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Imagine you’re at Niall’s house and wewe both feel really bored.
“What the hell shall we do now?” Niall screams. He is lying on the kitanda on his back and his head rests on his hands. You’re sitting on the floor, browsing this stupid magazine about cars.
“Why do wewe even have this?” wewe sigh, and wewe throw it away.

“I don’t know”, Niall says tiredly, as he yawns.
Suddenly wewe catch sight of a cooking magazine.
“Wait”, wewe say and wewe stand up, after stretching yourself a little bit. wewe take the cooking magazine from the meza, jedwali and look at its cover.
“Niall? I know something...
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wewe felt Harry staring at wewe and wewe couldn’t help but giggle, “What?”

He shook his head, “I just can’t believe it.”

You laugh, “Why? I mean, look at him…he is beautiful. Plus, he is always so nice to me.”

“Yeah, but I never thought wewe were one of the type of girls to like Niall.” He said, “To be honest, I pictured wewe as the Zayn au Louis type of girl…or even my type of girl.”

You chuckled, “You?”

Harry nodded shrugiling, “Yeah, why not?”

“No offence Harry… but I could never picture myself liking you.”

He scuffed, “Wha- why not? I am likeable.”

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