The night sky soon filled all of Mahora. Everyone left the academy grounds. The entire complex was very quite. Not a single sound could be heard except for the wind and leaves that were being carried. As they were flying, a hand quickly reached up and grabbed one of the leaves. It was revealed to be Evangeline’s hand. “The way he looked at me,” She alisema while staring at the leaf. “Stupid little boy.” Just then, Chachamaru spoke. “Master, is it possible that wewe were being a little over the juu with him?” What she alisema made Evangeline very mad. She turned and gave her a glaring stare. “What ever are wewe talking about?! I wasn’t “over the top”! Even if I was, it was for his own good. He won’t let all of this go.” Chachamaru remained quite for a moment. “Do wewe mean about the terrorists master?” She asked while staring at her. Evangeline’s anger continued to go high. She wanted to smack Chachamaru, but couldn’t have the decency to do it.

As the wind started to pick up, Evangeline turned to the right and then looked up at the night sky. There was a half moon that appeared on the farthest left. She stared at it for a moment until she shook her head a little. “Chachamaru, it’s time to go.” Chachamaru then stood up and looked down at her. “To where master?” She asked. Evangeline then turned and looked up at her, staring with a serious expression.

A little before that, Negi, Chamo, and Kasey were seen hanging in Negi’s office. “What exactly did she say to you?” Chamo asked hesitantly. Negi was unable to explain, but he did realize something was up. “What was I thinking? Did I really ask such a question?” He asked in his mind. He was apparently in dreamland because he stared straight ahead without as much as a blink and Chamo kept jumping up and down, hoping to get him to react. Eventually, he managed to return and looked at Chamo then at Kasey. “I’m so sorry,” He alisema while chuckling a little. “I guess I must be dizzy today.” Kasey then walked to him as a serious look filled his face. “Negi, please tell us what’s going on. It’s obvious something’s troubling you.”

With a look of sadness, Negi sighed and looked slightly downward at the floor. The situation was very complex for him to bring up- especially sense danger would come to him if he did as much as made a peep. But understanding Kasey’s desires, he knew he couldn’t just let a threat get to him. “I have every reason to believe that one of my students is behind everything,” He said. “I don’t know for sure if it’s her, but I do have possible explanations.” When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see both Chamo and Kasey staring at him with surprise reactions. “I’m sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have alisema anything.”

“Negi, I think you’re explanations are wrong,” Kasey said. “It couldn’t have been one of your students. I mean, think about it- would anyone in your class really deceive you? They all adore wewe and care for wewe so much. I hardly doubt that it would be someone in your class.” Negi was surprised kwa what he said. Still, it wasn’t enough to convince him. Chamo then had to say something. “Listen, wewe don’t have to force yourself too much into this. Whoever’s behind this will onyesha their true colors before wewe know it. Just take it easy and relax alright?” Negi stared down at him and smiled brightly. He then patted Chamo on the head and said, “Thank you.” He also turned to Kasey and thanked him, to at which he bowed.

On the following morning, the Mahora area once again became crowded. All of the students were making their way to the academy. It was a lovely morning as the sun filled the sky with beautiful rays of brightness.

Kaede, Fuka, and Fumika were doing their usual morning exercises. They had been circling around the grounds for at lease a dakika and have been doing good in burning calories. Fuka and Fumika however were suddenly getting tired. “Can we take a break?” Fumika asked as she was huffing heavily. Fuka agreed. Kaede was not too far from them as she turned and giggled a little. “Sure, but only for a minute.” As their break started, they noticed Asuna and Konoka passing by. They greeted them as did Asuna and Konoka. “They must really be hyped up about something.” Kaede said. Fuka and Fumika looked up at her with confusion. “Whatever do wewe mean?” Fuka asked.

Asuna and Konoka weren’t really hyped up. They were just in a good mood. They made their way to the academy, but were then stopped to something very strange. Turning to the right, they noticed a little booth standing near a water statue. They also noticed Kazumi was sitting there, looking depressed. “Wonder what happened.” Konoka asked as she looked a little worried. Asuna never cared and alisema they should keep moving. “But Asuna, I really think we should go and talk to her. She’s probably in trouble.” Asuna didn’t really care and went on. Konoka, after sighing and giggling a little, decided to go talk with Kazumi and see what was wrong.

When she approached the booth, Kazumi turned and looked at her with the same depressing emotion. “What’s wrong Kazumi?” Konoka asked. “I’ve been talking about these pictures I took, but no one believes me.” She alisema as she showed the photos. Konoka observed them and was surprised. “You mean to tell me wewe encountered this thing?” She asked. Kazumi nodded in response. In her mind, Konoka couldn’t believe that Kazumi encountered Kasey at that time. “Could she know about his powers?” She asked in her mind. She suddenly returned to reality after Kazumi snapped her finger in front of her face.

Inside the academy, most of the students were hanging out in the hallway. Negi passed on through as he greeted them. After a while of walking, he suddenly stopped. Mana was walking towards him and he expected her to stop and talk. Surprisingly enough, she did. “I- want to thank wewe for everything.” She alisema as she smiled. Negi didn’t have much to respond and just nodded. After saying what she had to say, she kept on walking. Negi watched as she walked away. “I’m very happy she got her weapons back,” He alisema in his mind. “Looks like everything will be alright for the time being.”

When class started, Negi took attendance at which everyone was present. However, the only person that was missing was Kasey. Everyone started chanting as to wondering where he could’ve been. Everything soon became quite when Asuna stood up. “Negi, if I may, Konoka and I will take the pleasure in searching for him.” She said. Konoka then stood up too and agreed. Negi stared at them both for a while and allowed them to go. They headed down and left the classroom. “Wonder why he wouldn’t be here.” Negi alisema in his mind.

“Where do wewe suppose he would be Asuna?” Konoka asked as she was running. “There’s no telling where he could be,” Asuna respond as she was also running. “But I have a feeling he can’t be too far.” They continued running through the halls until the made it outside. They took a little break and went back to running. They searched through most of the academy grounds but found no sign of him. Konoka hoped that he was probably resting near the garden area, but Asuna believed that was the last place he would be. Their luck was almost running out.

The truth was that Kasey was in fact hiding in an area that nobody actually knew existed. His reason for being here was because he was pondering with thoughts. He couldn’t get over the events that occurred yesterday. What really made him concerned was the fact that the magical terrorist group would set up a compound on an island located in the middle of nowhere. It became extremely difficult for him to compensate. “What does it all mean?” He asked in his mind. “What could these people want? Why are they here? And for the most part, what do they want with me?” It wasn’t like it was a stupid swali to him. He knew very well what they wanted with him. His powers were like nothing even the magical world has never encountered. With such power probably meant it could be used as deadly force.

Kasey kept pondering about it for at lease a minute. It wasn’t long until his thoughts were gone kwa the echoing of Asuna and Konoka’s voices. “I guess they’ve realized,” He alisema as he turned his head to the crack at which he entered from. “I might as well face myself and tell them.” Turning into a weasel, he quickly crawled through the crack until he made it out. kwa this time, Asuna and Konoka turned and noticed him sitting on the concrete. They ran to him and got on their knees as they stared at him. “Kasey, what are wewe doing all the way out here?” Konoka asked. All he could do was stare. This got Asuna a bit agitated and declared him to spit whatever was troubling him out. He couldn’t do it. Not even if she tried scowling at him. It eventually got to the point where Konoka had to calm her a little. “Why don’t wewe come with us Kasey? I’m sure wewe can explain it to Negi.”

About a moment later, Asuna, Konoka, and Kasey made their way to the classroom. The walk became very quite as no one alisema a single word. However, Konoka decided to spice things up. “Kasey, I know wewe don’t want to tell us but could wewe please explain what is wrong? We are Marafiki right?” With a little sigh, he stopped. Both Asuna and Konoka also stopped, but turned to face him. “You guys are my friends,” He alisema as he sat down and continued looking downward. “It’s just- too complex to explain at this moment. I do apologize and don’t expect wewe two to understand.” They looked at each other for a moment and then returned to looking at him. “Is this about what happened two days ago?” Asuna asked. Kasey then looked up at her. “How do wewe know about that?” Konoka then explained that they were also attacked kwa the black, glob creatures that came from the Magical World. When this was explained, he took a little sigh. “I’m sorry,” He said. “I just had no idea there were others who knew about it. But hold on- how did wewe know where they came from anyway?”

“Negi told us,” Asuna said. “Or at lease I think he did.” Kasey just stared with surprise. He eventually shook it off, got up, and walked passed them. “Let’s get going. I’m sure we’re wasting time out here anyway.” As he continued walking, both Asuna and Konoka just watched with concern. “I’m a little worried about him Asuna.” Konoka said. Asuna had nothing much to say, but in her head she kept trying to remember whether if Negi did indeed mention where the creatures came from. Eventually, both girls managed to catch up to him inside.

After class was over, Kasey was standing out in the hallway. Just then, Negi opened the door and allowed everyone to come out first. As they all headed out they also greeted Kasey and even gave him a few pats on the head. Once everyone left, Negi shut the door, turned, and then took a deep sigh. Kasey then stood up. “Listen Negi, I’m really sorry if I caused trouble.” Negi smiled as he said, “There’s no need for wewe to apologize Kasey. I’ve pretty much figured what wewe were doing.” Kasey gave a surprised reaction. “You do?” Negi nodded and explained. As he explained his theory, Kasey was very much surprised. “Yes, that’s what I have been doing. I’m surprised wewe even knew.” Laughing a little, Negi then turned right and walked at which Kasey followed.

“So, have wewe come with any theories?” Negi asked. Kasey respond that he was able to come with very little theories, but none of them were equally possible. “I just don’t understand,” He continued. “I mean, what does it all mean? What do these people want? What exactly are they seeking?” Even Negi wasn’t able to help much. “Well, let’s think back to yesterday. We realized that they had set up a compound on a small island not far from Mahora. On juu of that, they were able to rob Mana’s entire gun arsenal for the reason of converting them into magical weapons.” As he was saying all of this, Kasey was pressing them in his mind. What he depicted was that the terrorists from the Magical World were possibly going to put an end to the real world. “From what I’ve put together is this: It’s possible that they want to rule our world. But what would they want with it?” “That’s a good question,” Negi respond. “But to be perfectly honest, I don’t really know.”

With bunches of theories now out in the open, putting the pieces together was going to be the hard fall. “I really think the best we can do at this moment is let it go,” Negi alisema as he put his papers in his suitcase. “After all, it’s not like anything will happen anytime soon. We did after all prevent them from using Mana’s weapons.” Kasey chuckled a bit. “I think what wewe meant to say is that we “retrieved” Mana’s weapons.” Negi looked at him for a sekunde and also chuckled. The laughter eventually went away when they both shared a deep sigh. “You know though, the hardest part about all of this is that now that we have so many theories it’ll be impossible to get them out of our minds. wewe know what I mean?” Kasey said. Negi looked at him and nodded in response. “I think what we need is something to keep us distracted for a while,” Kasey continued. “Something that will not only sooth our minds but also calm our nerves.” Negi understood really well what he meant, but coming up with something was hard since there weren’t many locations around Mahora.

But there was one place that he did know about. “Why don’t we all go the Mahora Hot Springs? It’s a place that’s located not far from here.” Kasey looked at him with surprise. “A hot springs? But I don’t do them. Seeing nude girls running around. That’s not the kind of atmosphere I’m use to.” What he alisema surprised Negi, but he understood his opinion. “I’m sure we can get wewe into your own dorm au something.” He said. Kasey wanted to protest, but knew this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass. After all, the whole point of this trip was to relax and clear everything concerning the Magical World. He agreed to at which Negi smiled.

On the following day, the entire Mahora crew was standing up on the side of a kilima that overlooked the hot springs. It was a very tall building that had a beautiful cherry Blossom mti growing on the left side towards the entry. A lake flowed across the far left, right kwa the tree. There was also a long, dirt path that leads to the woods close kwa which was believed to be a hiking trail. Everywhere they looked, they were all filled with surprise. “Let’s go check the building!” Asuna yelled with excitement. “I think we are going to go hiking.” Kaede said. Fuka and Fumika stood kwa her as they nodded. A few other girls also decided to tag along. Kazumi, Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, and Sayo all went along with Kaede, Fuka, and Fumika. “You should go with them to Kasey,” Negi alisema as he looked down to him and smiled. “I’m sure wewe could use the time to go exploring.” Understanding what he meant, Kasey also tagged along at which he got on Nodoka’s shoulder. After they left, Negi was suddenly pulled kwa Asuna, who dragged him all the way to the hot springs building along with everyone else who were already inside.

As they were inside the building, the group who were hiking along the trail took their time in experiencing the peace and beauty of the country side. “What a peaceful way to spend the day.” Nodoka alisema as she stretched. Yue also agreed, but her emotions remained the same. She was sipping on her juice. For Fuka and Fumika however, taking the time to explore meant a great deal. It meant going on an adventure just like the times when they would go with Negi to help fight. They would always pretend to have wands and act like they were flying on broomsticks. The others would giggle and laugh at their roleplaying- as did Kaede. A little while later, Sayo noticed something. “Where’s Kasey?” She asked.

Everyone looked around, calling his name. “That guy sure knows how to trick us.” Kazumi alisema as she wiped her forehead. It didn’t take them long to find him as he was in fact very close. “Kasey, wewe have to stop scaring us.” Fuka whined. It was then that everyone else noticed he was looking at something up from above. “What is that?” Nodoka asked. “If I’m correct, it looks like a memorial of some kind.” Haruna respond as she observed closely. It was indeed a memorial and something was written that got Kasey’s attention.

According to what it read, there was a large monster that once terrorized this side of Mahora. For the inayofuata million years it continued spreading fear and destruction until a beautiful, enchanting young maiden came and sealed the monster with her magic. Sense then, the beast remained barricaded with her muhuri and has never been unleashed. The story surprised everyone. “I can’t imagine what that was like,” Nodoka alisema as her face was filled with fright. “Battling a giant, savage beast all on your own. I wonder how she did it.” Yue suggested that it was possible for a single person to muhuri a beast if her magic was powerful. “That’s just little kids stuff,” Kazumi exclaimed. “I mean, it’s pretty obvious how she did it. She would’ve slayed the monster with a weapon au something.” Her explanation really surprised and shocked everyone- except for Yue, for at which her reaction was the same.

“The way I see it, she took the rest of her strength to capture it. That’s really how she did it.” Kaede said. She also stated that with power comes great responsibility and that what she did was for the sake of the world. Everyone was moved kwa her opinion. However, the moment suddenly ended when Kasey, once again, became missing. They noticed him walking away a few miles and ran to catch up to him.

Later that evening, in the hot springs building, everyone was enjoying themselves. A few of the girls were playing games at a game room; while others were standing and walking around the halls. Negi however had just finished relaxing in the springs and already changed into his kimono. When he made his way to the main section of the building, he noticed Kaede and the others making their way inside. “Did wewe all have a nice walk?” He asked. Kaede respond that they did and that they learned something new along the way. He asked them if it was about the history of the area to at which everyone nodded. “They have a plaque about it over on the front desk,” He alisema as he pointed to the left. “It’s very hard to read but it is there.” Looking closely, they were able to see it. “That’s impressive,” Haruna said. “I had no idea it was here too.” After that, Fuka and Fumika both stretched at the same time. Kaede then patted their heads with both of her hands as she looked down at both of them. “I guess we should relax in the springs for a while and then head for bed. What do wewe think?” The two little girls looked up at her with sleepy eyes and nodded. Negi and everyone else laughed as they headed straight ahead. Negi just stood kwa and watched as they passed.

He then turned to see Kasey, who was now a pitbull. “I’m guessing wewe had a great time too.” He alisema as he patted Kasey’s head. Kasey nodded in response. “I still can’t get over what I learned today from that plaque. Could that young girl really capture that thing?” Negi looked at him with surprise. “What made wewe suddenly think about this?” He asked. Kasey didn’t really know. “It’s possible that she came from the Magical World too. Is it?” Negi was surprised kwa what he asked. He wanted to deny that fact but knew he couldn’t. “Kasey, instead of analyzing why don’t wewe just relax? Head over to the game room- mostly everyone’s there.” Kasey, who was still in thought, completely ignored what he just said. With a deep sigh, Negi did what he could to get Kasey to snap. “Huh?” He alisema as he looked to Negi. “Let’s go to the game room for a while,” He alisema as he led the way. “It’ll help us clear our minds.”

“I guess so,” Kasey alisema as he followed from the right side. “But what kind of games do they have?” After a while of walking, they made it to the game room. It was a large area that was filled with different stuff. Two ping pong tables stood a few feet from each other; while behind them were a series of fun, old arcade games, pinball machines, and a single crane game. In this room, a lot of the girls were hanging out. Each and every one of them were playing different games. Of course, the one game that drawing the most attention was ping pong as most of the girls within the room gathered around the one meza, jedwali on the left. A ping pong battle royal was occurring between Ayaka and Makie. The battle didn’t last for too long as poor Makie suffered in defeat. “Next time, be a better player.” Ayaka scoffed as she laughed.

As she continued laughing, she then turned to see both Negi and Kasey standing near the entry way. “Hi guys,” She exclaimed as she walked to them. “I’m glade wewe both decided to come hang out with me.” Negi blushed a little, but Kasey just stared. The girls from behind wanted both Negi and Kasey to compete against each other. “I don’t think I can do it,” Negi alisema as he scratched his head from behind. “I’m not too much into ping pong.” “And I don’t think I can even play.” Kasey implied. Everyone within the room felt sad at first but then changed moods as they chanted for both of them to play. It got to the point where the chanting was very encouraging and both Negi and Kasey decided to play.

At the start of the first round, Negi threw the ball mid high and then hit it with the paddle bat to the other side. Kasey, who was now a chimpanzee, was well prepared and managed to swing his paddle bat with one of his feet. The ball came to Negi’s side at which he hit it again. It then returned to Kasey and repeated the same course for at lease a while until Negi Lost and Kasey got his first score. Throughout the round, both Negi and Kasey were hot in the game and were equally tied. But the final moment arrived when it was the match, point round and only one could score. Negi used his last strength to swing the bat and hit it for at which Kasey did the same. In mere seconds, the ball flew pass Negi and Kasey won the whole game on his own. Everyone cheered for Kasey, but also gave Negi some cheering up to at which he smiled. Ayaka however did her need to cheer him up. “Oh poor Negi,” She alisema as she hugged him tightly. “You got beaten kwa a monkey. What a shame.” “Clearly I’m a chimpanzee, not a monkey.” Kasey clarified. Everyone, including Negi and Ayaka, shared a good laugh.

After that, Kasey was heading his way outside. Negi and a few other girls who were standing out in the main lobby waved and alisema their goodnights to him as he left. Sleeping outside wasn’t a problem for him as he could use the lake for shelter and comfort. When he made it, he turned into a duck-billed dinosaur, found a comfortable spot near the set of trees, and started to doze off.

Back in the building, the entire place was quite as everyone was sleeping in their dorms. Negi also had a dorm of his own and was getting ready for bed. He took his glasses off and put them beside him on the right. He then laid on the pallet and pulled the covers as he started to drift to sleep. Across the hall and all around the hall, each and every one of the girls have already gone to sleep. Fuka, Fumika, and Kaede were all sleeping kwa each other. Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna were also sleeping but weren’t close to each other. Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna were also sleeping. Everyone within the building were fast asleep and dreaming away.

About a quarter to midnight, Kasey was suddenly awoken kwa strange sounds that were coming a long distance away. He slowly rose up and stretched as he yawned. “What is going on at this hour?” He moaned to himself as he tried to wake up. As he looked around, he couldn’t see anything. Not only was it dark but he couldn’t see because both of his eyes were barely open. He continued observing the surrounding area and found no trace au sign of anything. It wasn’t until he turned to the right however that he finally discovered something.

Standing on juu of a large boulder were the shapes of three, unknown figures. Kasey, who still tried getting his vision back, couldn’t very well make out who they were. He decided to get a closer look. He carefully walked through the area without making any noise. When he was able to get close enough, his vision finally returned and his reaction was filled with shock. “It’s-It’s-It’s them! The terrorists!” He exclaimed in his mind. He observed carefully in what they were doing. From what he figured out, they were standing on a large boulder and were performing what seems to be a magical spell. It was then he remembered. “Wait! They’re not trying to..” Just before he could think any longer, a bright light shined on juu of the boulder and near the three figures. The light was so bright that it literally blinded Kasey. It continued to shine until it slowly died down. What happened inayofuata quickly grew fear in Kasey’s soul.

The whole area started shaking very violently. Kasey knew that what was going to happen and immediately headed to the hot springs building. The ground continued shaking as he did his best to make it through. Just before he got close, the ground shook so violently that it caused Kasey to fall down violently. He couldn’t get up and move. “Please let Negi and the others be alright.” He kept saying in his mind. As the ground continued shaking and while Kasey was still hanging on, something suddenly rose out of the boulder. It was a large, pink colored, scaly monster who looked a lot like a worm au a snake. It had no legs and something that appeared to be a beard circling its head. The creature let out a big roar, to at which Kasey’s eyes soon opened with fear.

The roar was so loud that it awoke Negi and the whole building. Everyone chanted and screamed in fear as they didn’t know what to do. Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna however knew who to turn to. They left their dorm room and made their way down the hall. When they reached to Negi’s dorm they pounded on his door. “Negi! Open up!” Asuna shouted as she kept banging. Negi had already put on his glasses and grabbed his wand when he quickly ran for the door and opened it. “Sorry guys,” He alisema as he breathed rapidly. “Negi, something awful is going on outside.” Konoka said. Negi got the picture and told them to follow. They quickly ran through the halls until they made it to the main lobby. They existed through the entry and then stepped outside when they all turned around and got the fright of their life.

“What in the heck is that thing?!” Asuna asked. “That’s the legendary monster the maiden sealed,” Negi alisema as his attention continued to face the monster. “But- I had no idea it looked like a worm.” Konoka never thought about it, but she did agree that it looked a lot like a big, fat worm. “Kind of ironic actually.” She alisema as she giggled. Everyone, including Setsuna, turned to stare at her as they felt like the situation wasn’t funny at all. Just then, Negi remembered something. “Kasey!” Everyone turned to him and gasped as they almost forgot. Just then, they heard a loud, thumping noise heading straight to them. Negi was in defense position as he stood in front of Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna. They ended up returning to normal poster after realizing it was only Kasey as a dinosaur. “Sorry I couldn’t make it in time,” He alisema as he breathed rapidly. “Just when the creature came out the ground shook very hard and I couldn’t songesha at all.” Negi alisema that there was no need to apologize as he already knew what he was trying to do. The monster then gave another loud roar as everyone turned in shock and fear.

The monster continued roaring as it shook its long, scaly body. “We’ve got to do something!” Kasey exclaimed. That was when everyone turned to him and stared at him for a moment. Knowing what they meant, Kasey felt clumsy and quickly returned to serious business as he transformed into a Tyrannosaurus. When the transformation was completed, he let out a big roar as he stomped his way to the monster. Negi informed him to be careful and not stomp on the building. Kasey however got the message and proceeded. Everyone watched with anticipation as the battle started. “I know he’s going to win,” Asuna alisema as stars appeared in both of her eyes. “I just know it!” Setsuna and Konoka both had sweat drops on the sides of their heads as they giggled. “She must be a big fan.” Setsuna said. “You got that right!” Konoka giggled. Negi was also standing by, watching as well. “Please win this Kasey,” He alisema in his mind as he watched. “Please just do.”

The battle was still going as they both continued sizing each other up. Because of its figure, the monster was much taller than Kasey. This however didn’t scare him at all as he stood his ground and roared fiercely while his slobber slung everywhere. This went on for a while zaidi until the true action started. The monster tried going to the kill, but failed after Kasey fought back with a powerful swing from his tail. The monster flew backwards a few feet but was able to regain balance. It then again went for another assault but once again failed. Negi understood what was going on. “The monster is trying to get Kasey to onyesha the weak point,” He alisema in his mind. “This can’t be good. I hope he knows what he’s doing.” The mocking went on for a little zaidi until Kasey found the opportunity to strike back. He stepped on the monster’s head and then grabbed a half of its body with his mouth. Everyone gasped with surprise. Kasey was now in the position to finally perform the last blow. However, something suddenly happened.

“Oh no! Look what’s happening now!” Asuna said. What was occurring was that Kasey was able to bite the monster, but because of its slimmer body it also had the best advantage. Another portion of its body slowly moved upward and hovered over Kasey. “Kasey!!!” Everyone yelled together. It was too late as the monster wrapped its body around his neck. Kasey did what he could to break free but nothing he did was working. The zaidi he tried the zaidi pressure the monster squeezed. “This is bad.” Negi said. Asuna then quickly walked to him with a serious expression. “Do it Negi!” She alisema as she stared down at him. Negi wasn’t sure about it, but with Kasey’s life at stake there wasn’t much of a choice. He pointed his wand at her and chanted the incantation to reveal her picto contract. When the process was completed, silence then fell over the area. Asuna looked down and then looked at her left hand. She was carrying a weapon made entirely of paper.

It was revealed that this was in fact her sekunde form. For every girl who signs a contract with Negi, they have three different forms. The true power form is the third; while the mid-powerful is the second. The first is the weakest. Poor Asuna groaned with humiliation. She then got angry at Negi and wanted an explanation to at which he couldn’t give one and apologized dearly. “Try me next.” Konoka alisema as she walked close to him. Negi and Asuna stared at her. Setsuna however was mortified as she didn’t want Konoka to take the risk. But knowing that Kasey is one of them and that help is needed, she wasn’t going to get out of it. As such, Setsuna let her go and Negi chanted the incantation to at which Konoka’s contract was now activated. After her transformation, she was wearing a completely different outfit. This meant that her third form was picked to at which she was delighted- as so what Setsuna. Asuna, as usual, was jealous that it worked for Konoka but not for her.

Then, it was Setsuna’s turn. Negi once again chanted the incantation and her contract was soon unleashed. She gained her third power form as well to at which Asuna became even zaidi furious. Negi couldn’t help but chuckle as a sweat drop formed on the left side of his head. The fun was over when they forgotten about Kasey and the monster. “So, what should we do?” Konoka asked. “Well, I can’t fight it cause I’m in this stupid getup.” Asuna alisema as she looked down at her outfit. Konoka did what she could to cheer her up, but nothing was working. “I will go and fight it,” Setsuna said. “I have the best advantage and I don’t want Konoka to get hurt- especially kwa the likes of this thing.” What she alisema moved Konoka so much. “But, what about you?” Setsuna smiled as she blushed a little. She then grabbed her hands gently and said, “Don’t worry about me. After all, your safety is all I truly care about.” Konoka had no idea what to say. Negi and Asuna just watched with confusion. Once they were done, Setsuna’s large, white-feathered wings slowly formed on her back and she flew away to the battle scene. Konoka watched as her friend headed to the scene. “Please be careful Setsuna…” She alisema quietly.

Kasey was almost suffocated. It wasn’t long until Setsuna arrived. Her plan was to lure the monster away so that it would finally let him go. Her plan was working as all of its attention was directed at her. Then, it slowly let go of Kasey’s neck at which he fell to the ground and breathed normally again. Setsuna’s inayofuata songesha was to try taking cutting the monster from the side. To do this, she had to find a weak point and attempt to dodge the monster’s gaping jaws. She observed the monster quickly until she was finally able to find her target, which was the left side of its neck. Before the monster made the move, she quickly flew straight ahead and then shifted to the left. She then drew one of her katanas so that the tip would be able to cut through the monster. At that point, the blade was able to touch and began slicing through the skin. She continued flying until she quickly flew upward. For the first few seconds, nothing happened. Kasey, Negi, Asuna, and Konoka watched with complete silence. It was then that the monster let out a painful wail and blood gushed out from the wounds. With the monster distracted and in pain, Kasey gave his last chance to perform the final blow and in doing so, grabbed it with his mighty jaws and crushed the monster’s bones. Its lifeless body hit the ground with a blow as the ground shook a little. Then, its entire body shined and quickly dissolved into little pieces as they headed straight up for the sky.

After the battle, Negi ran up to Kasey who was still standing. He was breathing rapidly as he still didn’t recover from the monster’s attack. “Are wewe okay?” Negi asked as he looked up at him. He eventually transformed back into something a little smaller such as horse and told him he was feeling a lot better. Negi smiled as he alisema that he performed a great battle once again. “I did nothing much really,” Kasey alisema as he turned his head slightly to the right and looked downward. “All I did was tried attacking the monster and I ended up getting suffocated. If anyone deserves credit it’s Setsuna. In fact, where is she and the others?” Negi alisema that they were doing fine and that they returned back to their normal states, but were feeling weak and hungry. They all returned to the building and put them in their own dorms as they helped them recover.

As the siku rose, everyone was awake and confused. They remembered the ground shaking but weren’t able to figure out what caused it. It became apparent that they didn’t even notice the monster was awakened and thought it was just an earthquake. However, the only ones who knew what caused it were Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna. But they were still sleeping in their dorm room and didn’t wake up until late in the afternoon when everyone was packed and ready to head back to Mahora.

During his packing, Negi received a surprise visit from Kasey who entered the dorm room. “Hey Negi,” He alisema as he sat on the floor. “There is something I must tell you.” Negi stopped packing, turned, and sat on the floor close to him as he was listening. He started explaining about the three mysterious figures he happened to encounter last night. He also managed describe their appearances pretty well. According to his description, they were all dressed in black. The bottoms of their faces were covered up much like ninjas. And they had a strange symbol on the center of their outfits. The symbol greatly resembled the one that was encountered two days zamani when they retrieved Mana’s weapons. Negi had a look of shock on his face as he stared at him. Kasey wondered what the deal was, but he couldn’t get a word out of him.
“It’s-them..” Negi alisema quietly. Kasey could hardly hear him, but he sort of knew what he was saying. “Yes, my thoughts exactly,” He said. “What should we do about this?” Negi was too quite to even think of anything. He wasn’t even sure what to say. All he could do was sit on the floor, quietly with terror. “Obviously they are planning something Negi,” Kasey exclaimed. “If they were in fact the ones who unleashed that monster, they sure got a lot of nerve to plan something like this easily. We need to investigate this further. Do wewe hear me?” He tried getting Negi to react but there was no sign of life in him at all. The case of these mysterious terrorists has finally taken a new toll. But it’ll be a matter of time before the whole case is resolved.