Vito and Penny were watching TV together in Vito's place.

Penny: Time to make that chajio, chakula cha jioni I promised.
Vito: *Watching Penny go to the kitchen* What are wewe preparing this time?
Penny: One hell of a meatloaf.
Vito: *Chuckles, then hears the phone. He picks it up* Hello?
Jerry: *On the phone with Vito* Mr. Costanza?
Vito: Yeah, who is this?
Jerry: Jerry.
Vito: Jerry?
Jerry: I called the wrong number, didn't I?
Vito: It's Vito.
Jerry: Oh, hey. I'll talk to wewe again later, but I gotta make this call first. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Puts the phone down*
Penny: What was that about?
Vito: That was my brother, but he called me kwa accident. *Stands up, and walks towards Penny* It felt weird hearing his voice. I haven't seen him in eight months.
Penny: Why so long?
Vito: We were on a business trip in Fillydelphia, when he did something wrong.
Penny: Such as?
Vito: It's best if I don't tell you.
Penny: Okay. One of those things.
Vito: Yeah, one of those things.

Jerry was talking to his boss while looking at the Golden Neigh Bridge through his window.

Jerry: They're dead. All three of them. If their family tries anything else, we'll kill zaidi of their members. Okay, goodbye. *Hangs up* Now, should I call Vito again? We don't exactly get along. *Sighs* What have I got to lose? *Picks up his phone*
Vito: *Hugging Penny when the phone rings* That's probably him again. *Picks up the phone* Yeah?
Jerry: I'm back.
Vito: Yeah, wewe alisema wewe would call back.
Jerry: How much longer are wewe going to isolate yourself from me?
Vito: Hey, don't hang up. I'll be right back. *Puts the phone down, and grabs a five dollar bill* hujambo Penny, why don't wewe go buy us some root beer?
Penny: *Takes the five dollar bill* Gladly.
Vito: *Watches Penny leave, then picks up the phone* What was the question?
Jerry: How much longer are wewe going to isolate yourself from me?
Vito: Look, let's get one thing straight. Ever since I can remember, I never liked you.
Jerry: Just because I was the youngest?
Vito: No, because wewe were the clumsiest. wewe always made things worse for the family, and ever since that fight we had in Fillydelphia, where wewe killed cousin Lou, I promised I wouldn't speak to wewe ever again.
Jerry: Don't make promises wewe can't keep. *Chuckles*
Vito: SHUT UP, THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!! Cousin Lou was everything to me! When wewe killed him, wewe made my life miserable!
Jerry: Everyone else has pardoned me. Why can't you?
Vito: Goodbye Jerry. I don't know how wewe got this number, but get rid of it. *Hangs up*
Jerry: Ouch. *Puts his phone away*

2 B Continued