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Ginny screamed what r u doing with harry. harry woke up and saw hermione in his kitanda naked he screamed "wat the? " he fell ginny ran to him and hermione transported to her and dracos room Draco was there he grabbed her and asked where she was "None of ur busniss draco." he sighed "do wewe care about me." Hermione asked Draco " no im just thirsty." she gave him special water he drank it "Come here." draco grabbed hermione and started kissing her a few sekunde later he came back he grabbed her neck and sunk his claws in it
wewe gave me vasculin she couldnt breathe she fainted she came back but her eyes were still closed Draco was crying and sobbing to himself "I'm an Idiot wewe loved her Draco whyd wewe do that" he alisema she saw blood on her Draco saw her wake and gasped.

Why did u do that! Draco!
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