My Little Poney Peony Island (RP)

DragonAura15 posted on Jan 15, 2016 at 05:32AM
Ah, Peony Island. A tropical island where ponies go to unwind or enjoy the scenery. It boasts lovely beaches, an amusement park, and some darn good smoothies. But could there be more to this paradise than meets the eye? Shall we find out?

Alrighty! This is going to be a nice and humble RP. Nothing special, not much of a big, elaborate storyline. Much like Peony Island itself, it's meant to be an easygoing place for people to connect. (Not that I'd object if something epic happened, but I won't push it.)
Pesky rules:
Plot-wise, nearly anything goes. Go ahead and be creative!
No godmodding. Everyone's got a weakness.
No controlling others' characters. For big decisions involving other people's characters, make sure the person is okay with it.
Try to engage and keep things going.
No character limit. Just make sure you can keep track of them all.
Talking with each other is perfectly okay, but anything outside the RP must be said in parentheses or brackets.
Have fun, my friends!

Character format:

Age, Gender, Race:
Appearance: (If you have a picture, put it here; if you don't then describe your character here)
Basic Personality (feel free to develop over the course of the RP):
Bio (save this to be revealed later if you want):
Special Talent:
Anything else?:
 Ah, Peony Island. A tropical island where ponies go to unwind au enjoy the scenery. It boasts lovely

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