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 Princess Cadence
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hujambo guys, Clancker1223 here.

I just want to send a little message regarding my fanfic, link

I've received many requests from people asking me to make a sequal. I gratefully appreciate the feedback.

However, I will not make a sequal fanfiction.

The reason behind this is because, well, I have no inspiration. When I first read Cupcakes, I instantly came up with the idea, "Hm, I wanna see how Applebloom would do the job." So I continuously looked all over the internet for that certain fanfic. I didn't find any. And thats when I decided to created my own fanfic. I already had an idea on how Applebloom...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
Wheels of Evil – Part 2

She is alone in the shadows. The sunlight is too bright. The forest hides her. Christine is alone under the branches of the Everfree. Nothing moves in the heat. The air is sultry and stifling. The town billows like a mirage in the distance. She can’t go out. The sun’s too warm here. The engine will overheat in minutes. She waits.

The daylight finally gives in to the approaching night. The air is fresh now. Something’s going down in Ponyville. Some kind of social gathering au a parade. She’s not sure which. This will be her night. She feels it.

After a few hours...
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A while ago, I made a orodha on my cutest characters. Now I made a orodha on the prettiest.


This is pretty much my opinion on the prettiest characters. This orodha may au may not surprise you


10) Applejack

9) Rarity

8) Gilda

7) upinde wa mvua Dash

6) Twilight Sparkle

5) Trixie

4) Fluttershy

3) Princess Celesta

2) Zecora

1) Princess Luna
posted by mlpfim1222
I know not that many haters of mlp are going to be on this web page but I still would like to write an makala on how I feel. Please pass it on and upendo my little pony!
To the haters of my little pony~
I am sorry if wewe are going to hate the amazing my little gppony, pony friendship is magic. (Haters gonna hate) In my opinion and many others, my little gppony, pony is the best TV show. I am getting sick of hearing tons of people come up to me and make fun of me for liking my little gppony, pony and the best part is, NONE of them watch my little pony! They are all just guessing that my little gppony, pony is a little girly show...
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posted by Tawnyjay
 Big Macintosh and applejack as a baby. (Art (c) Soulskey on DeviantART)
Big Macintosh and Applejack as a baby. (Art (c) Soulskey on DeviantART)
When I heard I was going to have a baby sister, I couldn't believe it.

One day, Ma and I were just getting ready for chajio, chakula cha jioni when she dropped the Sonic Rainboom on me.

She was pregnant.

Now, pregnancy is a big deal. wewe need to prepare for a long time and then actually have your filly. Then wewe need to raise them,

I wasn't happy. "Why can't we jus' have me?" I whined. Ma sighed. "We upendo y'all, and wewe know tha', Big Mac." She ruffled my mane ad planted a kiss on my ear.

I just flicked my ear irritably and trotted away to go eat dinner. Granny Smith was grinning at me when I arrived in the dining...
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