we all have been drawn to ask maswali about the logic of the onyesha please keep in mind that im baseing of reality vs onyesha fiction. the things well be discussing are
awkward situations between male and female characters well be discussing why male ponies can stand around mares without inaonyesha any aspect of hormonal anxiety. sekunde well be discussing why a world of peace and harmony has sirens and how the wonder bolts to me is zaidi of an air defense the an stunt air group hens the wonder bolts academy being boot...
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posted by epicskyrimfan56
many people, bronies, and pegasisters alike have fought a discreet yet open battle about upinde wa mvua dash being gay. who knows how it all started? was it a troll trying to prove fans? au was it a real swali from a true die-hard fan? both sides give valid arguments. but its honestly a matter of opinion. my opinion is she is not gay, she is a tomboy ( girl who acts like a guy) the battle is still going with no victor in sight. so i ask wewe YOUR opinion on this. seeing as how this may not be a topic people want to discuss wewe dont have to answer. i did not write this out of vulgar. i only wish to bring your attention to this matter in hopes it can be resolved. thank wewe for kusoma ~A
p.s the "A" stands for my name XD try guessing lol
"W-Where did he go",asked Fluttershy.

"I don't know", alisema the princess.

"I'll find him", alisema upinde wa mvua Dash.

"No, Rainbow, we must locate the Elements of Harmony", alisema Twilight.

"Fine", alisema upinde wa mvua as she crossed her arms.

As Twilight and the Mane 5 ran out, Princess Celestia called, "Good luck, my little ponies!"

Outside, Discord had already started his chaos. The siku and night kept switching, the ground turned into soap, and buildings were flying in midair.

Discord was sitting in a kiti cha enzi in the air, laughing evilly.

"Where are the Elements", asked Twilight.

"I have them."

"Give them to us."

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Every time is super gppony, pony time :D
upinde wa mvua dash
my little gppony, pony
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Lyra keeps bothering bonbon
my little gppony, pony
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My Little Poney
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
inayofuata morning at the other building, which was only five dakika away from the Ice Hotel.

Con: *Parks his car, and turns on adaptive camouflage* I got to find a way into that building. *turns off car, and gets out*
Chinese Pony36: *Standing guard*
Con: *Breaks Chinese Pony36's neck, then takes his keys, and uses them to open door* Nopony seems to be around. I better go find Gustav. *Walks around*
Chinese gppony, pony 52: *Walks out of room*
Con: *Goes into river, and hides under bridge*
Chinese gppony, pony 52: *Walks across bridge*
Con: *Gets across river while putting a silencer on gun*
Chinese gppony, pony 52: *Turns around*...
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