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So we're on the roll again. Catia won the first interview and I got the pleasure of interviewing her about this amazing couple. Congratulations, hun! wewe really deserve this! ♥

Why don’t wewe start introducing yourself with name, age, where wewe live etc?
Okay. =P Hi guys. xD
My name is Catia (it’s actually written Cátia, LOL) but everybody calls me Cat here on fanpop. =] I’m 18 years old and I’m in the first mwaka of College.
I’m from Lisbon (Portugal) so that’s why my English can suck from time to time. Lol

Was Naley the first couple wewe fell in upendo with on One mti Hill, if so, when and if not, what was your first?
Yes, even though it’s all very tied with Brucas. xD They are my absolutely inayopendelewa tv couples, tied on pretty much everything (I can’t choose between them, because I’m weird like that, lol). I remember I got curious about OTH because of some Harry Potter video (nerd alert xD) that were using NH and BL scenes.
I watched them and I got curious about the couples. Like, I remember watching the Naley heartbeat scene and thinking “Wow, why is she crying? What happened, is something wrong with the baby?” So I started to watch the show, and loved everything single sekunde of NH. <3

Naley has had two proposals already, which one’s your favorite?
The first one, for sure. <3
It’s my inayopendelewa Naley scene of all time (even though the first kiss is a close sekunde one ;)). I just upendo everything, the rain outside, Nathan’s speech, the kiss.. <3
It was all so great. The 2nd one was good too, don’t get me wrong. But I’m a major lover of the first one. =P

Best season for them?
God, what to choose? Season 1 au season 3, season 3 au season 1? xD Those two seasons were GOLD! I guess I’m going with season 1, because I upendo the starts of the couples, it’s all so cute. And Naley were totally adorable. <3

And worst?
Season 5, for sure. I don’t know what pisses me off zaidi about that season; if the lack of storylines au the fact that there were AMAZING storylines opportunities and Mark blew them away. Like the whole wheelchair thing, it could had turned out in something soooo good, like Naley trying to get intimate again with each other, for example? I don’t know, so many good stuff there, and Mark only used it to make Nathan’s life harder.

Favorite Nathan-to-Haley quote?
Aww man. He always says the right things, it’s so hard to choose. xD
I think I’m going with the first rain kiss in this case. “You know, my pride says, yeah, that’s it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she’s clearly threatened kwa a sexual relationship. But my heart... my moyo says, forget about your pride, wewe idiot. wewe upendo this girl. And even if you’re going to catch pneumonia, your punda is going to stand out here in the rain ‘till wewe convince her to forgive you.”

Favorite Haley-to-Nathan quote?
“I gave wewe my heart. That’s all that I can give to you. And if that’s not enough for you, then I’m not enough for you.” I just loved this quote, it’s so simple, yet beautiful. And made that scene amazing. Also the sekunde wedding vows, “You make me brave”. <3

Best scene in each season?
Season 1: The first kiss. *_* I melt every time, it’s seriously amazing. And I upendo “Dare wewe to move”. <3

Season 2: The first proposal, for the reasons I already alisema above. =P

Season 3: Uhh, hard one. xD I upendo their talk in 3x09, when Nathan asked Haley to stay and she was like “I was hoping wewe would say that”. Also the flashback of the kitanda scene in the first episode, “that’s what sucks Haley, I still do upendo you”; that’s probably my inayopendelewa angst scene for them. *_* And of course the rain scene at the juu of the car in 3x13. <3

Season 4: The heartbeat scene just owns. *_* I also loved Nathan’s speech in tv, for Haley, saying everything would be okay. Seriously, can the guy be zaidi perfect? LOL

Season 5: Oh wow, it’s my least inayopendelewa season, but I’m SO thankful for like 2 au 3 episodes. And 5x05 is definitely one of them. So my inayopendelewa NH scene from this season is from that episode, for sure. I loved the flashbacks, Naley playing with little Jamie <3 And the end, “I know we’re not the couple we used to be, but we’ll get there”. Amazing. =]

Season 6: Hm.. Slutty wedding sex, because it was about damn time! And their seven mwaka anniversary. =P

Season 7 (so far): “Lose her? She’s right here. And I’m never letting go of her” This scene is amazing. <3 And hopefully season 7 will give us zaidi like that.

Have wewe ever doubted Naley and their relationship in any kind of way? If so, when?
No, never. =] Maybe their hardest time was in season 2, but since I started to watch OTH when the 4 first seasons were already out, I knew that they would stay together until the end. xD

Nathan and Haley never got Jamie in season 4, but they stayed married and rather had a kid in season 5 which would be about 3 years old now. What would wewe want? Jamie au the other kid? =P
Lol, is the other kid Jamie too, only a younger version? xD It’s hard to say, but I think I would take the other kid. It all depends of season 4, honestly. I have to confess I didn’t upendo that season much, so maybe Naley would easily had zaidi scenes if Haley hadn’t gotten pregnant so soon. Plus, the baby storyline for season 5 sounds a lot better than Nanny Carrie.

This au that:
“Always and forever” au “Don’t say I never gave wewe anything”?
Aww, hard one. xD Maybe “Don’t say I never gave wewe anything”, but it’s really hard to choose!

Bracelet au purple flowers?
Bracelet. It’s kind purple too. LOL

The bathtub scene au the voicemail scene?
Voicemail, one of the cutest scenes ever. =D

The high school years au now?
High school, I miss the HS years for everybody. Why do we have to get old? =/ *turns into Joey from Friends* WHY GOD, WHY?! LMFAO xD

You get the chance to write a Naley scene for this season, what would happen and would wewe use any specific song to it?
Ooh, the possibilities. xD Well.. Since Haley is going on tour, we NEED to finally get a freaking encore to the encore. So yea, Nathan would meet her after the tamasha and be all sweet and amazing like he can be, and they would have a cute scene. Like Nathan giving her purple flowers and saying “Don’t say I never gave wewe anything”. And then they would go nyumbani au some other place and we would finally have a proper encore to the encore. ;D
I realize this is zaidi than just one scene, but whatever. xP
Oh and song.. Hm, maybe “Best Days” kwa Graham Colton. It kinda fits, I guess. =P

Is there any scenes wewe wish wewe could take back from their history?
Not really. Because it got us here. =]

And any scene you’d like to add?
Lots of missed encore to the encore, that’s for sure. xD And zaidi scenes together and zaidi passionate kisses. Sometimes I think Mark cares zaidi about secondary characters than the ones that really matter.

Is there any couple from any TV show, movie au book that reminds wewe of them?
Yea, there are a few of them. I wouldn’t say remind, but they have a lot of similarities with Naley. Like James & Lily from Harry Potter. <33
Landon & Jamie from A Walk to Remember. Seth & Summer from The OC a little too. And I’m not remembering zaidi at the moment. xD

Do wewe rather want Nathan to do great in basketball, au Haley to do great with her music? And what would wewe want to see zaidi of? mpira wa kikapu au Haley’s music?
Nathan to do great in mpira wa kikapu because he’s been fighting for that since ever. He totally deserves it. I’m not sure about what would I want to see more, both are good. xD
I like Haley’s songs and I like basketball. So I guess either one is good. =]

Who do wewe think affected their relationship the most in a bad way?
I think it was Carrie, that psycho crazy bitch. Not only she tried to break them, but she also tried to steal their son. At least Reneé didn’t do anything to Jamie. =/

And in a good way?
Lots of people have been there for them. =] I’m going to say Lucas because he helped Naley a lot, especially when they were in College. Then probably Brooke, she was there for Haley in season 3 and 4, and she’s Jamie’s godmother.

If Naley suddenly decided to go on their honeymoon this season, would wewe want us to be able to see them walking down the streets in London, and what would wewe want to happen?
Aww yes! I would only want a NH honeymoon if we could have the chance to see it. Otherwise, it would be pointless.
Okay, so they were walking right? They would be with huge smiles on their faces and holding hands. <33 And then it would start raining. ..I’m so predictable! xD But yea, a rain kiss in London, how awesome would that be?

From Cat:
First thank wewe so much to everybody who voted for me. <3 It means a lot. =’]
Also, keep this spot alive, because Nathan and Haley definitely deserve that. ;D

And last but not least, thank wewe so much for the interview Tinii. I loved it and I had lots of fun answering this. =**

upendo wewe guys <3
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