Something huge was about to occur. Kasey, who was hanging at the beach, pwani for sometime, quickly flew to the sand while transforming into an Allosaurus. The mysterious changes and colors from the sky brought his senses to high alert. He was prepared for whatever was coming. The shifts from the sky continued for quite a while until they came to a halt. Assuming that it was nothing, Kasey slowly turned. But before he could do anything, he could see large mass of dark shadows that were formed from the sand behind him. With ease, he turned and came face to face with a group of mysterious creatures that looked a lot like chimpanzees though their entire bodies were colored black and only their eyes were visible which they were colored white. “What are wewe guys suppose to be? Monster apes?” Kasey asked sarcastically. The dark beasts weren’t amused au frighten at all. In fact, he got close to one of them and blew air out from his nostrils. It looked as if he was trying to taunt them. This went on for another few sekunde until something happened. One of the creature’s arms and hands transformed into a sharp blade. “Wow,” Kasey alisema with shock. “Maybe wewe guys aren’t so odd after all.” With one swing, the beast tried to slice Kasey’s head. Luckily, he dodged. “You really want to play rough? Than let’s play rough.” With that said, Kasey started performing what could be described as one of the bloodiest battles ever. Every time he killed the shadow monsters, black liquid would splatter on most of the terrain but would slowly disappear overtime. Kasey killed at lease thirteen of them until it was over. “What a workout!” He alisema while breathing heavily. Despite his sweet victory, the battle was half far from over as the sky once again started shifting. After getting his energy back, Kasey stood tall while forming a serious expression on his face as he was ready for more.

While all of this was going on, Negi was deeper in the woods. He somehow got Lost and couldn’t remember where he went au where to leave. On juu of that, his mind was filled with too many thoughts. He couldn’t get over what Evangeline told him. A flashback was shown of everything she explained. After doing a little screaming, Negi got on his knees and hid his head with his arms. “So confusing!” He scowled out loud. This went on for just a few sekunde until he noticed something awkward. His head was looking up at the sky in which it shifted and changed colors. This became strange for him, but he suddenly realized that this could be signs from the Magical World. He also remembered the girls were still on the verge of searching for Kasey and they could be in terrible danger. “What should I do?” He asked to himself out loud. It was indeed difficult for him to decide. Finding Kasey was his main priority but the fate of his students was also very, very important. With a deep sigh, he finally made his choice. “Please forgive me Kasey,” He alisema while looking straight ahead. “But I must make sure my students are safe.” With that alisema he got his wand out and quickly flew out the forest as he traveled through the air. Not very far, close to the beach, Ayaka, Makie and Haruna had just arrived. They decided to check out the beach, pwani in hopes of Kasey hanging around. “Why would he come here?” Makie asked. Haruna explained it was possible sense it was the kind of place for him sense there was no activity going on and there was nothing a feline liked than hanging around the coast. Ayaka became annoyed kwa their cherish talking and managed to get their attention back on the job. After searching around the area for a while, they realized that it wasn’t possible for him to be out there. “I have to agree,” Makie exclaimed. “I mean, think about it. He is a cat. Why would a cat want to visit the beach?” Haruna made up a little joke kwa explaining to her that it would be due to the lack of samaki swimming around. Both girls had a pretty hysterical laugh from it. All but Ayaka, who was very much annoyed. “You guys are slowing this mission down!” She yelled while pointing to them. Makie felt terrible, but Haruna was against it. “What about you? wewe call yourself a leader?” It was then that they started arguing. It didn’t last very long as they managed to apologize and make up. They decided to leave when something caught their attention.

From a distance, the girls could hear numerous, odd sounds. From their perspective, it sounded like a brawl was going on. It was at that moment when Ayaka soon became worried. She thought Negi was in trouble and dashed to his rescue. Makie and Haruna eventually caught up with her. After taking deep breaths from running, they realized Ayaka was standing completely motionless. “Everything okay?” Makie asked while approaching. She took a brief look at Ayaka’s reaction and was surprised. She told Haruna and also came to take a look. “It looks as if something sent her to shock.” Haruna implied. Makie got confused as to wondering what was causing this. It didn’t take the two very long to figure out as like Ayaka they too stood still. What they were staring at was a very large dinosaur battling numbers of strange creatures out in the open beach. They stood still for about a sekunde au so until something caught them off guard. One of the creatures, which were already dead, landed towards them. They carefully approached the body as they were observing. “Such a strange sight,” Haruna protested while pacing around and observing it carefully. “This thing has no color au no true identity.” Despite her interest with the creature, Ayaka and Makie had other concerns in their minds. “Oh Negi!” Ayaka screamed while tears formed in her eyes. Her scream echoed through the area as the black creatures Kasey was facing all turned their heads to the right. Kasey also turned his head and became worried after realizing it was Ayaka, Makie and Haruna. “I must not let them get near.” He alisema in his mind. Coming with a plan, he decided to distract the creatures kwa performing small charge attacks at them. He did this a few times until their attention was driven away from the girls. As this was going on, Makie was helping Ayaka. “Please calm down,” She alisema while holding her right arm. “I’m sure Negi is fine.” “How do wewe know that?!” Ayaka asked while crying. Makie asked Haruna for help, but she was busy with observing the dead creature. Not knowing what zaidi to do, Makie could only sigh while closing her eyes. She quickly opened them when she realized one of the dark monsters slowly approached. Feeling frightened, she decided that now was the best time to run away and after grasping Ayaka kwa the arm and grabbing Haruna’s left hand, they all made a dash into the forest. The creature just stood there looking confused. It had no chance of turning back as Kasey soon killed it. The three girls continued running through the woods until they bumped into something. After going through the blow, Makie looked and realized that it was Kazumi and Sayo. “What are wewe guys doing?” Kazumi asked while helping them up. Makie wanted to explain what they had encountered, but knowing how Kazumi reacts to stuff like this it was difficult to determine. After moments of thinking, she decided to explain. “We were out on the beach, hoping to find Kasey, when we ran into this giant thing that was attacking a group of strange, dark creatures.” While Sayo’s reaction was filled with fright, Kazumi’s was way different. Her reaction was filled with pure happiness. “You can’t be serious! This is legendary! We must go and see this!” Makie’s expression quickly shifted to fear. Moments later, the five girls made it to the area in which Makie was the leader. Much to her disbelief, the battle was still going on.

Kazumi was now filled with pure happiness. She got out her camera and took as many pictures as she could. “This has to be the most intriguing thing to ever happen in Mahora! Wait till I onyesha everyone!” Despite Kazumi’s enjoyment, Makie and the others weren’t enjoying it so much. In fact, Haruna became depressed after realizing that the body of the creature disappeared mysteriously. As all of this was going on, Negi meanwhile continued running through the forest while observing the sky as it continued to change. “This is so very mysterious,” He alisema in his mind. “What could be causing the sky and clouds to change?” It would take him a while to figure out as he could only focus on one thing at a time. His main priority was protecting his students. So far, he was able to check on at lease five of the girls in which they were alright. He still had a lot zaidi to check. After running through the woods for another minute, he finally found the walkway. Although he was relieved to have found the pathway, he couldn’t think too much as he still had a mission to accomplish. Suddenly, he heard something that strucked him. It was the sound of two girls screaming from a distance. Realizing what this meant, Negi quickly dashed through the forest while following the screams. He eventually made it and discovered a large, dark colored beast with giant claws and a pair of bright white colored eyes approaching Fuka and Fumika. The little girls were scared with their very lives as all they could do was hug each other and cry. Before the creature got close enough, Negi leaped into action and used the tip of his wand to stab the beast from behind. Both girls were relieved that he came to their rescue and gave him a big hug. The moment wouldn’t last long however as zaidi and zaidi of the creatures slowly approached. Kaede suddenly jumped out from a nearby mti and landed on the ground in which she slowly backed up to them. “Thanks for saving them Negi.” Kaede alisema while looking down to him and smiling. Negi nodded and returned his attention to the creatures. Before long, a large, ultimate battle took place which was between Negi and Kaede and the dark beasts. It lasted for at lease an saa au so. kwa the time it was over, the whole area was surrounded kwa remains from the creatures. Kaede checked Fuka and Fumika to make sure they were alright. Negi was busy observing the bodies. He was trying to figure out what kind of monsters they were and if they came from the Magical World. “Is everything alright?” Kaede asked while watching Negi. He responded that he was only observing the bodies into determining if the monsters came from the Magical World au another dimension. Kaede alisema that she was going back to the town while taking Fuka and Fumika. Negi alisema it was alright. After they had gone, he continued observing the bodies for at lease another dakika until he finally figured it out. “These things- did come from the Magical World. But how could they have come here? And why were there so many? I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of trouble.” Not wanting to stand around, he got back on the walkway and quickly dashed straight ahead.

Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna and Chamo were already having troubles with the same creatures. “How many of these things are there?!” Asuna asked while punching the monsters with her fist. “There is at lease a hundred of them,” Chamo exclaimed while trying to bite one of them. “They spawn rapidly and never stop.” Because she couldn’t battle, Konoka stood perfectly out of the way. Of course she was under supervision kwa Setsuna who was helping Asuna out with brawling the beasts. “How can we even know when they stop?!’ She asked. Chamo responded that he had no clue. This did upset the girls, despite everything they are doing. As the dakika passed on, they continued fighting until they eventually got weaker and weaker. Just before they were attacked, something pounced into view and did away with the rest of the creatures. That something turned out to be Kasey, who was in fact already through battling the ones at the beach. “You guys alright?” He asked while looking at them. Setsuna and Asuna were on the ground breathing heavily. Konoka however waved to him and responded that everything was fine. Thanks to Kasey’s help, the group was able to survive just fine. While they were walking, they noticed someone was running towards them. When they were able see clearly, they were surprised to find out it was Negi. “Yo Negi!” Chamo shouted while performing a high jump. After catching his breath, Negi became relieved after realizing Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna were fine. “I suppose wewe knew what was going on.” He alisema while staring at Kasey. Kasey nodded. Konoka was confused and wanted to know what they were talking about. It wasn’t exactly a delicate subject, so they refused to explain it. As the hours flew by, the number of the dark creatures slowly died down. Even the sky returned normally. As for the rest of the girls- they were alright. Though things returned to normal, things started getting complicating. Negi was in his office sitting alone quietly. His mind was filled with confusion and wonder. The things Evangeline told him were never thrown out of his head. It was enough to drive him insane. Chamo soon came in and noticed Negi’s emotions. “Negi, would ya mind explaining to me what is wrong? Did something happen yesterday?” Understanding the ermine’s concern, Negi wasn’t sure whether to explain it to him au not. Thinking it clearly, he decided to tell it all. He explained what happened prior to what went on early in the afternoon. This was enough to put shock in Chamo’s face. “Why that filthy crosser! I otta get that blood sucker a piece of my mind!” Negi got Chamo to stop as taking the heat on Evangeline wasn’t going to solve anything. “I think…it’s time I know the truth.” He alisema quietly. With this being said, Negi would need all the details on Kasey including his history, his relation towards the Magical World and finding the truth.

School had just been done for the day. A lot of the students have already gone home, while some decided to stay. Negi and Chamo had just made it outside. “I guess Asuna and Konoka went on without me.” Negi alisema while looking at Chamo. Though they weren’t with him, he was a reasonable person and understood. After walking for a few miles, Negi paused as he and Chamo realized that Kasey, who was now a Bengal tiger, was sitting not very far from them. It became quite for a brief period until Kasey was the first to speak. “Can we talk?” He asked. Negi and Chamo looked at each other for a sekunde and turned to him while nodding. Moments later, they were seen sitting underneath a large mti not far from the walkway. “First off, I would like to apologize for what I did,” Kasey alisema while staring at the ground. “It wasn’t my intention to leave without consulting wewe au any of your students.” Negi told him it was perfectly fine. In fact, he had already known what the situation was. “Listen Kasey, I know things have been rough for wewe but I must ask wewe some maswali and I want wewe to be completely honest with me okay?” Kasey’s head turned to Negi as he didn’t quite understand. Not hesitating, Negi went on with the first swali which was asking him about what happened prior to before what occurred two days ago. What he asked did bring depression to Kasey as all he did was stare down at the ground again- not inaonyesha his expression as at all. Negi and Chamo both looked at him, waiting for a response. “It was not very long ago,” Kasey started to speak. “I don’t clearly remember what “actually” happened but I do recall living in a completely different world. The world I was in before was unlike any other. There were wizards, magicians, weird and scary creatures and there was power- a lot of power. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Well, at that prissiest moment, I was suddenly captured kwa a group of mysterious strangers who were dressed in outfits much like the military and wore helmets. Before long, I ended up in a dark place which was filled with those strangers and a large podium that stood straight ahead. It was too far so I couldn’t really see clearly, but all I remembered was this figure approached the podium and declared to have me as part of their army. Soon enough, I was being attacked kwa the many strange people. They were shooting their weapons at me, they tried to capture me with the use of ropes and they tried to cast powerful spells on me. While they didn’t work, the stranger who led the group was the only one who ran after me. What happened after that was a blur.”

What he explained gave both Negi and Chamo a lot of shock and concern. The only thing Negi wasn’t able to figure out was the stranger who led the unknown group and tried to get him to be on their side. “So, wewe currently aren’t part of their squad right?” Kasey shook his head. “I didn’t want any part of it,” He responded. “Which I think is why the one who lead the group didn’t stop attacking me until I surrendered.” Suddenly, Negi’s mind was returning back to the past. He remembered what occurred with Kasey when he was a dinosaur that had various scars and wounds. kwa this point, he finally thought it through. “So that explains it!” He alisema out loud. Kasey and Chamo looked at him with confusion, but he later chuckled nervously while telling them it was nothing. Though everything was cleared as far as Kasey’s history and relation to the Magical World, there was just one thing Negi had to explain. “There is something else wewe should know,” He exclaimed. “There is another girl who is also one of my students and she doesn’t take full trust with you. She actually believes wewe are the reason for these unexplain apparitions.” What he explained shocked Kasey. Although Negi was expecting him to be enraged, things took a major turn as Kasey showed no signs of anger at all. “Okay,” He alisema while getting up. “So this girl has a problem with me. Big deal. It’s not like I am expecting to be liked kwa everyone.” Negi was concerned over him and did everything he could to help. He couldn’t do much however sense all what Kasey did was slowly disappear into the darkness from the trees. Chamo ran to him. “Don’t worry about it Negi. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He just needs to think things through.” Despite the truth, poor Negi couldn’t help but feel bad. He actually wished that there was a spell to fix everything. Sadly enough no such magic exists and he would have to take Chamo’s word for the better. Later that night, Asuna and Konoka were fast asleep in their bunk beds while Negi remained awake. He couldn’t sleep due to everything that has happened including the fate of his new ally. He also began wondering what disasters would lie in wait for him and the students.

As the inayofuata siku arrived, huge news arrived in the academy. Kazumi was busy inaonyesha a lot of the girls her many pictures from yesterday. “I’ve got picha here to prove it,” She exclaimed while passing around the photos. “You’ve got to believe me on this one. It was for real.” The picha were indeed taken from yesterday, but what was in them were questionable. The truth was that they were picha of Kasey, as an Allosaurus, attacking the shadow beings on the beach. While most of the girls were astonished, some of them thought they were just too unreal. Whether it was real au not, the entire academy bought it. As all of this was going on, Evangeline and Chachamaru were both sitting out at the courtyard underneath a tree. Chachamaru was patting Evangeline’s head gently in which Evangeline was hoping to take a nap. Their quite moment ended shortly when they heard something. They both got up and turned in which Kasey was not too far who was now a jaguar. “I know this is a bad time,” He alisema while having a serious expression on his face. “But I must discuss some things with you.” Evangeline scuffed as she whipped her hair. “Don’t waste my time with your nonsense!” Trying not to get angry, Kasey took a deep breath and looked up back to her. “Listen, I know wewe are not a big shabiki of me, but I am in no circumstances responsible for everything that has happened. And I am also not part of any aliases other than Negi’s.” He was in fact speaking the truth. Evangeline on the other hand couldn’t buy any of it. All she could do was stare at him with a serious look. “Whatever,” She sighed while allowing Chachamaru to carry her. “Don’t think wewe can play sweet to me. I am a vampire wewe know and I can kill wewe at any aliyopewa point. But if I find wewe fooling around, wewe better say your prayers.” With all of that being said, both she and Chachamaru quickly vanished up to the sky. Kasey watched as they disappeared. “Well, it was worth a shot.” He alisema while looking down at the concrete and shaking his head. While things appear to be above average for now, the danger, pressure and thrills have just started as Negi, Kasey and his students will soon be facing a threat no greater au zaidi sinister than they’ve ever encountered.