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This is where you can rp as any of your original characters and meet all kinds of different ponies and go on whatever adventures you'd like.Romance can bloom and friendships can blossom but there are rules (taking them from NocturnalMirage)


- No godmodding (nopony's all-powerful and/or invincible, not even Celestia herself)

- No puppeteering (please refrain from taking control of someone else's character without a permission)

- No killing each other's characters without permission.

- No Deus ex Machina (a conflict cannot be magically solved/made disappear by a simple flash of a horn.)

- Try to Write decently at least (good 3 to 5 sentences at the least).Its no fun if its just a single word

- There is no character/person limit, you may play as many characters as you want, within a reasonable number of course.

- Please do not implement anything that deviates drastically from the established laws of the show!

- We like to keep a fast pace and although this is not a specific rule, but try to post daily so you won't fall out of the loop.

-No characters from the show,this is all about your ocs not actually characters

- And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

also fill this out and id hope you guys have a piture of your ocs but im willing to help if you need it so fill this out if you can




Hair color:

Eye color:



Birth town:








Let us have a great time~!!



-Smooth Windwhistle (Forest Edge)
-Amaya Nighthandler (Ponyville and occasionally Everfree Forest)
- Jasabel Sweethearts (Ponyville)
-Master Sword( )
 This is where wewe can rp as any of your original characters and meet all kinds of different ponies an
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
My OCs:
Name:Smooth Windwhisle

Age: 20 years old

Gender: male

Species:Equine/Sloth hybrid

Hair color: Pink brown gray gradient

Eye color: purple

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts:he has the ability to make beutiful looking and sounding wind chimes.He also can climb what he wants tree wise since his limbs are those of a sloth

Weapon(s):his claqs are the other things hed use but hes not that aggressive so hed rather not fight

Birth town:He was born in the forest since his parents are tok scared of Ponyville

History:The poor male was just born into the wrong family.The family he had was cursed by a powerful being due to a late late late relatives mistakes that costed the beings family and power.They cursed them to have parts of what he thought was the most useless animal ever:a sloth.Each generation would be cursed to live with haveing parts of a sloth for the rest of their life.He was not fortunate being.He learned how different he was when the bright cheery but culturally delayed sloth pony went to town and they all started teasing and shunning him.It wasnt all becuase of his sloth parts either,it was also his girlish look and blank flank at his age.He went back home upset and terrified of the place,refusing to go back for a long time.He was pretty much alone most his life leading him to talk to trees and animals and mostly his parents.He stayed a blank flank until he met his friend Sunny Willowbranch who saw him in town that one time and wanting to find out more about him.It wasnt friends at first meet though,he acually found her pesty as she kept coming back.After almost a year,he finally warmed up to her enough to acually talk back more then he did near the first few months.She and him played things all the time and he was always thankful she kept at it as he felt happy to have her around.They had found some metal like objects and were clinking them around then he had an idea to try stringing them up and it didnt sound that great so Sunny just told him to leave it.He did but after she went home,he stayed and toyed with it.He did this for a little while until he fianlly made one that made a gorgeous sound.Thats when his cutiemark came about,when he relived that this was what he was meant for.His days are pretty uneventful with hanging with but he doesnt mind becuase hes part sloth,slow is good.

Personality:Hes timid,nervous most of the time,an introvery,kind,accepting,slow minded and lazy

Strengths:he is kind to most things.He has an ability to make most things possative and help anyone hed warm up to (which is rare).He can make a wind chime out of almost anything as well.

Family:a mom and dad who live in the forest and he lives on the outskirts since he wanted to be able to see the sky and sell his chimes by asking his friend,sunny willowbranch for help.
Partner:none since he has too hard of a time even coversing with others

Friends/relationships: Sunny Willowbranch is the only one who acually talks to him and he talks to back.

Likes:nice weather,quiet areas,wind chimes,his parents,his one friend,pretty decorations,when a nice breeze comes around,sleeping,lounging and isolated areas

Dislikes: other ponies most the times,crowded places,broken wimd chimes,being forced to do something and a lot of effort into things

Fears:He fears others and how they would treat him due to his past.He also fears if his family would be hurt.

"Why do others have to be so mean?"
"....oh that's the answer...zzzz"
" that what its for...."
"This wind chime...has such a pretty resonance...beautiful"
*he like it when Sunny brushes his long tail and mane
*He sleeps an average of 18 hours a day and only 13 hours if Sunny is bugging him
*Sunny likes to drag him to town sometimes but keeps it short since she knows it terrifies him
*He became terrified to even come close to town since he was egged and beat up for being a freak
*he keeps a diary with poems that he refuses to show Sunny
*he really likes lilacs best
*he likes wooden chimes best since then he can embroider them

 My OCs: Name:Smooth Windwhisle Age: 20 years old Gender: male Species:Equine/Sloth hybri
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
Name:Amaya Nighthandler

Age: 21 years old

Gender: female


Hair color:gray and light silver gray

Eye color:hetrocromatic yellow eyes

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: She is very good at createing remedies for illnesses in general but hers specializes in sleeping meaning she can create uniquie sleep aids.She can also sleep in any position and place she wants even standing up.

Weapon(s): shes a pacifist and she would be a healer if she was

Birth town: Canterlot in a poorer end of town but didnt like the busy loud surroudings so she moved to Pony vill near the outshirts of the Everfree Forrest(not near fluttershy)

History:Ever since she was a foal,Amaya was struck with a severe form of isomnia(habitual sleeplessness or inability to sleep).Her parents couldnt find anyone to help her so they just did their best to help her.Near that time she was born,her dad never came home due to his job as a extreme adventurer.Her mom became so distraight that she left Amaya to grow up with this problem of sleep.When Amaya was old enough,she searched everywhere to find something to heal her of this.She found nothing until she came across information on the everfree forest.She knew it was dangerous but weighing out her options she knew she had no choice.She got someone who knew of the Everfree forest and had them tell her about the forest and researched on it until she decided to travel to Ponyville and venture out into the forest.That was when she came across a resident of the forest who was a master healer.She begged and pleaded with the master to teach her until the master gave in.Years went by as Ayama learned all kinds of things about herbs and remedies and she now decided to go back to the town finding out all she could even if it wasnt much help on her sleeping problem.She found everything had changed and went back to her home town.Her mom was mad and relived to find out she was alive after all the years she didnt contact her.Amaya was suprised to find she had a new baby brother as he was adopted into the family but accepted him easily.She found that her brother was haveing troubles sleeping one night and decided to test her skills out and made a remedy.It knocked him out like a light and she found she had a real tact for these kinds of remedies and thats when her sutiemark showed up.After that she started to sell remedies and such to make her and he rfamily some more money until Amaya decided to move out to Ponyville,selling her remedies to others and developing new things with her masters help and a chemists help in town to create the best sleep aid to help cure her of her to this point incureable Isomnia.

Personality:She's lazy,chill,go with the flow,unmotivated,funny,inventive,witty,,cu­­ri­o­u­s in herbs and abit culturally enept due to not likeing to come out of her hole.Shes someone who wouldnt get right out mad at you but give you a look instead.She doesnt hate people but would most likely be abit of a loner if given the choice since she doesnt have enough energy most the time.

Strengths:She can make others help her easily,make most remedies especially sleeping ones,make others feel at ease with her and shes a good teacher of herbs and such but usually doesnt use this.

Weaknesses:Shes hard to get motivated so all the good she can do is wasted.She is always out of it and sleepy even with her remedies she made which help but dont solve the problem for her even though others with isomina like her are fine due to her unique properties that it takes on in her body.Alsp from this,it makes her weaker then alotnod other ponies so ahes not that physically atuned.

Family:Celeste Shimmerheart(mom,jewel sculpter) and Amore Shutterhold(brother,foul)


Friends/relationships: She has one good friend named Lula ,who she has a hard time getting to like fully due to the energtic nature of the other.

Likes: Sleeping,sloths,food,beds,blankets,isollat­­ed areas,games,calming things,some alcohol,books,her family and dark areas

Dislikes: when people mention her dad being missing,her issue but deals with it,loud areas,rude individuals,bright places and unfun people.

Fears:she will never be able to cure her isomnia and losing her abilities.

Sayings: "5 more minutes..."
"Well now i cant sleep..."
"If you took everything i said seriously...youd have a hard time all your life"
"You ever wish you were a dragon?"

*her parents like exotic names so they picked a name off of one of their story books asnhe name
*She cant keep her hair straight for more then an hour
*she likes to play RPGs when she's up during her sessions of insomnia
*she has once had so little sleep she has hullicinated
*If she could eat endlessly,she would
*She wishes that she was a rouge like the games in the books but shes too weak for it and its a game
*she likes to drool in her sleep as well as cuddle her pillow in a fetal position
 Name:Amaya Nighthandler Age: 21 years old Gender: female Species:enquine(Earthpony) H
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
Name:Jasabel Sweethearts

Age: 17

Gender: female with male mannerisms

Species: equine(feathering draft earth pony)

Hair color:dark chocolate brown and tan stripes

Eye color: soft powdery blue

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts:She can make the best cookies in town but can make other tasty pastries as well.Shes also stronger then most ponies in town due to her being a draft horse so shes usually in most strength games as well as help others with heavily lifting.She also has a gift of being able to read others but she unknowingly exploits it.

Weapon(s):she would be a melee fighter if there was a war she was forced in but now if she fights,its with here strong hard hooves.

Birthplace: in a remote village far off but was adopted by some traveling folks and taken to Ponyville

History:She was born in a remote village with little highly civilized technology and such but her parent's were gone by the time someone found her.She was then adopted by travelers and brought home with them.She knew right off she was different when she looked at how different she was but she didn't care because she knew the others loved her greatly.During her foal years she dreamed of being a guard like her dad was and protecting the fair country they lived in.It was something she was leaning for even getting herself a helmet and telling the kids she was going to get a soldier cutie mark for sure.That wasn't so as she found out from a field trip to sugar cube corner.They needed a helper and oh course she offered herself up for the demonstration.She decided to put her own twist on things when the baker wasn't looking.When others ate her cookies they were floored along with the baker and popped her cutie mark when she realized she was meant to be a baker.The students congratulated her but she didn't accept that for awhile since she was so persistent on being a soldier.Now she accpets herself as ponyvilles experimenttive baker who tries everything and anything to see if it makes the perfect baked good.

Personality:she is a funny,defensive,snarky,brash,over the top female who wants to be seen for herself above all else.She unkowingly does things that make her seem like a trouble maker to others but makes up to those she has wronged the best she can if she gets it through her thick skull she did something wrong.She is someone who regrets choices for awhile even after they are resolves but doesnt let it get her down,looking forward in life even if she leaves abit of a mess in her wake

Strengths:She can be very helpful to others as well as provide a good laugh and smile to the faces of those she helped or are close to her.Shes also very passionate with what ever she is given and will not give up until she finishes it.She is very coordinated as well as strong so it helps her become a very useful pony.

Weaknesses: She is defensive to her choices until proven wrong as well as reckless.She will overwhelm you sometimes if she's too passionate and overdos it or takes on too much.She also gets in alot of squabbles due to her brash nature leading to more messes.Shes also not very fast and not the best planner so sometimes that effects her as well.

Family: Kingsly Nightlark(guard),Jiggles(faol) and Lavender(aroma therapist)


Friends/relationships: She has only a few friends due to how much on a roll she is so she has friends that can handle always on the move attitude becuase either they cant keep up with her or she cant take them since its so oppisate of her.She's on the move all the time so it doesn't have time for that kind of things.

Likes: Sports,the guards,winning,milk,being right,being helpful,pleasing others with her cooking,being on the mood,heavy lifting,scrapbooking(secretly),berries and

Dislikes:sweets, rude people,bullies,many traditional girly things,bad dance moves,not being able to do something,losing,being wrong and she really hates when people leave cups and dishes out

Fears:Shes terrified someone might get hurt becuase of her one day so sometimes qhen she knows shes going to far she'll try her best to tone it down.Shes uncomfortable or wary of clowns.

Sayings: "dont spew crap if you cant hold up what you say"
"What day is it?"
"I wish people would try harder"
"We should go hiking....nevermind you guys can't walk that far i forgot"
"Who cares if im not fast if i can imobilize you in one hit"

-In the mornings she likes regular milk and nights she likes chocolate milk
-she likes to draw mustaches on sleeping people even her brother
-for halloween,she was always a soldier
-she wishes she was faster sometimes but doesn't really care much due to her strength
-she frequently helps the farms more then anywhere else
-she still dreams of being a soldier
-she has no envy of Pegasus and unicorns cause she is comfortable and proud to be an Earthpony
-shes one of the tallest ponies in Pony villes
-animals dont like her much but dont hurt her becuase they are scared of her
 Name:Jasabel Sweethearts Age: 17 Gender: female with male mannerisms Species: equine(feat
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
Sounds like fun

Name: Master Sword
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Powers/Abilities: Threatening when angry
Weapon: Sword (Obviously)
Birth Town: Manehattan
History: Lived with his mother and two siblings. Being very adventurous, he left home once he was old enough and travelled the country
Personality: Friendly, helpful, loyal, but can be very threatening when angered
Strengths: Is able to protect himself and others
Weaknesses: Can not fly, or use magic
Friends/Relationships: None at the moment
Likes: Being with friends, drinking ale, adventuring
Dislikes; Fighting, violence, crime
Fears: None
Sayings: None
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(nice does he still live in manehattan)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
(Not really. He just kinda travels a lot)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(itd be nice if he did but ill stick to that and write it later.go ahead and start it)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
Master Sword: (Walks into Ponyville)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(uh man Xp the min is 3 sentences )
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
(What you mean?)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(each responce has to be 3 sentences or over XD)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
(Does it really matter so much?)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(ya since 3 words doesnt seem much of a response especially for a starter you know :3 give me more about him i know nothing about him from 3 words :p)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
(Well, he's meant to give off information as the RP goes on. That is how character development works)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(ya i know ive rpes for years.What i mean is its not descriptive enough like no thoughts or exctly what hes doing.Im not asking for alot dont worry man :3)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
(thank man xp)
Smooth:he gradually crawled at his usual slow paces as he was sleepy as always.He was looking for elements for his new wind chime but he was finding it quite a task even if it was barely away from his house near the ever free forest.Thats what you get when your part sloth

Jasbel:she was racing one of the kids as she powered down the road with her massive stature.She wona nd gave alittle butt shake"ya!take that"as the kids louted and she smiled.She wasnt fast so at least she felt confidence in that

Amaya:she was asleep on a park bench have dozed off.When you have isomnia,it kind of makes where you fall asleep at random times and anywhere really.She slept as her mouth was open.The other towns members knew this was her norm so they didnt care.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
Master Sword: (As he was walking, he saw Amaya sleeping. He walked over to her and shook her) Are you okay?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita smartone123 said…
Amaya:she jolted awake looking around"aww man i finally got to sleep....whyd you wake me up?"rubbing her eyes pouting yellow eyes bright
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Windwakerguy430 said…
Master Sword: Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita triq267 said…
(yo so I'll just drop this here and then my character will just show up when it is more fitting for whatever is going on in the rp at the time)

Name: Stargazer

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Hair color: Sky blue

Eye color: Blue

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: •Intrinsic Unicorn ability to use telekinesis
•Intrinsic Unicorn ability to teleport
•Intrinsic Unicorn ability to use magic
•Once he has found an object or constellation on his own, he can use his magic to locate it
again at any point after.
•With some effort, can cast a spell which will allow him to “highlight” things, although this
effect is temporary and can only be seen by those he wishes to see it. He uses this spell to
point out objects and constellations in the night sky.
•His powers become weaker in areas with high light pollution levels, and stronger when out
in the open, clean night sky.
•For some strange reason, constellation beasts seem to ignore him. This was discovered
when, while out in the hills, he wandered too far away from town into the wilderness, and
encountered a Lupus Minor. While normally the creature would not hesitate to devour a
helpless pony, the monster had no reaction, even though it had seen him.

Weapon(s): None

Birth town: Seaddle

History: •Stargazer was born and raised in Seaddle by his parents. He attended Reinsbeck Aviation
High School, a school for ponies interested in aviation and astronomy.
•Stargazer received his cutie mark after he completed the Maressier Marathon in a single
night while on a camping trip with the Tackoma Astronomical Society.
•After graduating from high school, Stargazer decided to take some time to see other parts
of Equestria, and had heard of the beautiful views of the night sky in Ponyville, as well as
the Golden Oaks Library, which, until its destruction, had been the home of one of the most
accurate, intricate, sets of star charts in Equestria.

Personality: Rather shy around people he does not know or has only just met, but opens up
as he begins to feel more comfortable with people. Tries to be chivalrous when around
young mares and fillies, but the need does not arise often. Appreciates time to be alone,
although also enjoys company of those he is close to. Around people he is close to, he can
reveal a very sarcastic side of himself.

Strengths: See above. That should outline it well enough.

Weaknesses: Is constantly worried about how people might be judging him, even if they really pay
him no mind. Not a great communicator, especially when nervous or trying to convey how
he feels. Worries that his friends will realize they don’t need him and leave, and now
realizes that by moving away he brought upon himself that very situation. Used to be
depressed, but got over it for a while, although his new lack of friends has caused the
depression to come back. Can also be rather self-deprecating. He also has a tendency to
take a joke a bit too far with his sarcasm. Also hates being told he is wrong when he knows
he is not, and sometimes gets into trouble as a result of his reaction.

Friends/relationships: He lost touch with the majority of his friends after he finished school, and with the
rest after he moved to Ponyville. He has not made many friends yet in Ponyville, as with the
destruction of the library, he only ventures into town for food and other necessities.

Likes: Space

Dislikes: The ignorant.

Fears: Established in the weaknesses section.

Sayings: "You're very good." (sarcastically)
"It, just, just, no. No."
*various video game references*

Extra: Stargazer lives in a small house on the outskirts of Ponyville, so he can at night go out into
the nearby hills to get a better view of the sky, while still being close enough to town if he
needs to shop or is needed for one reason or another. He spends quite a bit of time scouring
the night sky in search of new objects to add to his own star charts. His primary source of
income is through the sale of his custom made star charts, with simpler ones composed
primarily of more well-known constellations and objects for foals and more complex charts
for those with a greater interest. None of the ones he sells match the intricacy of his own
personal star charts, though. On occasion has worked as a tutor for young students with a
passion for astronomy, using his knowledge to help those willing to learn to navigate the
night sky, for a small fee of course.
 (yo so I'll just drop this here and then my character will just onyesha up when it is zaidi fitting for w
triq267 commented…
wtf happened to the formatting? ugh, whatever zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
smartone123 commented…
hes interesting XD zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita rainbowpride said…
Name: ranbow love

Gender: girl

Species: alacorn

Hair color: rainbow

Eye color: purple

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: fixing love problems and the normal unacorn stuff

Weapon(s): knife and magic

Birth town: rainbow town

History: she (i) was an normal unacorn fixing/helping probles with there lover but it was spusific love same sex love that she would fix tell one day she fixed a rilly big problem and became an alacorn and started being teased for it even more then before.
Personality: nice, kind,sweet,misunderstud,shy (very very shy)

Strengths:has alot of pride and makes freands fast

Weaknesses: shy, scared of other ponys,forgetful,vilent when incalted,makes enemys fast

Friends/relationships:anti star (my other oc a merpony)

Likes: nice ponys,anamles, being prod, art and the everfree forest, discord like ponys and anime
Dislikes:mean ponys, wunderbolts ,

Fears: ponys, jugment , speed, loud sounds

Sayings: eat the love

Resistants: ponyville ( she just moved there)

extras: she is half blind

 Name: ranbow upendo Age:16 Gender: girl Species: alacorn Hair color: upinde wa mvua Eye color: p
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita jordy_dash said…
Mind if an old timer can join?
Name: Flare Vi Europa
Age: 18
Gender : mare but identifies as a stallion
Species: unicorn
Mane colour: blood Red with pale orange and yellow highlights
Eye colour: blood red

Powers etc.: He excels with flame magic and from the fire that pulses through his veins he is not affected by fire of any kind.
Weapons: two dagger or a single revolver

Birth town: Canterlot

History : *shrugs*

Strengths:fiery determination, cunning and "persuasive"

Weaknesses: sociopathic tendencies

Friends: 🌚

Likes: Fire, the violin and the finer things in life

Fears: when ptsd hits he becomes a frantic mess so I presume it's a fear

Sayings : 🖕🏻
Unfortunately no picture... :/ just white coat and you should know the rest