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 real life kakashi
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real life kakashi actualy picture of my self
karatasi la kupamba ukuta
Naruto shippuden
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So i'm beyond ready for this show/manga to finish i upendo this thing and all but i want to know the ending here's my ending :D ...

Sasuke will try to destroy the village Naruto will save it kwa killing sasuke but Naruto will die along with sasuke but it'll be a real sad boy upendo ending like haku and zabuza and then they'll onyesha i think sakura being the hokage because konohamaru is too young and it'll onyesha sakura being sappy remember their times ogether and it'll onyesha how everyones life is just dandy and THE END!

YAY I should become a novelist since i'm so good lol how do wewe guys think it'll end?
Naruto Shippuuden
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Boruto: Naruto the Movie quickly approaches its premier in Japanese theater, while opening up to new characters, new missions and new stories. We also preview the enemies that will go up against Naruto, Boruto and the rest of the village. Momoshiki and Kinoshiki are members of the Otsutsuki clan, like Kaguya and Hagoromo, who aim to steal Kurama away from Naruto.

Momoshiki and KinoshikiThe village hidden in the leaf see’s two shadows sneak into the peaceful leaf village as they block Boruto’s path in order to attack the village and steal Kurama which is inside Naruto. As we already know,...
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Synopsis : this is a fanfiction that I will be producing about three characters that I have created from there acdeamy days up to Jouin years. The story reovles around Shinko Uzumaki, Mizurai Sarutobi and Rei Uchiha. It takes place after the events of Naruto shippudien. And will be foucusing on the characters I've made old characters from the seris may appear but I do not retain rights / Owner ship of any of the following characters produced kwa Masashi Kishimotto. also please support the official release =)

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto Uzumaki

Bouruto Uzumaki

Sarada Uchiha

Sakura Haruno

Hinata Huyuga
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