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Useful tips for making an OC


Okay, so I bumped into some... hmm... how to put this delicately? Some OC's on different MLP websites over the past few days, which were considerably less than innovative... So I decided to make this guide, based on my personal experiences, sharing the possible difficulties one may encounter when creating an original character. Below wewe will find the factors, I think are vital for making a good OC.

1,Visual design

In most cases, the process starts with this, no matter if wewe use one of the gppony, pony creators au draw your character kwa your self. I wouldn't want...
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Batman series
Original song from the up coming Very First Fan-Made MLP Movie! Coming out 2015, going to be zaidi than 2 hours long. Fully Animated, Crew from other Shorts. Sonic Rainboom, Snowdrop and more.
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