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So last week, Niall Horan did a LiveStream and, luckily, I got about 15 minuets of his time! The hardest part was getting his attention. Anyways, I have the entire LiveStream of just what I typed, and what he said!

Me: hujambo Niall! I am an digital makala writer (and a huge fan) and since wewe are Live right now, I was wondering if I could have a little interview with wewe to write about.

Niall: For what?

Me: what?

Niall: What do wewe write for?

Me: um

Niall: I'm just kidding! Sure! Ask away!

Me: wewe buttface.

Niall: Ha Ha!

Me: Anyways, my first swali for wewe is, how was your birthday?

Niall: Great!...
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Niall Horan's brother Greg has tips on how wewe can get a tarehe with Niall! He confessed that Niall and the band don't have time to meet every girl in person, so the One Direction guys have a secret way to find the one. "They test girls out to make sure they are trustworthy," Greg spilled. "[Niall] will follow wewe on Twitter for a while and suss wewe out, make sure you're genuine and then go for it! So watch what you're saying on Twitter. Make sure you're coming across as genuine." Greg even revealed what kind of girl Niall would crush on. "[Niall and Demi] are very good friends. Niall would like a girl like that, a girl like that deep down really, really understands the life." Thanks for the tips, Greg!