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Hopefully wewe are all familiar with the forum/picks going on in reference to this topic. Celine suggested I also make an makala for ALL the reasons. Winners of each round are in bold. onyesha the Naley upendo over at the[link]

1. Because she's his dream & he's never letting go of her.
2. Because she's not going anywhere
3. Because they can survive anything
4. Because he didn't want another tutor...he wanted her
5. Because they give us all hope.
6. Because they're Always & Forever
7. Because she changed him!
8. because he could upendo her forever
9. Because he never stopped believing in them
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 Rain kisses
Rain kisses
A. Always and Forever – their motto.

B. Basketball – the sport that united them.

C. Chris Keller & Carrie – they can try, but nothing can break their love.

D. "Don’t say i never gave wewe anything" – they gave their hearts to each other.

E. Everyday – he was hurt, but still proud of her. Everyday.
 True upendo
True love

F. F“F is for fine right?” Thank God for Nathan’s bad grades. :P

G. "God, the way wewe look at me sometimes..." – eye sex, they have it all the time. ;)

H. Husband and wife – for six years.

I. "I could upendo wewe forever" – and he keep his promise.

J. James Lucas...
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