Kasey has so far gotten a lay of what all is in and around Mahora Academy. What else could he possibly have missed? There was just one thing that was remaining. “I don’t think this is going to work,” Negi alisema nervously. “What if he maswali me?” Asuna was getting annoyed kwa Negi’s complaints. “You have to face it Negi! Sense he is part of our lives, it’s only fair wewe have to onyesha him.” Despite what she said, Negi still didn’t feel comfortable. “What is he going to say if I do it? I could be in trouble.” Because of Asuna’s pity advices, Konoka offered to explain. “Negi, Kasey is with us now right? So, wewe can trust him with revealing your magic. It’s not like he is going to tell anyone. I believe he can be trusted.” Her kindness and her smile helped Negi’s encouragement a lot. With a smile of glee, he was ready to tell Kasey everything. Kasey was near the school’s kisima, chemchemi looking at his reflection. With a deep sigh, Negi went out from hiding and walked to the fountain. Asuna and Konoka were both watching. “Kasey, there is something I need to explain.” Negi said. Kasey turned to him and looked at him. “Of course Negi,” He responded. “What is it?” It was then that Negi explained about himself, his history, his sources of magic, and his mission of finding his long-lost father who is the greatest magician. All of this wowed Kasey as his eyes got larger and larger every time Negi explained. Asuna and Konoka were impressed about not only how brave Negi was, but kwa Kasey’s reaction. “I have a feeling he is going to be wowed kwa this every day.” Asuna alisema while giggling quietly. Konoka agreed, but also added that it would give Kasey a chance to see what kind of magician Negi is. It for sure was going to be something completely different for Kasey.

Despite Kasey’s introduction to Negi’s powers, something else also happened. It was the siku that Asuna’s new club about Kasey was about to opened to the whole academy. She was in the room getting decorations and things ready for the grand opening. She kept humming to herself happily, thinking about how much excitement and fun it was going to be to have a club based on the newest arrival in Mahora. “This is going to be sweet,” She alisema in her mind. “As soon as I get everything set up, I will be ready to open this clubroom to the public.” It was about a dakika after when Asuna got everything patched and ready. She also printed out some flyers about the club and was on her way to pass them around when Negi, Konoka, Setsuna, and Nodoka passed her. They quickly stopped her and asked her what she was doing and what the flyers were for. Asuna explained that the flyers were for her new club and that she was going to pass them around the whole building. It was after that that Negi and the others had shocking expressions on their faces. They knew what would happen if the flyers were passed and if the clubroom was opened. It would mean that Kasey’s secrets would be revealed to every student. They knew what they had to do. “Asuna, wewe can’t do that.” Konoka said. “Why?” Asuna asked. Konoka explained that if she passed the flyers out and if the clubroom was opened, Kasey’s secrets would be unleashed and the rest of the students would know. It also meant that the promise Negi and the others kept from him would be broken and that serious consequences would happen. “Kasey alisema he wanted to wait until the right time,” Negi explained. “If we pass this along now then it means that we will be doing an irresponsible thing for our new friend. Think about it for a sekunde Asuna.” The expression on her face did change, but being typical she didn’t really have anything to think about. “I worked very hard on this,” She scowled. “I am not going to stop! I will pass these flyers and the club will open!” They weren’t expecting her to argue au disagree. Despite this, they had to do something to stop her. It was then that Negi had to do something that was unforgivable. Chanting a spell, an invisible string formed right in front of Asuna. She went through the string and fell to the ground with all of her printed flyers flying around. Negi ran to her trying to help her up. “Are wewe okay Asuna?” He asked while staring at her face. Asuna nodded, but her nose started to bleed a little. They took her to the recovery room and stayed until she got better which didn’t take but a sekunde au so. “That was so strange,” Asuna alisema while walking out of the room first. “I didn’t see anything in front of me that made m trip.” She didn’t exactly suspect anything from Negi and just thought it was her own mind talking. When she walked about a foot away, Konoka asked him something. “Was it really necessary to use magic?” She asked. “I had no choice,” He whispered back. “It was either push her au use magic. I didn’t want to push her.” So he had a good reason for using magic.

After things were settled, the whole siku flown kwa like normal. As soon as the school siku was over, a lot of the students were already gone. Negi on the other hand was getting ready to leave. Chamo suddenly came in and jumped onto Negi’s shoulder. “Hi ho Negi,” He said. “What’s hanging?” Negi was sure surprised to see Chamo as he hadn’t been around sense Kasey was discovered. “Where have wewe been?” He asked. Chamo chuckled while explaining his story. His story was rather amusing- at lease to him but Negi didn’t find it amusing at all. In fact, he had no clue what he was saying. Despite Chamo’s story being so confusing and misunderstanding, Negi was happy to see his little partner salama and back. “Did I miss anything?” Chamo asked. Negi explained that he didn’t miss much, despite that Asuna almost ruined Kasey’s secrets. Chamo could only chuckle. “That’s typical of her,” He responded while still chuckling. “I’m just glade wewe stopped her from spreading it to everyone. How did wewe prevent her from doing it though?” It was at that moment that Negi’s expression changed. He felt guilty. “I-I-I had to use my magic.” He responded with depression. Chamo continued to chuckle until he stopped. “You what?” Negi explained to him what he had to do. “I had to either push her au use magic,” Negi explained. “I couldn’t just push her. What else was I suppose to do?” Chamo couldn’t come up with a good response. He was severely shocked. “I just feel terrible Chamo,” Negi alisema while staring at him with sadness. “Do wewe think Asuna knows?” “I have no idea,” Chamo responded while scratching his head. “Maybe she doesn’t know. How did she feel afterwards?” Negi responded that she didn’t remember anything. “Then you’re off the hook Negi, Don’t worry so much. If she didn’t know wewe used it, then you’re okay.” It made him smile a little, but he still couldn’t help but feel bad for using magic on Asuna. After packing everything for the day, Negi was on his way out. Chamo decided to tag along as well riding on his shoulder as he was walking. “Chamo, do wewe know what happened to Nekane? I haven’t seen her sense two days ago.” Negi asked. Chamo explained that he did visit her a few times and that she was fine. “She alisema she feels bad for not coming enough,” Chamo also added. “She hopes she would come down to Mahora sometime.” While Negi did feel bad for his cousin not being here, he understood. He hopes that she will someday make it. After all, she was the one who discovered Kasey and helped him through before he was cured kwa Negi’s magic. She did deserve a lot of credit as well.

Negi and Chamo just made it out of the academy and they noticed Asuna and Konoka were both waiting. “Hey Negi,” Asuna yelled while waving to him. “Let’s get going!” He ran to them as fast as he could and apologized for being late. Konoka alisema she understood. “You must have had a lot to do.” She alisema while patting his head. Negi blushed a tad while chuckling. “Where is Kasey?” Asuna asked. Negi, Konoka, and Chamo looked at her and then at each other. They realized they left him behind and were about to venture back inside to tafuta for him. Luckily however, Kasey was already out. He was still a cat and made his way to them. “Hey guys,” He alisema while walking to them and then sitting in front of them. “What’s going on?” They all acted normally as if nothing ever happened and just laughed. Kasey’s little head tilted to the side. “Ok, what’s going on wewe guys?” Konoka decided to answer his question. “We thought wewe were Lost so we were going back inside hoping to find you.” He smiled a little as he was happy to know they were worried about him. He also knew that it was because if any of the other students tried to talk to him, his secrets would be revealed and then it would be trouble for him. “Thanks guys. wewe all are so generous.” Konoka giggled while bending down. She decided to give him a little ride on her arms. Kasey gently walked to her and crawled into her arms while she slowly lifted herself back up. Negi and Asuna both gathered and smiled. “He is so adorable,” Konoka alisema softly while smiling. “He’s just like a real cat.” Asuna on the other hand was jealous. “When will I get to hold him??” Konoka, Negi, and Chamo all laughed. After a while, they all decided to stop somewhere to eat. “What are wewe guys in the mood for?” Negi asked. Asuna and Konoka had different options. “Why don’t we eat wherever wewe like to eat?” Konoka asked Negi. Despite her kindness, he couldn’t decide where to eat. He instead offered Asuna to pick somewhere. After a while of observing different eating places, she decided to eat at the burger place. Once they found a good table, Asuna and Konoka decided to order and pay. kwa this time, Kasey was already awake. “Did wewe have a nice nap?” Negi asked. Kasey yawned, stretched, and nodded. Negi smiled. Just then, Asuna and Konoka returned. “Oh, hello Kasey,” Konoka alisema while smiling. “Did wewe enjoy your nap?” He nodded and smiled.

“I wasn’t sure what to order for you, so I ordered some fries. Is that alright?” Konoka asked. Kasey nodded and responded that he loves them. She smiled and was delighted that she figured out one of his inayopendelewa foods. It was about fifteen dakika later when their chakula arrived. They all ate together and had fun. When they got back to the apartment, they were exhausted. After taking showers and changing, they decided to stay up for a while. “Kasey, do wewe ever stay up late?” Chamo asked. “I’m not really an all-nighter but when I am busy with stuff I sometimes stay up late when I can.” Kasey responded. Asuna on the other hand had zaidi to ask about his powers. She kept on asking swali after swali which did give him a little headache. Negi and Konoka did what they could to stop her. “I just want to know more!” Asuna said. “We understand that Asuna,” Konoka said. “But wewe cannot just ask all of these questions. wewe will probably humiliate him au something.” The last thing she wanted to do was cause trouble, but she couldn’t help it- she wanted to know more. “Just be considerate to him for now okay?” Konoka asked kindly. Asuna nodded while pouting a little. “I hope I didn’t ruin anything.” Kasey alisema with worry. Konoka and Negi alisema that he wasn’t ruining anything and that they were just having a little pep talk with Asuna. He felt better afterwards. They stayed up for another dakika until it was past midnight. They were all sound asleep. It wasn’t until a dakika later when Chamo awoken to something. “I feel something big coming,” He alisema in his mind. “I better go check it out. Negi should be okay for now.” With that said, he exists out of the window.

The morning finally arrived and Konoka and Asuna were having a late start. Because they stayed up late last night, they over slept a tad. “Come on Asuna! We’re going to be late! We shouldn’t have stayed up late last night.” Konoka alisema while looking at Asuna’s bunk. Asuna was still fast asleep and didn’t budge at all. “Asuna! Come on!” It was at this time that Setsuna entered. “Good morning Ms. Konoe,” Setsuna alisema while entering. “Is she still asleep?” Konoka smiled at her, but shifted expressions when she turned back to Asuna’s bunker. “Yeah, she’s still sleeping. We stayed up late last night.” Setsuna was rather surprised that Konoka stayed up late. “Do wewe want me to get her up?” She asked. Konoka alisema that she didn’t have to and that somehow and someway she would wake up. While all of this was going on, Negi was already on his way to Mahora Academy. He decided to get there early. On his way, he ran into Kaede, Fuka, and Fumika who were on their daily walking routine. “Good morning Negi.” They said. Negi stopped and alisema good morning to them too. “How is the walking?” He asked. Fuka exclaimed that it was a lot of fun and exciting. Kaede also added that it helped build lots of energy. Negi was happy for them. “I have to get going. See wewe later.” He waved to them as he made his way. The three girls also waved to him too as they turned and continued their walking. Soon enough, Negi made it to the academy just in time. As he was unpacking his case, he realizes that Kasey and Chamo weren’t around. “I wonder what they are up to.” He thought. He didn’t have much time to think because the kengele was about to ring. He shut the office doors and made his way to the class room. Class once zaidi went on as normal except that Kasey wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Most of the students were starting to worry. “Where could he have gone?” Makie asked. The other students started questioning each other. This went on for about a while until Ayaka had enough. “Listen! We should be concentrating on zaidi than just Kasey right now okay? Negi is teaching at the moment. Please don’t be rude.” With that being said, everyone did settle down. Negi looked at Ayaka and thanked her for helping. She blushed and alisema your welcome while giggling a little. As class was over, everyone walked out and decided to stay around the grounds. As all of this was going on, Negi was in the office packing everything. He was starting to wonder what was going on. He never had seen the girls going that crazy over someone. “What if something happened to him?” He asked to himself. His worries started getting the best of him as he dashed out from the room and made his way outside.

When he made it out, he noticed a couple of the girls were already starting a tafuta and rescue mission. It was lead kwa Ayaka. “Ok now, we are going to try to find him. Try to tafuta everywhere around these grounds understand? Get going and remember: Warn us if wewe find him.” After her introduction, the group started to split. Negi made his way to Ayaka, surprised about all that was going on. “Ayaka, what is the meaning of this?” He asked. Ayaka turned and smiled. “Oh Negi, this is just something I wanted to do,” She responded. “We all know how important Kasey is to us so I decided to set up a big tafuta and rescue group. Is it too much?” Negi shook his head and alisema it was a brilliant idea but he thought it was a tad out of the way. Ayaka’s face was covered with redness. She was complimented kwa his own words- something she never experienced before. After talking for a short time, Negi decided to head back to Asuna and Konoka’s complex. As he was walking, he heard a voice that was calling his name. He turned from behind and noticed Chamo was running after him. “Chamo, what is going on? Where have wewe been?” Negi asked. After taking deep breaths, Chamo explained. According to his explanation, he felt strange forces last night and thought they were coming from a sudden force from the Magical World, the place and universe where Negi came for the training of his powers and magic. This gave Negi quite a shock. “What do wewe think it is? Did wewe see anything?” Chamo responded that he couldn’t see anything but he could feel it every time he came closer to it. Negi was in the crossroads of deciding what to do- if he left now; there was no telling who would follow him. If he tried letting a few of his students tag along, then at lease he wouldn’t have to fight whatever was out there alone. He decided to go for the sekunde songesha and raced back to the academy. He knew what he had to do.

After a while of searching, he found both Asuna and Konoka who were in fact on the tafuta for finding Kasey. “Asuna! Konoka!” He shouted as he ran to them. The two girls turned and were surprised to see him in such a hurry. “What’s the deal Negi? Can’t wewe see we are busy?” Asuna asked. After taking a couple of deep breaths, Negi explained to them what Chamo told him. This gave the two girls a little fright, but knew it meant serious business. “Should we warn everyone?” Konoka asked. Negi protested that it would be difficult to spread the word to everyone. “I think it should just be us,” He also added. “Plus, if any case we do find Kasey, we don’t want everyone knowing about his powers.” Asuna and Konoka agreed. But at that moment, Setsuna came. “What’s going on?” She asked. They received a big surprise when she approached them. Konoka gladly explained everything. Setsuna volunteered to help out which was no problem sense she also knows about Kasey and his powers. “Where exactly did wewe find this force Chamo?” Negi asked. “I found it near the downtown area. Somewhere around the park.” Chamo responded. With that said, they left the academy grounds and ventured through downtown Mahora and made it to the park area. The entire park was silent and quite- not even the chirp of a bird was heard. This was definitely a bad sign. “This is so very strange,” Chamo alisema while looking around. “Notice how everything is quite? Not even a samaki is seen in the lake.” Negi and the others noticed too and agreed that it was too awkward. “Where is this so called “force”?” Asuna asked with annoyance and impatience. “I am not sure,” Negi responded. “But I am getting a very uneasy feeling about all of this.” After a dakika of silence, strange loud noises were soon heard throughout the area. The noises were so loud in fact that everyone kept falling down. “What the heck is that?!” Setsuna asked while holding Konoka up so she wouldn’t fall. Everyone wanted an answer to that question, but it wasn’t known who au what made the noises- not yet exactly.

The noises went on for about an saa au two until they came to a slight pause. Everyone sighed with relief. “Do wewe think it’s gone?” Konoka asked. Nobody knew for sure how to answer that. It might have been gone for now, but chances are it would come back soon enough. In fact, after about two dakika of quietness it returned once zaidi but got louder and louder. Panic was struck over them as they tried their hardest to make an escape. “I cannot take this anymore!” Setsuna alisema while grabbing Konoka’s right hand. “We are getting out of here!” Konoka however denied on leaving and explained to her that they had a reason for staying. “We have to fight whatever is out there,” She explained. “You have to trust me Setsuna!” Despite the outcome, Setsuna had to agree with her. They made their way back to Negi and the others but as soon as they ran close the ground suddenly split. Negi warned them to back away a few feet. After walking away a couple of inches away, the ground started to tear even more. This went on for a while until it finally stopped. The crew was hoping that this was the end of the chaos, but something “huge” arrived! Emerging from the gap was a very, very large black-colored monster. It gave a loud shriek as its huge, blood-shot eyes stared at them while it was drooling from the mouth. It looked really hungry. Negi and the whole gang were shocked with envy! They had no idea that they were going up against an enormous monster. “That thing is ginormus!” Asuna alisema with shock. “What’s the plan here Negi??” Chamo asked with suspense. After thinking it over, Negi finally thought up of an idea. “Listen guys! We have to work together to defeat this thing! I know we have never faced something like this before, but we need to try! Get ready for me to activate your contracts!” The girls agreed beside the fact they were terrified. With that said, Negi chanted the spell and he activated each of their contracts which proven lucky. He unleashed the “armor” cards for all three of the girls. “Oh yeah!!” Asuna shouted. “Twice in a row!” Indeed they were lucky.

They were about to go up against a giant creature of unknown proportions. “How should we do this Negi?” Konoka asked. He never actually thought of a plan. “I will take care of it.” Setsuna alisema while getting her katana out. With her wings, she leaped and glided to the monster and tried to slice it using her weapon. Despite the impact, the monster was zaidi powerful than she was. Every time she tried to fight it, she was always pushed away. This went on for a while until she started to get weak. “Be careful Setsuna!” Negi shouted. Before she could function, she was violently pushed kwa the creature sending her to the ground. Negi chanted a spell that formed a super strong shield around her. “Great job on using that shield Negi!” Konoka said. Negi smiled. Despite Setsuna being safe, someone still had to face the beast before it could wreck havoc in Mahora! But with the monster being so tough and zaidi powerful, there was nothing zaidi to be done. Negi’s magic was not near powerful enough. The worse of it came an saa later when all of the girls returned to their normal forms and were all weak and hungry! What was Negi going to do??? It seemed as if all hope was Lost until something happened. Out in a distance, zaidi sounds were coming from the nearby cliff. The cause of the noises was revealed to be a dinosaur, a Spinosaurus. The dino gave a loud roar directly at the beast. Negi realized that it was Kasey who came to their rescue. “How did he know?” He asked in his mind. Chamo was thrilled a lot too. “Look at that,” He shouted. “I think we’re going to a see a Clash of the Titans moment!” Kasey gave loud roars at the monster until its attention was driven away from Negi and the others. Using its legless body, the monster slowly slithered away from them and came mbele to the dinosaur. Kasey on the other hand was already for battle. The two giants first sized each other up. Kasey made his songesha first kwa trying to bite the monster with his sharp teeth. The creature however dodged and Kasey missed his chance kwa a long shot. While trying to function, the monster started to coil around him using its body. Kasey tried to shake the creature off but its body was too strong for a simple shake to knock it off. It was then that Kasey used his long arms to grab the monster, untangled it, and slammed it to the ground. While the monster was trying to function, Kasey backed away a few feet and lowered his head to where Negi and the others were sitting. “Listen, wewe guys need to at lease escape from here,” He alisema while turning his huge head back to the monster. “Just get out of here so wewe guys don’t get hurt.” Negi nodded and helped everyone up while making their way a few distances away from the battle. The girls were still weak, so they couldn’t watch the battle. Negi and Chamo on the other hand were watching the whole war from a salama distance. “Who are wewe rooting for Negi?” Chamo asked. Negi never thought of this as a true competition so he didn’t respond to that. While they were watching, Kasey and the beast were about to square each other out

It was a pretty intense and tragic battle. The two goliaths were squaring each other out like how Godzilla brawled with other monsters. Despite the outcome of the battle, it was pretty obvious who was getting the most damage. The monster’s skin, which was slimy and smooth, had the most wounds. Kasey had a few scars, but suffered no impact. All what Negi and Chamo could do was watch the whole thing with fear and intense. The entire war went on for hours and hours. The final blow took place when Kasey’s massive jaws crushed the monster’s back bones. The giant creature slumped to the ground and died from loss of blood as well as broken bones. Kasey raised his head up to the sky while giving a long, loud victory roar. Jus then, something strange happened. The dead creature started to dissolve slowly. This gave Negi a huge surprise as he realized what was happening. “That monster was sent from the Magical World,” He alisema with shock. “But how did it get here?” Chamo wasn’t sure either. With that being settled, there was nothing zaidi to ask of it. After things settled down, Kasey returned to his cat form and explained to Negi and Chamo the other side to his powers. “What wewe saw was true,” He explained. “I can turn into giants and use the power of these creatures for battle. It’s all part of the package for me. It’s not just about entertainment.” The two understood and were impressed. Despite what they have been through, the girls never got the chance to see the whole battle. This didn’t exactly disappoint them too much as they don’t remember anything before that. While everything seemed to return normal again, something else also happened. Up on a mti a few miles away from the park, two girls were sitting on a branch. These girls are revealed to as students of Negi. They actually watched the whole situation from a distance. “What do wewe make of this?” One of the girls asked. The other one didn’t respond but rather stared. “We may as well have to speak with him sometime,” The same girl responded. “What zaidi can we know about him?” Just then, the other girl started to speak. “I think…we better wait until the time is right. I have a feeling he won’t last long…”

With this being the end of the episode, some new twists and turns will come for Mahora Academy, its students, young magician Negi, and the newest addition Kasey. What these unexpecting outcomes will be has yet to be shown. But something is for sure- whatever is out there, everyone in Mahora will face it together.