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sanaa ya shabiki
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This Naruto sanaa ya shabiki contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

posted by kakashi-sensei
I skimmed through the makala here in the link and thought that none of them was about my late father, link.

So I am uandishi this makala to pay tribute to him. This makala originally came from link, the Naruto Encyclopedia Wiki.

Here it goes:

Sakumo Hatake (はたけサクモ, Hatake Sakumo), also known as Konoha's White Fang (木ノ葉の白い牙, Konoha no Shiroi Kiba; English TV "White Fang of the Leaf"), was the father of Kakashi Hatake.


Sakumo was a famous and powerful ninja of Konohagakure who, during his life, had the same level of respect as the Sannin. His son, Kakashi,...
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posted by Itachi_Boy
this is my Naruto text art! i make it in 5 days!!

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wewe looked at the pregnancy test, letting the word 'positive' sink in on you. ''This was bound to happen...'' wewe alisema to yourself. Ever since wewe and Itachi confessed your feelings, he just can't keep his hands off you, not that wewe didn't like it. When ever wewe get the chance; wewe and Itachi would pounce at one another like wild animals, keeping Tobi awake half the night. wewe sighed to yourself. wewe weren't normally scared of Itachi, but now wewe were. wewe were scared of what he'd do to your child. As wewe know, he was the guy who murdered his clan. What would he do if he found out that his...
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