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 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
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posted by _MockingJay_
Silver Tune was worried as she was walking back home. She looked around every 10 seconds. Trixie's sentence, "You're dead meat!" was still on her mind. Silver Tune was holding the razor that was in her pocket.

???: HEY!

Silver Tune gasped. She turned around and saw Trixie with two other mares beside her. Silver Tune's eyes widen.

ST: *shows Razor at Trixie* Don't wewe dare come close to me!
Trixie: *laughs* It's 3 against 1. Yeah, I don't think so.
Lily: *laughs*
Rose: Idiot. *laughs*
ST: *gulps* *takes a step back*
Rose: Aww, don't be afraid.
Lily: Yeah, we'll just like beat wewe up, that's all....
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posted by FlameMusical123
Hi! I'm new here. Call me Flame. My first post was a picture called 'Meet Flame Air'. This is to introduce her properly.

Name: Flame Air
Coat color: Sunshine yellow
Eye Colors: Blood red(left), sky blue(right)
Hair Colors: Tangerine orange, ruby red
Cutie Mark: 2 musical notes (forgot their names)
Flame's hairstyle has a rig-shaw like design. Sort of like Mordecai from Regular Show.
Flame used to live in Manhattan, till her family got fed up with the insults thrown...
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