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Reporter: Good afternoon Miss. Konan.
Konan: Afternoon.
Reporter: kwa the way we are so grateful that wewe accepted our invitation for this interview.
Konan: Well, its my plesure.
Reporter: Alright then. So how does it feel to be the only female Akatsuki member?
Konan: Err. . . Its alright. But it has its ups and downs though.
Reporter: Ups and downs eh? How exactly?
Konan: Oh its pretty great on missions. Working together and all but afterwards, things get a little. . . Tireing.
Reporter: Tireing? Are wewe saying that wewe dont really get along?
Konan: Oh no. We get along fine. Its just that they have...
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posted by kakashi-sensei
Well this one's focus is much zaidi on the rules that may disqualify a ninja taking the exam.

Examiner link was the one who emphasized these rules, which are the following.

First, those that don’t make it to the tower,with both scrolls, within the limit.

Second, those who lose a teammate au those who have a teammate killed.

As a rule there is no quitting in the middle, wewe will be in the forest for five days.

And one zaidi rule, wewe must not look inside the scroll until wewe make it to the tower.
Me and Aimi were still explaining our selves when, the ultimate fangirl herself(behind Aimi), Sakura appeared and got jealous that Sasuke found us interesting.
"What, do wewe think your doing with my Sasuke-kun!", she snapped at us.
"None of your bee's wax.", Aimi said.
"Oh, really!", Sakura yelled.
"Yes, because Sakura, Sasuke is not your's and we were having a conversation first AND he like us better than you, so shut it!", I said.Aimi's tail locked with mine.
[Gaara:How does that look? Me: wewe should Know! Gaara:Just tell me! Me:Fine!It's like holding hands except with tails!SEE, EASY! Gaara:...
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posted by cici746454
Rin (リン) was a medical-nin who appears in the Kakashi Gaiden arc as a former teammate of Kakashi Hatake and a member of Team Minato.

During the Third Great Shinobi World War, Team Minato is assigned to destroy the Kannabi Bridge. Rin is kidnapped during the course of the mission and her captors, Iwagakure ninja, use genjutsu on her to see if she knows anything about Konoha's war efforts. Kakashi and Obito stage a rescue effort, and though they succeed Obito is crushed in a cave-in. Before he dies he asks Rin to implant his Sharingan eye into Kakashi's damaged eye socket. After...
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