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I upendo this video, pembetatu mare hates everything
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In another part of Brazil, the Militia was getting ready for Mr. Black's plan.

Hola: *Walks in* All the money is in your car sir.
Mr. Black: Great. Now, we must get to Casino Royale in Paris, but first I have a plan for you.
Hola: What?
Mr. Black: We need zaidi money, so get us some in Maredagascar. Place some bets on the ponies that are having wanyama fighting.
Hola: How do I know which one to choose?
Mr. Black: You'll know for sure. And, if wewe lose, steal the money. Once wewe get it, meet Der Cheif at the train yard. Our train will leave for Paris in five days.
Hola: Affirmative.

Two, and a half...
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 Con's rental car
Con's rental car
Con went to Hawaii as he was told. He rented a car created kwa Flim, and went to a hotel.

Con: *Parks car* Hmm, *Sees another car, and walks into hotel*
Lasala: *Walks past*
Con: *Goes to information desk* Hello.
Desk clerk: Hi.
Con: I'm returning from a visit to a friend of mine, but I forgot my room number.
Desk Clerk: Oh, I don't think I can help you, sorry.
Con: Alrighty then, I'll be right back. *walks to entrance* *Stands kwa entrance*
Rich pony: Excuse me.
Con: *Ignores rich pony*
Rich Pony: Hey, dumbass.
Con: What?
Rich Pony: Park my sportscar for me, will you? *Throws keys at Con*
Con: *Catches...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night, Con was sent to the airport to find Lasala.

Con: *Looking at passengers* (P told me Lasala was a grey stallion with a black mane.) *Continues looking*
Dutch ponies: *Looking at Con*
Dutch Captain: *Grabs walkie talkie* Now?
Lasala: Now.
Dutch Captain: *Looks at Dutch ponies* Now

All five of them grabbed sub machine guns, and started shouting

Dutch Captain: Everypony on the ground now!
Con: *Sees Lasala out on runway*
Dutch pony: *Goes to Con* Hey, get on the ground!
Con: *Teleports onto runway*
Lasala: *Grabs rocket launcher*
Con: *Pointing gun at Lasala* Stop!
Lasala: *Shoots rocket at Con*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
inayofuata morning, Con was back at his beach, pwani house. The police misunderstood what Con was trying to do, and they took him back to his house, where P was waiting for him.

P: wewe put a great effort in preventing that airplane from being blown up.
Con: Thank wewe sir. Why was that gppony, pony trying to blow it up?
P: Ever since 9/11, security in airports have been very high. Some may even say too high. The United States of Equestria has tried to create a new jetplane which can spot terrorists, inside the plane, and security cameras mounted with lazers kill the terrorists. As a result, security in airports would...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con returned to the game. He played two zaidi rounds, when this happened.

Der Cheif: I will take three cards.
Dealer: Alright. Now, it's time to bet.
Der Cheif: I am going all in.
Ponies: Ooooh.
Con: That may be a bad choice *Goes all in*
Der Cheif: For you.
Dealer: onyesha everypony your hand.
Con: Straight flush
Dealer: Der Cheif. What do wewe have?
Der Cheif: *Eyes everypony with suspicion* Royal Flush.
Dealer: Der Cheif is the winner. Everypony coming back may return in two hours.
Der Cheif: *Has $26,800,983*
Con: *Slowly leaves table*

When Con returned, he heard the shower

Con: *Walks slowly to shower*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con went back to the hotel room after getting zaidi money from Fenix. He was going to tell Vesper the good news, when.

Lasala: *Holding Vesper hostage*
Con: What were wewe doing earlier?
Lasala: Looking for your money
Con: *Shoots Lasala's gun*
Lasala: *Pushes Vesper onto floor*
Con: *Tackles Lasala*
Vesper: *Screaming for no good reason*
Lasala: *Leaves room*
Con: Come here! *Pushes Lasala downstairs*
Lasala: *Grabs Con*

Both unicorns rolled down the stairs, as Vesper ran after them screaming.

Lasala: *Grabs knife*
Con: *sees Knife*
Vesper: Con, look out! He has a knife!
Con: No shit! *Kicks Lasala*
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Oh shit, BT's not making fun of someone this time around? (well in an indirect way I might be but let's see where this goes)

Yeah, I don't care if anyone reads this, I just want to get this off of my chest, because I'm gonna try and be real with this site for once and it's 1 AM in the morning.

One thing I've noticed in the time that i've been a part of this club (since like, 2012 au something, idk), is that this club has Lost its backbone. The hivi karibuni year, now, I've been shitposting like mad, pissing in everyone's cornflakes. I have admittedly been the worst kind of person, for NO good reason....
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