For those anime mashabiki wanting to get right into the final arc of Naruto Shippuden, to end it as we saw in the manga, unfortunately we won’t be getting that any time soon. It seems that in March, Naruto Shippuden will feature “The true Legend of Itachi Volume – Light and Darkness” which tells the story of Itachi begins.

These episodes will be based of the two official vitabu released in Japan, “The True Legend of Itachi: Glory” and “The True Legend of Itachi: Dark Night”, it was first thought that these stories would be included in separate anime’s but it seems like they’re to continue within the Naruto Shippuden series.

The Kaguya arc which see’s Kaguya Otsutsuki battle against Naruto and Sasuke will continue on, but it’s been alisema that it shall continue after Itachi’s arc. Although, it’s now know how long Itachi’s story will last, therefore, it seems like Kaguya’s story will feature later in 2016.

The studio which animates Naruto, Studio Pierrot, mentions that the arc will be “original”, however, it’s unclear what exactly this means, if it’s part of the canon anime au it being a sort of “filler”. It could either mean their own rendition on the story, au they could follow the canon work kwa Kishimoto. There isn’t a lot of information at the moment, if anything pops up, I’ll be sure to write about it.

So what do wewe think? Are wewe as pissed off as I am, seeing this series end will be nothing zaidi than a drag for me from this point on. These extra stories, fillers, and so should just be what they are, extras, and be shown at the end au something, not in the middle of such a crucial and important moment. Nevertheless, be sure to maoni down below to tell me what wewe think.