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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tim was in the briefing room with the rest of his Marafiki when Captain Jefferson started talking.

Captain Jefferson: Twilight Sparkle has some business to take care of here, but unfortunately, someone tried to assassinate the princess as she entered our town. Toby and Red spotted the suspect while out on patrol earlier.
Tim: Did the gppony, pony that tried to kill Twilight escape?
Captain Jefferson: Yes. He used magic to get out of his car. Now visiting us is Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. They have something to tell us.
Celestia: *Walks in the room with Luna*
Ponies: *Clapping*
Celestia: Thank wewe for your warm welcome.
Luna: I just wish Twilight got the same welcoming we got.
Celestia: We have been doing some research, and we believe our suspect is Brett Flasch.
Luna: He's a member of ISIS, and helped over thirty North Koreans sneak into Equestria.
Julia: This guy sounds like bad news.
Celestia: Of course he does. He fits the description Toby and Red gave of the gppony, pony they were chasing. Blue unicorn, brown mane, and machungwa, chungwa eyes.
Captain Jefferson: I was going to tell them that.
Celestia: Oh, forgive me. Now, I do have one request. With your captain's permission, I want one of wewe to watch over Twilight until Brett, au whoever the suspect is, is captured.
Toby: *Nervous*
Tim: *Looking at Toby, and smiles*
Julia: *Smirks* I think Toby would be the best choice for this assignment Celestia.
Celestia: Thank you. Toby, please stand up.
Toby: *Stands up*
Celestia: *Walks towards him* What is your last name?
Toby: Linnehan.
Celestia: wewe understand that this task is very important. Correct?
Toby: Yes ma'am, I do.
Celestia: If anything bad happens to her, it's on you, and you'll be arrested for twenty years for treason.
Toby: Celestia, wewe can count on me to protect Twilight Sparkle.
Celestia: Good. Here she comes now.
Twilight: *Walks into the room* Hello everypony.
Ponies: *Clapping*
Toby: *Sweating* Hi Twilight.
Tim: *Whispers to Julia* What have wewe done to him?
Julia: *Whispers back* I saw the look in his eyes.
Tim: What look?
Julia: The look of love. Can wewe do me a favor?
Tim: What?
Julia: Can I come over to your house, and talk with you?
Tim: Sure.

Later that day, Tim and Julia rode to Tim's house. His house was close to the Round Freeway on the northern part of town.

Tim: *Stops in his Viper*
Julia: *Stops behind him on her motorcycle*
Tim: *Gets out of his car, and watches Julia get off her motorcycle* Let's go inside. *Walks with Julia into his house* So what do wewe want to talk about?
Julia: I need help getting a krisimasi Tree.
Tim: Are wewe having trouble looking for one?
Julia: *Sadly nods* I really need one.
Tim: Real, au fake?
Julia: I don't care, I just want one.
Tim: Why don't wewe try Ponyville? It's just south of us.
Julia: Is that where wewe got yours?
Tim: Yeah. Tomorrow, after we're off duty, I'll take wewe into Ponyville, and we'll get wewe a krisimasi Tree. Okay?
Julia: *Happy* Okay.

Toby's house was inayofuata to a gunshop, across the mitaani, mtaa from Shadow Lake.

Toby: *Parks his brand new Chrysler 200 in front of his house* Okay Princess, out we go.
Twilight: *Steps out of the car*
Toby: *Walks with Twilight to his house* Did wewe enjoy the ride?
Twilight: Yes. I felt very relaxed.
Toby: Good. I bet wewe your Cadillac is still better to ride in. *Opens the door for her*
Twilight: *Walks inside* Yes, but I wouldn't mind having a 200. We have 300's, but I want a car just like yours.

They sit down at a table.

Toby: So what kind of business are wewe doing here?
Twilight: Business related to terrorists, and how to put an end to it.
Toby: It's about time we stopped them.
Twilight: But I'm afraid that's what caused somepony to try and shoot me earlier today, and if not, why would somepony want me dead?
Toby: That's what we're trying to find out.
Twilight: And in Canterlot, they're also trying to hurt me, because I changed Hearth's Warming Eve to Christmas.
Toby: Uh Princess, may I tell wewe something?
Twilight: Yeah?
Toby: *Nervous* I, uh,.. want wewe to make yourself comfortable.
Twilight: *Smirking* There's something else wewe want to tell me, is there?
Toby: Would wewe like to, uh... *Sweating* Go out on a tarehe sometime?
Twilight: *Giggles* Is that why wewe were nervous? I'd upendo to go out with you.
Toby: Great. Tomorrow, at 6?
Twilight: Yes.

2 B Continued
posted by DisneyFan333
Hello Everypony! :D Today I want to talk about Twilight becoming an Anicorn. I feel that this subject should be talked about someplace else besides the MLP FIM wall.

For the past year, rumors have spread about Twilight becoming an Alicorn. Now it has been proved to be true. Don't believe me? Here is all the proof wewe need.

The first picha was found on Someone's Facebook account and the sekunde one was found on the entertainment weekly website. Both, I believe, where realised kwa the hub but I could be wrong.

The was also somepony that alisema that Tara Strong (Sorry if I got it wrong) will not be...
continue reading...
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