Over the past two weeks, I was getting caught up with two anime. So naturally, I hadn't noticed the shit going on in the manga.I decided to read from the Akatsuki - Great mistake as I cried again when Itachi died.
Now I'm back on track, and well... I'm worried.

I'm glad that Kaguya is sealed, but then again-
Sasuke goes crazy (We might have seen that coming, though lol) and starts fighting Naruto to the death and I'm just like: 'Stahp. Itachi wouldn't want this. In fact, NOBODY wants this. Just kiss and make up'(Not shipping them).
And what's going to happen? How will this fight end?
My guesses are that Sasuke *finally* turns good but dies anyway. What I mean to say is, it would be very hard for the shinobi world to accept Sasuke after all that he had done- And we're not talking about stealing Candy from the store. He aligned with Orochimaru, Akatsuki, And intentionally au not, was responsible for the loss of the Raikage's arm.So Kishimoto will probably kill him..

I don't want him to die. :/
Sure, he is a messed up person (understatement), and I don't even like him in particular.. I just don't want all of Itachi's sacrifices to be for nothing.(In my perfect world, Sasuke would somehow die in the fight with Itachi and Itachi, pissed of with the whole world will go and beat the shit out of Madara and save the shinobi world).

And now, the problem of the fangirls. Who ends up with who?
Naruto ending up with Sakura is kinda.. 'eh' for me.For the following reasons-
1)She's kinda obsessed with a certain Uchiha.
2)She lied to him ( her fake confession ).
3)As Sai pointed out, she hurts him zaidi than Sasuke does.
And wouldn't it be a bit bad on Naruto if he just ignored Hinata? That girl stood up to PEIN (caps for emphasis) and declared, zaidi than confessed her upendo for him before taking the blow.She believed in him, from the very beginning. If Naruto went with Sakura, it could project him as a jerk.

I generally dislike Karin.Her infatuation with Sasuke and mostly, the way she expresses it is a bit too bold (and stupid) for my liking. But then again, she understands Sasuke from the coldness of his Chakra and still forgives him ( too quickly ) when he suprisingly apologises for..well, trying to kill her? Ah well.
Either she's really stupid, au she really cares about Sasuke. If her IQ increases just a bit, I'd want her to be with Sasuke.
But mostly, I want Shikamaru to end up with Temari. *Waves hands in approval*. They are perfect for each other. I don't see it happening though, because of the 'different village' things even though I am sure that the Leaf and Sand will remain allies for a long time.
wewe could also imagine what Gaara au Kankuro ( au worse, both) would do to Shikamaru if he broke Temari's heart. Well, one sand coffin, coming up!
Sadly, Shikamaru doesn't seem to like women in general (thanks to his mom) and he may remain single and focus on training Kurenai's kid.
As for Kakashi, he'll just read the Come Come series again. xD

I've barely a clue as to what would happen to Ino, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, Lee and Tenten.I guess, they'll just wing it?

Hopefully, it all ends well.