Mahora Academy: An amazing school filled with wonderful students. Thirty one and all are female. It might come as a surprise, but life here can be astonishing as it can be wonderful. What makes it astonishing is that Mahora is a place where even danger lurks- magical dangers. With these dangers, a certain wizard named Negi protects these grounds with the use of his magic. His thirty one students are also magical as well- being his partner and supporting him with their own magical capabilities. As wewe can imagine, life around here is as crazy as it is adventurous.

Despite this, Mahora also has a new arrival. From what is figured out, his name is Kasey and he, like Negi as well as his students, is also supernatural. His ability is transforming into all of the wanyama in the Animal Kingdom and can use these abilities for battle au for entertainment. As wewe might have read from the last three episodes, their discovery of this bizarre character was far from normal. He was first discovered as a wounded creature that needed help. Then, he became a hero for rescuing one the students from an unexplained controlled robot. He is now part of Mahora as the class pet. While all of this is good, Kasey is still facing one problem: How is he able to explain his powers in front of all these girls? The outcome will go either way, but only time will tell how this will affect him. So, the life of a new adventure has officially begun…

Kasey has already gotten a lay of the school. Ayaka, the class rep, did the honors of giving him the whole tour. “I must say, this is a really large school.” Kasey alisema with astonishment. Ayaka giggled. “You’re so cute!” Negi along with Konoka and Setsuna weren’t completely amused kwa her reaction. “She must take quite an interest in him.” Konoka alisema with a smile. Negi agreed. “Are there any other places I have missed?” Kasey asked. Ayaka, Negi, Konoka, and Setsuna were thinking for a moment. After that, they shook their heads. “Oh ok then,” He said. “Then I guess I am proud to say that I take part in Mahora Academy.” They all smiled with glee. “If there is ever anything wewe need, please let me know.” Ayaka alisema while petting Kasey. He then started falling asleep. “Oh no! What did I do? What did I do?!” Negi calmed her down. “It’s alright,” He said. “I think he just dozed off. Maybe when wewe were petting him, he just fell asleep.” Ayaka looked at Kasey once zaidi and then blushed a tad while giggling. “Oops! Sorry about that.” Negi smiled and accepted her apology. Gently, she picked the cat up. “He is so adorable,” She said. “I wish I could take him home, but my mom doesn’t want me to have any pets. She thinks I can’t take care of them.” Negi felt bad for Ayaka. “Why does she think that?” Ayaka looked down at the tiled floor with depression. “Because..last time when I had a pet, I didn’t take care of it and it died. I felt so moyo broken when my goldfish died I couldn’t control myself. I just felt alone and unhappy. And that’s why I can’t have any pets.” Negi felt sorry for her. Even Konoka and Setsuna felt bad. “But maybe wewe can do better,” Setsuna added. “Maybe if wewe tried again, wewe could do better in caring for a pet au any animal. wewe just need to practice.” Ayaka looked at her and started to form a smile. “Thank you,” She responded. “I could try. But I am not sure if I am ready yet.” “That’s always good too,” Negi said. “If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Just don’t push yourself.” Already Ayaka was feeling better. She continued to carry the cat in her arms. She just didn’t want to let it go. As they were making their way back to the classroom, another young girl came running. It was another of Negi’s students. “Negi! Come quick! Something’s happened!” With that said, Negi, Ayaka, Konoka, and Setsuna followed the student as quickly as they could.

They made it to a secret room where Satomi Hakase works on her various inventions. Once they made it to the main layer of the room, they noticed Satomi was looking around. Negi offered to go and talk to her. “What seems to be the problem?” Satomi was done looking and turned. “Hey Negi. I am glade you’re here. I am trying to tafuta for something that belongs to me. I was hoping maybe wewe could help me trace it.” Negi wasn’t sure about this, but he offered to help out anyway. Satomi started to explain what she was trying to look for. What she explained was that it was an invention of hers and it was a prototype- meaning it was either a first edition model au it was something rare. She also explained that it was a robot of some kind and that it mysteriously disappeared yesterday. After some critical thinking, Negi as well as Konoka and Setsuna finally remembered. “That robot?” Negi asked. Satomi nodded. “Do wewe know where it is now?” Negi wasn’t sure how to explain it to her. He started getting goose, bata bukini bumps. Ayaka on the other hand insisted that she didn’t pressure him. Satomi argued that she wasn’t trying to. It was at this moment that Kasey woke from his nap. “Where am I?” He looked around and started to panic. “Oh dear gosh! Where in heck am I?!” Everyone stared down at him, not aware that he was awake. Satomi was amazed. “You can talk?” Kasey turned quickly and stared at Satomi. “Oh, wewe must not have met me. I am Kasey.” Satomi’s reaction was questionable- she was at first shocked but then changed to glee. “Wow! This is amazing! A talking cat! I have to examine you!” Ayaka on the other hand grabbed the cat. “You are not experimenting with this cat!” Negi tried to calm everyone. “We’re loosing focus,” He said. “Satomi, I know something about that robot from yesterday.” Satomi’s head turned. “You do? Well, explain it.” What she didn’t realize was that he only alisema that because he wanted the arguing to stop. He doesn’t know anything about the robot. As if all hope was lost, Kasey saved his soul. “Wait, I know about it.” He alisema while jumping out of Ayaka’s arms. He quickly ran to a nearby meza, jedwali and jumped on it. He explained the whole story about how Asuna was attacked and that it was being controlled kwa some unknown force. The whole story gave Satomi quite a surprise. Even Ayaka was a little shocked as well. “Unknown force wewe say,” Satomi alisema while putting her finger on her chin. “I wonder…” That was when she tuned to Negi. “Do wewe think it could be from this Dark Magic business?” Negi wasn’t sure. “I don’t really know. I wouldn’t think there would be zaidi Dark Magic around here. But there could be.” Kasey was all but confused. “Would someone please tell me what this whole Dark Magic thing is about?” Negi offered to explain. He explained the events that lead up to the Black Crystal story- about how strange and mysterious forces once came around and tried to attack anything including the students. Kasey felt mortified kwa all of this. “Sounds scary. But I am not that scared. I have fought things ten times worse than Dark Magic believe me. I say if it ever came back, I will attack them too. I will save the world as I always have and will definitely save every last breath in this school.” His speech gave a huge applause kwa everyone. “I just have one question,” Satomi said. The swali was directed at Kasey. “Are wewe an alien?” After that question, everyone pretty much past out on the ground. Satomi looked at everyone with confusion. “What did I say?”

After solving the mystery to Satomi’s missing invention, everyone left the secret room and made their way to who knows where. “I am hungry.” Kasey alisema while looking down at his stomach. Negi and the others stopped while looking at him. “We can go and get something,” Konoka said. “What does everyone want?” Ayaka wanted to jiunge them, but realized she had some important things to do. “Everything okay?” Negi asked. She didn’t want to tell him the truth, so she made something up. “I have some important work to take care of. I hope wewe can accept my apology.” Negi understood, even though it wasn’t a true explanation. After she left and alisema farewells, Negi, Kasey, Setsuna, and Konoka were on their way out to get some food. They returned back to the school after picking some chakula up. “What are we going to have?” Kasey asked. “We decided, sense this is your first siku here, to make wewe something,” Konoka said. “It’s going to be a special surprise.” Kasey started to get very, very excited. “Really? I can’t wait to try it.” Setsuna on the other hand wasn’t expecting this and dragged her out into the hallway. “Konoka, why would wewe promise that?” She looked at her with confusion. “Why are wewe so worked up Setsuna? I am serious. I want to make him something special. We owe it to him. Don’t wewe agree at lease?” After thinking it over, Setsuna agreed. “You’re right Konoka. I am sorry.” Konoka’s cheering attitude always cured Setsuna’s depression. “I also have something else to confess,” Konoka alisema with excitement. Setsuna tried her hardest not to be judgmental and listened to her. “We are all throwing a really big party for him. We want to celebrate him being with us.” Setsuna thought that a party would be too much, but because of Konoka’s kindness she smiled and agreed to it. Despite this, they had only one thing to take care of and that was to distract Kasey so that they would work on the surprise party. “How are we going to keep him distracted?” Setsuna asked. After some quick thinking, Konoka had an idea.

Outside of the school, Negi decided to go on a walk with him. “Explain this to me again please?” Negi asked. Konoka explained the whole situation to him. Finally understanding, he nodded and turned to run to Kasey who has already walked a few miles. Setsuna and Konoka waved and turned around to the school. “This is going to be so much fun!” Konoka alisema with excitement and glee. Setsuna could only smile- she felt happy that Konoka was happy. As they made their way inside, Kasey and Negi were already on their way down the pathway. After walking for a few miles, they reached a grassy kilima and decided to rest. They were admiring the breeze and feel of the wind as it softly flown by. “Negi, can I be honest with you?” He nodded. “Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but are wewe sure things are going to work out if I am part of your class? I don’t want to be in the way and I just don’t know how good of support I would be. I don’t want verge au anything.” Negi was surprised kwa what he said, but he knew he had to be honest. “Kasey, wewe are not verging on anything. It will take us time to adjust with wewe being in my class but I know we all will get along wonderfully. It will just take time. Do wewe understand?” Kasey nodded and formed a smile. “You’re right. I just need to mtulivu, clam myself. I just shouldn’t think ahead before I think.” Negi agreed on everything he alisema and also smiled. The sun was setting down as the two continued resting on the grassy hill. Just then, Negi remembered about the party. “Oh! I think we better go back.” Kasey woke up from his nap. “What? Why?” Negi wanted to explain the situation to him, but couldn’t ruin the surprise for him. “Because- I need to go and get some school books. I forgot to pick them up before we left.” Despite that it wasn’t the truth, Kasey bought it. They made their way back to Mahora Academy and instead of going to the office, they went a different direction. Kasey suddenly realized that this wasn’t the way they were going and started to wonder. “Negi, what is going on?” He wanted to explain, but couldn’t. Negi was starting to get really nervous. So nervous he started sweating. “Are wewe alright?” Kasey asked while staring at him. “You’re getting wet.” Negi’s sweat was suddenly getting worse. It wouldn’t be too long until Konoka came out. “Hey Negi. hujambo Kasey. We have a really huge surprise to onyesha wewe and it’s in this room.” Kasey’s attention suddenly drew to Konoka. “A huge surprise?” Konoka nodded while smiling. She opened the door and inside was a large room in which the students were gathered and lots of snacks, drinks, and decorations. They cheered and celebrated for Kasey’s welcoming. “Wow! I am speechless! This is..this is..awesome!” All of the girls giggled and laughed as they gave him some drinks as well as party snacks. He just couldn’t believe everything that was happening. It also turned out that the reason why Ayaka left was because she too was helping preparing the party and didn’t want to share it. Kasey had a big laugh about it. As the party was going, everyone proposed a toast in honor of Kasey being part of Mahora as well as the class. Everyone had the best time in this party. On the other hand, something was missing.

It took a while to realize what was missing- out of all the girls in the room; Asuna was the only one who was missing. “Where do wewe think she could be?” Konoka asked. Negi insisted he should go off and try to find her, but a couple of students as well as Kasey also offered to help. Despite his offering, Konoka stated that the party was revolved around him so it was only fair he had to stay. Not wanting to disagree, he nodded and chose to stay. With that being alisema and done, Negi went to find out where Asuna was hiding. After a dakika of searching, he figured out where she was. It turns out that all day; she was making a new clubroom. The new room was going to be about Kasey. Negi entered the room while looking around. “Asuna, what have wewe been doing in here?” Asuna was carrying a couple of boxes and suddenly tripped while the boxes fell from her arms. Negi offered her help and carried the boxes. While he did this, Asuna explained what she has been up to. “Sense he is now part of the class, I have decided to make an after-school club about him,” She explained with excitement. “Maybe now we can learn zaidi about him, his origin, and his secrets.” Despite Asuna’s lack of imagination, Negi couldn’t help but feel happy. “Asuna, don’t wewe think you’re taking this too high?” His swali confused her a tad. “How could I be taking it too high? wewe alisema wewe wanted him to feel welcomed right? Well, this is what I am doing. I am doing it for him.” “But I think this is a tad out of hand,” Negi responded. “It’s nice wewe want to take part in welcoming him but I think a club about him would pressure him even more. wewe understand Asuna?” Asuna did understand but complained that she worked so hard to make this clubroom and wasn’t going to change it. It was then she started to argue with Negi. After the argument was over, both Asuna and Negi left the clubroom. “You really think this is not a good idea?” Asuna asked with depression. Negi, not wanting to be rude, gave it all he got into being gentle. “It’s not that I don’t think that,” He explained. “I think wewe can do it as long as wewe set your mind to it. Kasey needs to know about this though because if he doesn’t know, he probably will be freaked out.” This changed Asuna’s mood. She then smiled with joy. “Thanks Negi! Than the Kasey club will have its first meeting starting inayofuata week!” She then laughed with pure joy as Negi looked at her while smiling. After locating Asuna and finding out about her new club, the two made their way back to the party room. The celebration went on for hours until it was midnight. Everyone went nyumbani except for Negi, Asuna, Kasey, Konoka and Setsuna- they decided to stay and do a little clean up. “This was a fantastic day,” Kasey alisema while cleaning the party paper from the floor. “I sure am glade to be welcomed here.” They all smiled. “We’re honored to have wewe in our school Kasey.” Konoka alisema while cleaning the tables. They cleaned a little, but not a lot as they would wait until inayofuata week when they would finish the rest. After that, they left the school and went home. Negi, Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna and Kasey went nyumbani together. When they made it home, they all changed into their night clothes and went sleep sense they had a long, long day. But this is the only beginning for not only Negi and his thirty one students, but for Kasey as well.