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posted by Seanthehedgehog
papillon, kipepeo went to see Andrew. They were both laying down in their beds inayofuata to each other.

Andrew: Did wewe ask Louie about the escape?
Papillon: Yeah, he alisema he'd be joining us.
Andrew: That's great. When do we go?
Papillon: Tonight.
Andre: *Arrives* Did I hear wewe two are planning to escape?
Papillon: Yeah.
Andre: May I jiunge you?
Papillon: The zaidi the merrier.
Andrew: Yeah, you're in.
Andre: Great. I know the perfect time to escape, tomorrow night.
Papillon: Why not tonight?
Andre: A band is coming here tomorrow night. One of the guards told me about it.
Papillon: Good idea.
Andrew: And that way, we'll have time to tell Louie about it. We may not see him again until tomorrow morning, so that'll be an excellent idea.
Andre: Well, thanks.

Later that night

Andre: *Sleeping in his bed*
Prisoner 1: *Slowly walks in with prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Grabs maua, ua from vase*
Papillon: Psst.
Prisoner 1: Hm?
Andre: *Hits Prisoner in the head, then attacks prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Knocked out*
Andre: *Smiles*
Papillon: Nice work.
Prisoner 1: *Looking at Papillon*
Andre: *Punches prisoner* Get out of here.
Prisoner 1: *Leaves with prisoner 2*
Papillon: *Laughs* Nice work.
Andre: *Smiles*

inayofuata morning.

Louis: *Walks into the infirmary*
Papillon: Louie.
Louis: Yes?
Papillon: We're escaping tonight. Me, Andrew, and Andre. Are wewe still interested in joining us?
Louis: wewe know I am.
Papillon: Good.

That night, the tamasha was playing muziki just like Andre alisema they would.

Papillon: *Wraps four wrenches around in blankets* We each get one. We'll give the other one to Louie when we see him.
Louis: *Serving drinks to guards at concert*
Guard 34: *Standing at infirmary entrance*
Andre: *Sneaks over to the guard, and knocks him out*
Papillon: *Grabs extra blankets* Let's go. *Gets out of infirmary*
Andre: *Following Papillon*
Prisoner 93: *Grabs Andrew* Where do wewe think you're going? *Wrestles Andrew*
Andrew: Go, I'll catch up with wewe later.
Papillon: *Crouches behind wall, and goes right*
Andre: *Follow Papillon, and is also crouching*
Andrew: *Gets out of infirmary, and crouches behind Andre*
Papillon: *Sees that none of the guards are looking, and runs to the wall. He climbs over it, and lays on juu of it*
Andre: *Runs to the wall, and starts to climb*
Papillon: *Helps Andre*
Andre: *Gets over the wall*
Andrew: *Sees a guard, and waits kwa the infirmary*
Prisoner 93: You!
Guard 85: *Looks at prisoner 93, and shoots him*
Andrew: *Runs past the guard*
Guard 85: *Knocks out Andrew with rifle*
Louis: *Runs towards the guard*
Guard 85: *Sees Papillon, and aims bunduki at him*
Louis: *Knocks out the guard with the tray*
Papillon: Come on Louie.
Louis: *Runs to wall*
Papillon: *Lowers blanket*
Louis: *Grabs blanket, and tries to climb*
Papillon: *Pulling on blanket* I'll pull wewe up.
Louis: *Gets to juu of wall*
Papillon: *Jumps down*
Louis: *Falls down*
Papillon: Where's Andrew?
Louis: The guard got him. *Feels pain in one of his hooves* I think I may have sprained my leg.
Bribed Guard: *In a boat* Hey, are we going au what?
Papillon: Yeah, let's go.

Papillon, Andre, and Louis got into the boat, and they left the prison.

2 B Continued
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Ralphie: *Crying in his bed*

Three blocks away, Schwartz was getting his. There has never been a kid who didn't believe vaguely but incessantly that he would be stricken blind before he reached 21, and then they'd be sorry.

Flashback time.

Ralphie: *Wearing sunglasses, a fedora, and trench coat. He carries a cane, as he walks onto the front porch of his house, and knocks twice on the door*
Mother: *Opens door* Why, it's Ralph.
Dad: *Happy* Come on in Ralph. Where have wewe been?
Ralphie: *Walks into door, and taps things with his cane*
Mother: *Shocked* Why, he's carrying in a cane.
Dad: Is he......
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posted by BlondLionEzel
First, there were humans. Rabbits, Turtles, Hawks, and Ponies lived alongside the humans. The humans were quite advanced. They used super-science and genetic modification to change their animal of choice, the Ponies, giving them wings and the ability to control science, which the humans dubbed "magic".

The first one was born to a regular horse, which they named "Sun". Sun had white fur, and a mixture of colors for hair. They used to poke and prod her, injecting her with different fluids and drugs, powering her. They wanted to use Sun as a weapon of war. Sun could live for millions of years,...
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added by CheetahGirl5147
We decided to get a few ponies on a train heading from Manehattan to Chicagoat, to interview some other ponies working on a Railway called Amtrak. It's a big railroad that brings ponies to hundreds of places in Equestria, as well as Canada.

Our train will be going from Manehattan, to Chicagoat, and it's called the Lake pwani Limited. Right now, we're looking at the conductor named Wayne.

Wayne: *Looking at camera* Is this thing on?
Camera Pony: Yeah. So, let's start with your name.
Wayne: It's Wayne.
Camera Pony: How long have wewe worked for this railway?
Wayne: About two months. I got the job...
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They have to get it right... au ELSE
upinde wa mvua dash
my little gppony, pony
My Little Poney
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posted by Canada24
AppleBloom: This town is full of ponies who have their cutie marks. Why don't we ask them how they did it?
Sweetie Belle: That's a great ''safe'' idea.
Scootaloo: Yeah. And we can start wit-
Saten Twist: *suddenly pops out* Me! Me! Start with me!
Scootaloo: *sighs* Okay. Fine.. How did wewe get your cutie mark?
Sweetie Belle: Ohh. This might be interesting actually *cutely sits down to lesson*
Saten Twist: Well.. It's part of why Derpy and I had to songesha from fillydelphia.

Filly Derpy: *jumping on bed, but her eyes seen as normal and she dosen't have her cutie mark*
Filly Saten Twist: hujambo Derp. Quite...
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posted by Canada24
Again this takes place joining an episode..
The apple Cider one..
By the way? Anyone ever drank apple cider... Is it good!?
Because I never had it.
I'll try to involve Windwaker's character if I can..

Pinkie came out of her tent, with her hair even crazier then usual.
Fluttershy: Oh, Gose, Pinkie. I upendo your new style.
Rainbow: Who are these ponies!?
Pinkie: Isn't this great? I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I was so excited about cider season, and I had this brilliant idea to come down here and...
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