December 21st, 1980

Jerry: *In the kitchen, eating a banana*
Vito: *Walks into the house* Jerry, I did it.
Jerry: wewe got us a house?
Vito: Yep. We'll be out of here kwa New Years Day, just like I promised.
Kayla: *Walks into the house*
Vito: *Looks at Kayla* wewe didn't tell me wewe had a marefriend.
Kayla: Is this your brother?
Jerry: Yep, I'd like wewe to finally meet Vito.
Kayla: Charmed.
Vito: Likewise. Let me make a call. I too have a marefriend, and she's getting lonely all the way in Chicagoat.
Jerry: Be my guest.
Vito: *Picks up the phone, and dials Penny's number*

It was snowing in Chicagoat. Penny was warm in her house when she heard her phone.

Penny: Vito, hi! How's Alicornia treating you?
Vito: Swell. My brother and I are moving north to Napa. Perhaps you'd like to jiunge us.
Penny: I'd upendo to.
Vito: Perfect. I just want to give wewe a heads up. My brother, and his marefriend will also be joining us.
Penny: I've been looking mbele to meeting your brother.
Vito: Good. Once we get everything settled, I'll call wewe again with our address. While you're waiting, quit your job, and get in the wine producing business with us.
Penny: I actually do advertising. I can simply transfer.
Vito: Good. That'll be easier for you. Goodbye Penny. Merry Christmas.
Penny: Merry krisimasi Vito. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Sighs happily* I know that our future will be better for us.
Jerry: How are we going to cover up our tracks?
Vito: It shouldn't be that hard. Just keep your mouth shut, and don't leave behind any clues.

New Years Day, 1981

Boss: We haven't heard from Jerry, au Vito in a long time.
Q: Vito alisema he was living with Jerry now. After that escort they gave our capos across the Golden Neigh Bridge, they've been getting along.
Boss: That's good. Let's give them a call, and see if they can do a job for us. *Gets his phone, and calls Jerry*
Green Stallion: *Answers the phone* Good morning.
Boss: Is that wewe Jerry? Your voice sounds different.
Green Stallion: Uh, this is Brett. I'm afraid wewe have the wrong number.
Boss: Doesn't anypony named Jerry live there?
Green Stallion: Not anymore, he moved out of town. He alisema he was moving up to Willits.
Boss: Are wewe serious?!
Green Stallion: Sorry buddy.
Boss: wewe gotta be fucking kidding!!!
Green Stallion: I'm not. Goodbye. *Hangs up*
Boss: Jerry, and Vito are leaving the gang! They're going to Willits!! Get a car, with three zaidi ponies, and go find them!!
Q: Right away! *Runs off*

2 B Continued