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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Present

A My Little gppony, pony shabiki Fiction

Starring Tom Foolery & Nikki West in...

Ring Of Fire

Also Starring Komano from SeanTheHedgehog

STH's Larry Wilcox as Fred Greenley

And introducing SeanTheHedgehog's newest OC, Hunter

Also starring Amethyst nyota as Melanie Lockmann
Goldengrape as Edward Calabrese
Comet Tail as Carlos Licciardi
Royal Riff as Benny Mulloch

Based off of the 1961 film of the same title

The song fades away as we focus on a gas station. Tom is outside with Komano, and Edward. There are no customers at the moment, so they watch the numerous ponies cruise past in their automobiles, going to various locations in Ponyville.

Tom: It sure is a busy siku today.
Komano: For everypony else, thankfully.
Edward: I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of those cars came towards us.

A red Chevrolet Cruze came towards them. The driver is Nikki.

Tom: She doesn't count. She wasn't with those hundreds of other ponies on Church Street.
Nikki: *Stops at a gas pump*
Tom: *Opens the gas tank on Nikki's car* Good afternoon Nikki.
Nikki: Hi Tom. Will wewe please fill it regular? *Gives Tom her credit card*
Tom: wewe know it. *Scans her card, then gives it back to Nikki* All good at the landscaping company?
Nikki: We've been selling mostly flowers, but we also got a few trees, and bushes out of the way.
Tom: *Starts filling up Nikki's gas tank* My cousin was just telling me that he wanted to start up a garden back at his house. Now I don't know if wewe help out any ponies in Frenchtown, but it is in Neigh Jersey. It's right inayofuata to the Delamare River.
Nikki: We help lots of ponies in Frenchtown. We even help out a few ponies from out of state. *Gives Tom her contact card* Now wewe give your cousin this, and tell him to come see me.
Tom: Sure thing. *Watches the pampu stop* wewe only want $8.50?
Nikki: I'm just topping it off.
Tom: *Takes the nozzle out of the car, and back on the pump* It sure was a pleasure to see wewe again. Want a receipt?
Nikki: No.
Tom: Do wewe want one now?
Nikki: *Laughs*
Tom: Hey, have a good afternoon.
Nikki: Thank you. *Starts her car, and drives away*
Komano: She always goes to Tom.
Edward: He's a lucky stallion.

After seeing Tom, Nikki went back to the landscaping company to continue her work.

Mare 25: wewe get to see Tom again at Wawa?
Nikki: Shut up. *Laughs*
Mare 25: When are wewe going to ask him out?
Nikki: We're only friends.

Another mare walks over to them.

Melanie: Can any of wewe help me find a tree?
Nikki: I got wewe covered.
Melanie: Thank you. kwa the way, I'm new to Ponyville. I'm Melanie Lockmann.
Nikki: I'm Nikki West. Put 'er there. *Shakes hooves with Melanie* So what kind of mti are wewe lookin' for?
Melanie: Anything with some nice leaves, au flowers on it. onyesha me the prettiest trees wewe have.
Benny: *Sitting in a black Audi* Melanie should have been back kwa now. *Steps out of the car, and grabs a lighter. He lights a cigarette, and starts smoking* I knew I should have gone with her. *Walks towards a big red barn*

The two mares were far from Benny. The mti section was huge.

Melanie: Wow Nikki. wewe weren't joking when wewe alisema there would be lots to choose from.
Nikki: I got the same reaction from many of my customers. Take as much time as wewe need.
Benny: Your time is up! I want to go back home.
Melanie: Come on Benny, we just got here.
Benny: *Pointing his cigarette towards Melanie* wewe do as I say, au else.
Nikki: wewe ain't mentioned this gentle mwana-, mwana-punda to me Melanie.
Melanie: We're dating. His name is Benny.
Benny: That's right. Don't wewe try to steal my mare from me.
Nikki: I'm not a lesbian.
Melanie: I'm sorry Nikki. When I have enough time, I'll come back.
Benny: I doubt you'll ever have the time to come back. We got work to do, and I gotta buy zaidi cigarettes.

Nikki watched the unfortunate pair leave.

Nikki: Smoking really is a bad habit. I bet he was much nicer before he started smoking.

Benny dropped his wife off at their new house.

Benny: I'm going to get zaidi cigarettes. wewe better have that house cleaned up kwa the time I get back. *Drives away*
Melanie: I upendo wewe too.
Benny: *Looks at his gas gauge* I better fill up my car while I'm at it. I only got a quarter of a tank.

Tom, and his Marafiki had five cars at their station so far. Komano, and Edward each had two, while Tom only had one. He was just getting her up to twenty, when Benny pulled up behind her.

Tom: Okay. *Takes the nozzle out of her car's gas tank* You're set to go. May I grab a-
Benny: *Honks his horn*
Tom: Don't do that, I'll be right there!!
Benny: *Leans on the horn for ten seconds*
Komano: *Runs over to Benny* What are wewe honking your horn for?
Benny: *Gives Komano a credit car* Fill it premium.
Komano: Yes sir, but what was all that about?
Benny: Your buddy made me wait.
Komano: wewe just got here, and he would have gotten to wewe in five seconds.
Tom: *Arrives* I was just grabbing a receipt for that mare.
Benny: Hurry up with that card. I need to buy some cigarettes.
Komano: *Swipes the card* Here. *Gives it back to Benny*
Benny: About time. *Walks away*
Komano: *Fills up Benny's Audi with premium*
Tom: Why is it always the Audi's that cause trouble?
Komano: It's a good thing we barely get any of those.

As Benny walked into the store, Fred Greenley arrived.

Fred: *Gets out of his police car* Time to get a hot dog.
Benny: Give me two packs of cigarettes over there.
Cashier: Sure. What brand?
Benny: Any brand.
Cashier: *Grabs two packs of Marlboro*
Fred: *Arrives with a hot dog, and a Mountain Dew* Hey, how have wewe been?
Cashier: Fine. Just helping this stallion get some cigarettes. $9.50
Benny: *Gives the cashier his credit card*
Fred: wewe new here?
Benny: Yes. I don't know why I allowed my wife to drag me into this lame city. What's it called again?
Fred: Ponyville.
Benny: What a dumb name. Forget about the receipt. *Grabs his cigarettes, and walks away*
Fred: What's his problem?
Cashier: *Points to the head with one of her hooves*

Back outside, Benny was walking towards his car, and already started smoking one of his cigarettes.

Komano: Excuse me.
Benny: *Stops walking, and turns around* What?
Komano: wewe can't smoke on the fuel court.
Benny: Why not?
Komano: It's a gas station. wewe know, that flammable liquid.
Benny: Alright, I'll play along. *Walks towards the curb*
Komano: Great, he's gonna hold up traffic.
Stallion 53: *Passes the Audi, and stops in front of him*
Tom: *Walks over to him*
Stallion 53: What's with that black car back there?
Tom: Just your typical Audi driver.
Benny: *Smoking his cigarette, then throws it onto the concrete*

The wind blew it out within a few seconds, and moved it kwa only two inches.

Nikki went on her laptop, and searched for Tom on facebook.

Tom: *Uploading a picture onto Facebook from his cell phone. He receives a notification from Nikki West* A friend request? This is a nice surprise.

Tom was helping her again at the gas station.

Nikki: wewe think we could hang out, perhaps?
Tom: I'm down for that. Where would wewe like to go?
Nikki: The park. I upendo that stream, and I also like walking past all those trees.
Tom: *Stops the gas pump* You're at 20. wewe don't want that receipt.
Nikki: That's right.
Tom: *Puts the nozzle back on the pump, then closes up Nikki's tank* You're good to go.
Nikki: *Starts her car, and drives away*
Komano: *Walks over to Tom* Something tells me that wewe like her.
Tom: I do. She's a good friend.
Komano: So wewe don't upendo her?

Meanwhile at the landscaping company.

Mare 25: I'll say it again. When are wewe going to ask him out?
Nikki: Tom's just a friend. Besides, we don't know that much about each other.
Komano: I checked your Facebook page. She's one of your Marafiki now.
Tom: That doesn't mean we upendo each other.
Komano: I'll keep my eyes open on there.
Tom: wewe do that.
Mare 25: I bet fifty bucks that wewe actually do upendo him.
Nikki: Anything wewe say.

One evening, Tom and Nikki talked to each other on Facebook. They used a live chat feature.

Tom: Hello Nikki.
Nikki: Hi Tom. What's up?
Tom: I'm going to ride my bicycle. I have another one, but it's getting new tires, for a dirt track I want to try out.
Nikki: wewe do BMX races?
Tom: When I have the appropriate days off from Wawa.
Nikki: I do a little bit of riding myself. One siku we should do that together. I know a good path kwa the Delamare River.
Tom: Frenchtown?
Nikki: Yeah. If you're available inayofuata Saturday, I'd be happy to jiunge you.
Tom: Sure. I'm looking mbele to it. Hey, what about tomorrow? wewe have that siku off? I think that would be a good siku to go to the park wewe mentioned.
Nikki: Okay. Can wewe meet me at 10 in the morning?
Tom: Sure. See wewe then.

Tom met Nikki at the park.

Tom: What do wewe wanna do first?
Nikki: *Hugs Tom as she kisses him*
Tom: Whoa.
Nikki: My Marafiki told me to. I hope wewe don't mind.
Tom: Not at all. In fact. *Kisses Nikki*

They walked down one of the path's in the park. Lots of trees were on both sides, and on the right side of the path was a stream.

Tom: Ever since I was five, I always enjoyed skipping stones.
Nikki: No kiddin'. I do too.
Tom: Best two out of three, let's see who can go the farthest.

They both stood inside the water, each holding a trio of flat stones.

Tom: On the count of three. One.
Nikki: Two.
Tom: Three. *Skips his stone*
Nikki: *Skips her stone, but it goes in the water first*
Tom: Looks like I got lucky there.
Nikki: Well hopefully, I can win this one.
Tom: Two.
Nikki: *Laughs* Three.

They both threw their stones at the same time, but Nikki was the one who went the furthest.

Nikki: Woo-hoo!
Tom: One last round, remember?
Nikki: I still have a chance.
Tom: One, two.
Nikki: Three! *Skips her stone, but it doesn't go very far* What?
Tom: Bad luck there, wewe didn't go far, because of that one stone sticking out.
Nikki: I tried to stay clear of it, but it sorta slipped out of my hoof.
Tom: Let's see what else we can find through here.

They continued walking down the path, and crossed a bridge going over another part of the stream.

Tom: Something about water really makes me calm, especially if it's a waterfall. Not one of those big ones like they have in Africa, but something smaller. Something quiet enough for wewe to hear everything else. The animals, the leaves in the trees. It's a very peaceful feeling.
Nikki: I only like water for keeping my plants healthy. wewe should come to my place sometime and I can onyesha wewe all of my flowers.
Tom: I'd like that. We must do that together sometime after our bike ride on Saturday.
Nikki: How about Sunday?
Tom: I volunteer on the Black River & Western on Sundays.
Nikki: Hey, that sounds like fun. I always wanted to drive engine 60.
Tom: I'll see if I can arrange that for you.

Ringoes, Neigh Jersey.

Tom: *Walking with Nikki* How's 60 today?
Carlos: Tom, good morning.
Hunter: 60's in great shape. We're getting the moto started now.
Tom: This is a good friend of mine, Nikki West.
Nikki: Howdy.
Carlos: I'm Carlos Licciardi.
Hunter: And I'm Hunter. Pleased to meet you.
Tom: We were hoping you'd let Nikki drive engine 60.
Hunter: Alright. She can help us get the passenger cars over to the station.
Nikki: Yay!

Once the moto got ready in the firebox, the water began to boil, and create steam.

Carlos: We have enough pressure to move. Release the brakes, and open the throttle.
Nikki: *Releases the brakes, and makes 60 songesha forward*
Tom: Very good. Now, we don't want to go too fast. Keep an eye on the speedometer, and keep it below 10 miles an hour.
Nikki: Right, because this ain't like a car. It's gonna take a little longer to slow down if I apply the brakes.
Tom: wewe got the hang of it.

Nikki gently got the engine to couple up to three passenger cars, and a caboose.

Tom: Alright, good work. Now back the train into the station.
Nikki: *Gently pulls the throttle back, making 60 go backwards as it pulls the train into the station*
Ponies: *Waiting on the station platform*
Nikki: *Closes the throttle*
Tom: *Looks out the cab, and sees the train stopping perfectly at the station* Alright, good job.
Nikki: I'll see wewe later Tom.
Tom: You're not going to stay?
Nikki: I have to buy a ticket if I'm going to ride this train, don't I?
Tom: Hunter, what do wewe and Carlos have to say to that?
Hunter: wewe can stay Nikki.
Carlos: I'm glad Tom brought wewe over here.
Nikki: Thanks guys. *Kisses Tom*
Tom: *Kissing Nikki*
Hunter: Hey, when'd wewe start dating?
Tom: Yesterday.
Nikki: I upendo him.

Monday morning, Tom was back at work at Wawa. The gas station had seven cars. Tom, Edward, and Komano were having a good time.

Edward: Alright, have a good day.
Mare 52: Thank you. *Drives away in a Pontiac*
Tom: *Opens a gas tank on a mini-van* Good morning.
Mare 88: Hi, can wewe fill it please?
Tom: I'd be happy to, but with what?
Mare 88: Regular.
Tom: Yes ma'am. *Takes her credit card, and swipes it*
Benny: *Arriving in his Audi*
Komano: Uh oh. It's this stallion again.
Benny: *Steps out of his car, and smokes a cigarette*
Komano: Tom, look out!
Tom: *Turns around, and sees Benny smoking a cigarette*
Benny: *Walking towards Tom* When will these two cars be out of my way?
Tom: Stay back!
Benny: What is wrong with you?
Tom: wewe don't smoke cigarettes at a gas station!
Benny: Why not?

The wind started to blow towards Benny. Vapors from a gas pampu caught on fire, and it set the car on fire.

Stallion 95: Whoa!
Mare 88: *Looks back*
Benny: *Running towards the curb, and throws his cigarette onto the mulch* There. matandazo doesn't catch on fire. Right?

Benny was wrong. He started a sekunde moto as the cigarette made the matandazo go into flames.

Tom: Call the moto department! I'm gonna grab an extinguisher, and try to put it out myself!
Edward: I'll evacuate the customers.
Ponies: *Running towards Edward*
Edward: Follow me! Get to a salama distance!
Benny: *Running towards his car*
Komano: Oh no wewe don't! *Stops Benny* wewe need to get your head examined.
Benny: Buzz off!
Komano: You're going to stay here until the police arrive. This is your fault. wewe will suffer the consequences.
Benny: I didn't even get to buy my cigarettes.
Komano: Your life's not important right now? Cigarettes are zaidi valuable? You're pathetic.
Tom: *Runs over* Did wewe call the moto department?
Komano: Yeah, and the State Troopers are also on their way.
Tom: Good. *Looks at Benny* I hope you're proud of what you've done. I was able to put the moto out on this car, but the sekunde one wewe started with that matandazo is too big for me to handle on my own.

Benny stayed silent until the police arrived.

Fred: Hello everypony.
Tom: Goodbye Benny.
Komano: Don't come back ever again.
Benny: Don't worry. When I get out of jail, I'll songesha straight back to Manehattan.

The moto was getting towards Route 31. It got too close to a propane truck. A big explosion occurred, and the moto continued spreading around Ponyville.

Fred: *Pushes Benny towards another police pony* Take him to our barracks in Kingwood. I'm going to stay here and try my best to help out until the moto Department arrives.
Police gppony, pony 55: wewe got it Sarge. *Takes Benny away*
Fred: We may have to evacuate everypony out of here.
Tom: But where, and how?
Hunter: *Arrives in a Toyota Camry*
Fred: Ringoes?
Tom: *Sees Hunter* Good. I know how we can do this.

The moto Department was on it's way to help, but three cars, and part of the moto was blocking their path. A small explosion sent some moto to one of their trucks.

moto gppony, pony 49: Put that moto out, now!! HURRY!!
Fred: How much time until the moto department gets here?
Police gppony, pony 19: One of their trucks caught on fire, and they're blocked kwa a few cars, and part of that fire.
Fred: Alright, we gotta evacuate everyone out of here.
Tom: Hunter and I will get 60 with a few passenger cars. We'll get everypony to safety with our train.
Fred: Good luck.
Tom: *Nods* Komano, let Edward, and our boss know where I am.
Komano: Right Tom.
Tom: *Runs into Hunter's Camry*
Hunter: Where to Tom?
Tom: Call Carlos, and let him know to meet us at Ringoes. We're getting a train set up to get everypony to safety.
Hunter: wewe got it. *Drives away*

Komano was telling Edward about Tom going to Ringoes.

Edward: What's he doing there?
Komano: He's a volunteer on the Black River & Western. He's helping everypony evacuate to Ringoes.
Edward: Well, I hope it doesn't take too long.

Over at Rutgers Landscaping Nursery in Ringoes, Nikki heard some of her co-workers talking about the moto in Ponyville.

Mare 68: They're planning to evacuate everypony, at least that's what I understand so far.
Nikki: Where?
Mare 25: Ponyville.
Nikki: That's where Tom works.
Mare 25: wewe wanna leave early, and see if he's okay?
Nikki: What'll our manager say?
Boss: *Behind Nikki* Yes.
Nikki: *Turns around* Thank you.

Hunter and Tom were getting close to Ringoes.

Tom: Hopefully Carlos has 60 ready at the station with our train.
Hunter: And with some of the burning trees, we might even get some extra fuel. *Chuckles*
Tom: Sure Hunter.
Hunter: *Turns into the parking lot* I can see the smoke from 60. Carlos got everything ready for us.
Tom: Good. We can't afford to waste anymore time. *Runs out of the car with Hunter*
Carlos: *Watching Tom arrive with Hunter* About time wewe showed up.
Tom: *Climbs into the cab with Hunter* wewe ready?
Carlos: *Nods* Let's do this. *Makes 60 go backwards, pulling the passenger cars to Ponyville*

Everyone in Ponyville was preparing the evacuation. Many police cars were blocking intersections to make it easier for everyone to make it to the train station. An alarm was heard all over town: link

Ponies: *Driving out of Ponyville*
Police gppony, pony 74: Attention. There is a large, uncontrollable moto in Ponyville. Everyone must evacuate. If wewe do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once. We repeat, if wewe do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once.
Tom: *Stops the train at the station*
Hunter: I'll help the others get on board.
Nikki: *Slides her car into a parking lot, and runs to the train station*
Hunter: We're getting the engine onto the other side of our train. Please remain calm, and get on board the train one at a time.

Everypony slowly got on board the three passenger cars.

Nikki: *Running into the cab of engine 60*
Tom: Nikki, what are wewe doing here?
Nikki: I heard about the fire, and I came to make sure wewe were alright.
Tom: Look, don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
Nikki: *Hugs Tom* I'm not leaving you!
Tom: Alright. Carlos, wewe okay riding in one of the cars with Hunter?
Carlos: If I must. *Steps out of the cab*
Hunter: *Sees Carlos* What's going on?
Carlos: Tom's girlfriend arrived.
Hunter: Oh. Well, at least wewe can help me get the passengers out of here once we reach Ringoes.
Carlos: *Watching five zaidi ponies get on board* Is that everyone?
Mare 92: I think so.
Hunter: Okay!! *Waving to Tom* We're good to go!!!
Tom: Alright, let's move. *Drives the train to Ringoes* I could use wewe as my firepony.
Nikki: Okay. When do wewe want me to start putting coal in the firebox?
Tom: When the time comes, I'll tell you.

They left Ponyville, and were entering Ringoes. They almost escaped the wildfire. They just had to kuvuka, msalaba a bridge going over a road, and a stream. Above the bridge was a tree, and it caught on fire. One of it's branches were close to falling off. If it did, it would destroy the bridge.

Nikki: Tom, look at that big branch on that tree.
Tom: Don't worry about it. We'll make it across. Only trouble is we need to slow down. We could derail if we don't.

The train slowly made it's way across the bridge, but the branch was slowly moving closer to the ground.

Hunter: *Looks at the branch* Oh god.
Carlos: It's alright. We need to get the other two coaches across, and we'll be okay.

kwa the time the third coach passed the tree, that's when the branch snapped. It destroyed part of the bridge, and the last coach's rear wheels were stuck. Engine 60 was slipping as the train stopped.

Tom: What happened?! *Closes the throttle*
Nikki: *Looks back* It seems that the third coach is stuck.
Tom: *Pouring sand on the rails, and opens the throttle again* We'll make it out of here.

The eight drive wheels began to slip again, but after a few seconds, and with zaidi sand, 60 managed to get the third coach's rear wheels back on track.

Nikki: *Sighs* That was close.
Tom: *Looks back, as the rest of the bridge gets demolished*
Nikki: So what do we do when we reach Ringoes?
Tom: Get everypony to a salama spot. I'm very glad we survived. I don't think anypony even got killed from that fire.
Nikki: That's good too, because we gotta go on that bicycle ride on Saturday.
Tom: *Chuckles, and kisses Nikki*

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Production.

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Cop 1: Let's get it!
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