Nick Jonas, youngest of the three Jonas Brothers imba group told reporters yesterday that it wasn't easy being the youngest of the three.

"Most of the time we got along great, but Kevin has a weakness for money. wewe might say he's always wanted a lot of money so he must be happy about our selling so many records and sell-outs at concerts."

Then Nick surprised reporters kwa telling them that he had several false teeth.

"Why, wewe have some kind of gum disease?", asked one reporter. "You're pretty young for false teeth."

Nick replied that dentists have replaced the teeth but the dental surgeons all told him that he may have to give the whole thing up and get dentures someday.

"I still have implants and a partial but it's a good thing that I have the money to get them fixed.

What had happened, Nick told us, is that his brother Kevin was so greedy when he was young that he would slip into Nick's bedroom at night and pull one of Nick's baby teeth.

"He always did it in a hurry before I could wake up. My baby teeth came out easily and Kevin would place it under his mto and the Tooth Fairy (Dad au Mom) would get it and leave a dollar. Sometimes he managed to get a buck from both of our parents."

We eventually caught up with Joe Jonas and asked about the tooth business.

"I can remember Dad talking about Kevin sure had a lot of teeth so maybe it's true. "

au maybe the two younger brothers are ragging us and their older brother.