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posted by Seanthehedgehog
papillon, kipepeo went to see Andrew. They were both laying down in their beds inayofuata to each other.

Andrew: Did wewe ask Louie about the escape?
Papillon: Yeah, he alisema he'd be joining us.
Andrew: That's great. When do we go?
Papillon: Tonight.
Andre: *Arrives* Did I hear wewe two are planning to escape?
Papillon: Yeah.
Andre: May I jiunge you?
Papillon: The zaidi the merrier.
Andrew: Yeah, you're in.
Andre: Great. I know the perfect time to escape, tomorrow night.
Papillon: Why not tonight?
Andre: A band is coming here tomorrow night. One of the guards told me about it.
Papillon: Good idea.
Andrew: And that way, we'll have time to tell Louie about it. We may not see him again until tomorrow morning, so that'll be an excellent idea.
Andre: Well, thanks.

Later that night

Andre: *Sleeping in his bed*
Prisoner 1: *Slowly walks in with prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Grabs maua, ua from vase*
Papillon: Psst.
Prisoner 1: Hm?
Andre: *Hits Prisoner in the head, then attacks prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Knocked out*
Andre: *Smiles*
Papillon: Nice work.
Prisoner 1: *Looking at Papillon*
Andre: *Punches prisoner* Get out of here.
Prisoner 1: *Leaves with prisoner 2*
Papillon: *Laughs* Nice work.
Andre: *Smiles*

inayofuata morning.

Louis: *Walks into the infirmary*
Papillon: Louie.
Louis: Yes?
Papillon: We're escaping tonight. Me, Andrew, and Andre. Are wewe still interested in joining us?
Louis: wewe know I am.
Papillon: Good.

That night, the tamasha was playing muziki just like Andre alisema they would.

Papillon: *Wraps four wrenches around in blankets* We each get one. We'll give the other one to Louie when we see him.
Louis: *Serving drinks to guards at concert*
Guard 34: *Standing at infirmary entrance*
Andre: *Sneaks over to the guard, and knocks him out*
Papillon: *Grabs extra blankets* Let's go. *Gets out of infirmary*
Andre: *Following Papillon*
Prisoner 93: *Grabs Andrew* Where do wewe think you're going? *Wrestles Andrew*
Andrew: Go, I'll catch up with wewe later.
Papillon: *Crouches behind wall, and goes right*
Andre: *Follow Papillon, and is also crouching*
Andrew: *Gets out of infirmary, and crouches behind Andre*
Papillon: *Sees that none of the guards are looking, and runs to the wall. He climbs over it, and lays on juu of it*
Andre: *Runs to the wall, and starts to climb*
Papillon: *Helps Andre*
Andre: *Gets over the wall*
Andrew: *Sees a guard, and waits kwa the infirmary*
Prisoner 93: You!
Guard 85: *Looks at prisoner 93, and shoots him*
Andrew: *Runs past the guard*
Guard 85: *Knocks out Andrew with rifle*
Louis: *Runs towards the guard*
Guard 85: *Sees Papillon, and aims bunduki at him*
Louis: *Knocks out the guard with the tray*
Papillon: Come on Louie.
Louis: *Runs to wall*
Papillon: *Lowers blanket*
Louis: *Grabs blanket, and tries to climb*
Papillon: *Pulling on blanket* I'll pull wewe up.
Louis: *Gets to juu of wall*
Papillon: *Jumps down*
Louis: *Falls down*
Papillon: Where's Andrew?
Louis: The guard got him. *Feels pain in one of his hooves* I think I may have sprained my leg.
Bribed Guard: *In a boat* Hey, are we going au what?
Papillon: Yeah, let's go.

Papillon, Andre, and Louis got into the boat, and they left the prison.

2 B Continued
Master Sword: (Reading book) (Knocking at door) Come in
Mercury: Hey, Master. What are wewe reading
Master Sword: The Evil and Cruel Beings of Equestria. Theirs this one about some... thing, called Queen Chrysalis. She's so lame
Mercury: I wouldn't say that to the fans
Master Sword: Come on, its Ponyville. Everyone here is peaceful (Opens window) I'll onyesha wewe (Shouts Queen CHRYSALIS IS A LAME VILLAIN (Shoe hits Master Sword in the head)
Random Pony: wewe suck
Master Sword: Okay, maybe not. So, what is it wewe came over for. It can't just be to ask what book I'm reading
Mercury: Well, me and the others...
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